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The power of singing in Nahuat

Help Nahuat language re-bloom through music!


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Sonsonate, El Salvador
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< THIS IS A NON-LUCRATIVE PROJECT. Earnings are to be divided fairly and equitably among the persons involved. >

The Nahuat language from El Salvador is in danger of extinction. The few remaining Nahua speakers make a daily effort to recover and protect their culture.

In 2012, Spanish composer Sonia Megías started the project Ne nawat shuchikisa (Nahuat blooms) for revitalizing the Nahua culture through music. This initiative, originally supported by public organisms like the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador, the Ministry of Culture of El Salvador or the Mayor's Office of San Salvador, put thousands of young and old people to sing in their mother language for their first time, as an act of rememberance and respect to their roots:

From these beginnings, the project has been growing:

● In 2018, the Farmers Bank from El Salvador creates its Nahuat chorus:

● In 2018, the International Alliance for Women in Music publishes the article El Salvador's Song.

● In 2019, the Autonomic University of Madrid includes the project in its Department of Linguistics, honoring it in conferences and other academic meetings.

● The International Institute / American Space in Madrid publishes in 2018 the article Capacities and other human talents, and invites in 2020 Indigenous leader Estela Patriz to sing in Nahuat along with the Fulbright Chorus.

● In 2020, the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum in Madrid Estela Patriz to take part of the Perpetuum mobile events singing in Nahuat:

And commissions this beautiful video to Camilo Henríquez:

● In 2020, Casa de America in Madrid hosts the round table Women and Identity in El Salvador.

● In 2020, the Cultural Center of Spain in El Salvador publishes online The Nahuat Choral Songbook.

● In 2020, renowned artist Eva Lootz creates a series of pieces inspired in the Nahuat language:

● In 2021, newspaper Diario El Salvador publishes the article Reviving Nahuat from the heart.

This initiative collaborates in building a better world.

The real reward is being part of the non-extinction of the Nahuat language from El Salvador!

Songbook Tuyulu takwika (our heart sings) will contain 150 transcriptions in Nahuat from field recordings, in collaboration with linguists Rubén Alvaguer and Werner Hernández, with art by Carlos Miranda and illustrations by Renato Mira. We are supporting the songbook with a YouTube channel that contains the karaokes for the songs.

Some conversations are taking place with Ministries of Culture and Education of El Salvador for a collaboration to print and distribute the songbook free of charge in schools and public centers along the country, accompanied by round tables, workshops and concerts.

Currently we're making new recordings and new transcriptions to complete the book, and also the karaoke channel. We'll be publishing the individual songs transcriptions at the TakwikaSeries from EdicionesDelantal.

EdicionesDelantal works at the service of the Salvadorian space Tuyulu takwika for the diffusion and protection of music in Nahuat, directed by the young Indigenous leader Estela Patriz.

Thanks to Sonia Megías' impulse and the support of the Nahuat speaking communities, we have made great advances in the dignification of the Indigenous people from El Salvador through music.

As we explained at the beginning of the campaign, nobody is becoming wealthy by working for this project, and nobody is taking advantage of the native people. The entire Tuyulu takwika team is in love with the Nahuat language and voluntarily committed. We have established a fair wage of a maximum of € 5 per hour for this songbook workers with the goal of the satisfactory materialization of the book and the karaoke channel that accompanies it.

We are in conversations with the Ministries of Culture and Education of El Salvador to print thousands of copies of the songbook and distribute it for free in schools, libraries and public centers in the country. The goal of this project is for people to sing in Nahuat and fall in love with this language and this ancient culture just like we are.

At the moment, and with € 1,350 of advanced money we have already done the following:

  • With the first $ 550 we have given a first symbolic payment of $ 50 to 11 song creators, in exchange for them signing the assignment without expiration of their songs for the songbook: nantzin Paula López herits, tajtzin Cruz García herits, tajtzin Genaro Ramírez herits, Estela Patriz, Elva Pérez, Antonia Ramírez, Anastacia López, Manuel Coreto, tajtzin Luis Patrocinio, Nantzin Sixta Pérez and Nantzin Guadalupe Estrada.

  • $ 250 to pay the first 50 text transcriptions to the linguist Rubén Alvaguer, at a rate of $ 5 per transcription.

  • € 174 dedicated to the promotion of the project in networks. Of which: € 49 to Facebook / Instagram and € 125 to the cultural manager Paula Álvarez, former coordinator of La Casa Tomada in San Salvador.

  • € 200 for a first round of ** dissemination of the project ** in the media (newspapers, radios, televisions, magazines), talks for academic centers and meetings with institutions to request support.

  • € 200 invested in the creation, promotion and start-up (€ 50) of the ** karaoke channel in Nahuat ** Tuyulu takwika, with 15 first videos (at € 10 for editing and uploading each one). This work has been carried out by Sonia Megías.

With your contributions, we will invest in:

  • Return the previous € 1,350 to those who generously contributed it.

  • $ 50 to the rest of the creators of the songs in Nahuat, as the first symbolic payment, in exchange for them signing the transfer without expiration of their songs for the songbook.

  • Remuneration of $ 20 + transportation and refreshments to each song creator for each Tuyulu takwika activity in which they participate for their recognition as creators of the Nahuat musical heritage: talks, concerts, classes.

  • Registration of all the songs of the songbook in the SGAE of Spain so that the rights collected by it every time they are sung anywhere in the world thanks to this songbook can reach the indigenous communities of El Salvador through of the institution that takes care of them: the Historical Memory Foundation.

  • Fees of the designer Carlos Miranda for the introductory videos of the karaoke channel, for the covers of the Takwika Collection of EdicionesDelantal, for the designs for this campaign, and for the design and layout of the book.

-Illustrator's fees Renato Mira for his drawings for the songbook.

  • € 750 in fees to Sonia Megías for the transcription, harmonizing and musical edition of the 150 songs, at a rate of € 5 per song.

  • Fees to Sonia Megías for ** dedicated choral arrangements ** as rewards from Verkami, at a rate of € 50 for the 3-voice arrangement and € 80 for the 4-voice arrangement.

  • $ 500 fee to linguist Rubén Alvaguer for the transcription and translation of the texts of the 100 missing songs, at a rate of $ 5 per song.

  • Symbolic fees for academics Werner Hernández, Marta Rosales and José Heriberto Erquicia for his advice and texts in the songbook.

  • Symbolic fees to the notary Nahiely Mendoza for legal advice to the Tuyulu takwika collective.

  • Fees to filmmaker Chavela Imery for editing and uploading the rest of karaoke videos in Nahuat to the YouTube channel Tuyulu takwika, and for recording new videos to nourish the channel, at the rate of $ 5 per edited video and $ 10 per recorded and edited video.

  • Teacher fees of $ 50 for each workshop Ernesto Vega and Lorena Lemus by singing, musical creation and solfeggio workshops in the communities, with the aim of empowering indigenous people with singing and

We calculate that by the end of 2021, the songbook Tuyulu takwika (our heart sings) will be printed. PDFs and workshops can be ready sooner!

We encourage you to take a follow the activity of Tuyulu takwika YouTube channel and TakwikaSeries in EdicionesDelantal.

We'll also create a mailing list from the project with all the donors to keep you updated and make the community Tuyulu takwika grow!

More information: info@edicionesdelantal.es


  • Creators of the songs will receive only $50 for their participation?

    They are registering their songs, and thanks to this initiative, songs in Nahuat will be sung very often, so they'll receive their rights appart from the symbolic initial $50.

    We would like to point out that they will also receive remuneration and per diems for their participation in the concerts presenting the songbook, by the end of 2021.

  • Is the songbook already finished?

    No, not yet! The book you can see on pictures is a virtual design, and the cover is temporary. It's made by our fantastic designer Carlos Miranda. We're starting the book, and we'll finish it thanks to your support!

    In December 2021 we calculate that you'll have it in your hands!

  • Songs in the book are ancient?

    We have collected some old ones, thanks to the great work of the musicologist María de Baratta in the 1920s, and to the generosity of her grandson José Mario Olmedo de Baratta, who gave us all the ones María collected. Then came the Indian massacre of 1932 and all the richness of this culture was lost.

    Most of the songs we compilled for the book are created today by Nahuat-speakers and neo-speakers. Some of them are even translations of well-known songs into Nahuat.

    We are aware of the anthropological value of these songs and also of their usefulness as a tool for learning the language in schools, universities, etc.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Rosa Natividad

    Rosa Natividad

    2 days

    ¡Las lenguas vivas para siempre!

  • pedro guajardo

    pedro guajardo

    3 days

    Mucho éxito!!

  • Andrés Jiménez-Ramírez

    Andrés Jiménez-Ramírez

    4 days

    Uno de los proyectos más potentes de los que he tenido noticia en los últimos años, y que lleva la fuerza y la alegría que Sonia Megías es capaz de imprimir.

  • Nati Hernández

    Nati Hernández

    5 days

    Salvar de la extinción a una lengua: increíble, gracias Sonia y entre todos lo conseguiremos.

  • paula


    5 days

    ¡Qué valiente y original, Sonia!

  • Juan Carlos Coloma

    Juan Carlos Coloma

    7 days

    ¡Sonia, desde Almansa te apoyamos!

  • Teresa Torres

    Teresa Torres

    10 days

    Precioso el proyecto, no sólo por la recuperación del idioma sino por dar voz a los que tanto nos tienen que enseñar. Una maravilla el Salvador.

  • Rosa Rubio

    Rosa Rubio

    10 days

    ¡Gran proyecto! Adelante, mucha fuerza.

  • pikiguti@gmail.com


    12 days

    Mucha suerte en tan hermoso proyecto!

  • EdicionesDelantal


    14 days

    ¡Qué maravilla, ya hemos superado los 2000€ gracias a tod@s ustedes! // Wonderful that we overcame €2000 thanks so you all!!

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