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"LOVE ALBUM" by Manu Om

Album dedicated to Love through songs to Krishna, Radha, Sita, Rama ... Manu Om's 14th album arrives warm and full of surprises

Manu Om

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Manu Om’s 14th CD

The new project is here after two years since the last launching. LOVE is an album devoted to Krishna, and a necessary one at present time, as it encourages and gives value to what really matters. That’ s why this job has the particularity of being especially generous with the artists and technicians involved, as obviously, they are usually the ones who, due to friendship, lower the production costs.

This pandemic has come to show how necessary they are and how much we need to care for and honour them.

About Us

Manu Om is no longer the adventure of a young Bhakta. It has become a movement that feeds many mouths and touches many hearts. Manu Om is no longer just Manel. It is also Ana, and our children Adrià, Uma, Teo, Guillem and Dídac.

Manu Om is his percussionist Jaume Catá, and his bass player Xavier Grau and their project Atman Brothers. It is his violinist Sukhdev and his flute player Atul.

Manu Om is Jordi Navarro and his recording studio GO&JO. He is his brother on the way Lucas Masciano and his blood brother Pau Mèlich. It is Pablo and his logistics and administrative work. It's Dina and her advice. It's Fedo and Isa, it's Happy Yoga. And it's Jessica Walker, and Siri Tapa and Arantxa from Gobinde. It is Karmeta and Sheila and the temple of our people Sat Nam. It is the Bhakti of Mondays. It is a multitude of schools that feed on their kirtan.

Manu Om is a fundamental part of a project that wants to be and that is under construction: Bhakti Experience. It is Diego Arnold and the Ceremony of Love and the Sun Sun Love . Manu Om is Festival Yoga Es. It is from Naomi and Autoeditarte, from Swami Probuddhananda and his ashram in Varanasi, from Gopal and the Baba Guest house by Sri Bhagavan and the sangha of the International Vedanta Society...

Manu Om is, in short, people we love, appreciate and who have a lot to give.

Manu Om is a big blue whale.


Artistic collaboration:


GO&JO: 5150€


Autoeditarte: 1500€

Others expenses:

Verkami Management and commissions: 500€

Refunds management: 250€

Deliveries: 100€

Paypal: 250€

Other expenses: 250€

Marketing: 1000€

TOTAL: 16000€


Whether we get the funding or not we are decided to carry on with the project. In fact, we have already started:


  • Consolidation of Verkami’s project

  • Recording of demos (already done) to be sent to the different artists

  • Set up economic deals and timing


  • Work on the success of the crowdfunding

  • Recording of final demo (skeleton), bases and voices


  • Basic premix to be delivered to the artists (USA, Colombia, India)

  • Managing these deliveries. Online artistic meetings

  • Final tracks reception


  • Edition of the different tracks

  • Recording of final voices

  • Recording of soloists in Barcelona

  • Mixing

  • Mastering


  • Design and layout of digipack (CD)

  • Delivery at printing house


  • Delivery to Verkami sponsors


  • Official presentation in the framework of Yoga Festival in Besalú (Spain)

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  • Manu Om

    Manu Om

    almost 3 years

    Queridos mecenas!!

    El mes de julio ha llegado LOVE bajo el brazo. Mañana estarás recibiendo en tu correo el enlace para descargarte el disco. Estate atento a tu bandeja de entrada del correo. Recibiremos el CD en formato físico a finales de Julio. Lo entregaremos en el concierto de presentación y los mandaremos por correo sobre esas fechas.

    Te recordamos que el concierto de presentación será el día 7 de agosto en Besalú (Girona) en el Festival Yoga ES y si aún no tienes tu entrada puedes acceder a la web del festival para el abono de un día (te recomendamos mucho que aproveches para disfrutar el festival el máximo de días que te sea posible).

    Dispones de toda la información en la página web www.festivalyoga.es

    Con Amor y agradecimiento, Manu Om

  • Encarni


    about 3 years

    Enhorabona craks!!

  • Karolina


    about 3 years

    Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear the album :)

  • Vientodivino7 Proyectos con Alma

    Vientodivino7 Proyectos con Alma

    about 3 years

  • Shama Kaur

    Shama Kaur

    about 3 years

    Ayundando a expandir Amor

  • Concha


    about 3 years

    Enhorabuena! LIVE4LOVE

  • anamo


    about 3 years

    A bailar y a cantar🤍💜🙏🏻 Un abrazo inmenso

  • Quim Reina

    Quim Reina

    about 3 years

    Wahe Guru!

  • Alicia


    about 3 years

    Quina alegría!! Moltes felicitats per haver-ho aconseguit🎊💖

  • Xavi Cisa

    Xavi Cisa

    about 3 years


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