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Jamaican Jazz Lover: "Embracing the Down Beat"

We have decided to transform the energy accumulated during the pandemic into music. Help us to publish our second album!!

Jamaican Jazz Lovers

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Jamaican Jazz Lovers needs your help !!!

After this year, in which we have taken shows from under the stones, Jamaican Jazz Lovers has decided to transform all this accumulated energy into music and what will be our second album; Embracing the Down Beat.

The band
The band

At the end of January we decided to go into the studio to record twelve songs, eleven of them original plus a jazz standard in the key of reggae.

The work is therefore already recorded and edited, it is from this point where we have been forced to ask for your help, since in order to finish the master's degree, the production and the publication, your collaboration will be essential. In addition, we are convinced that it will help the band to take a step forward, for which we will be eternally grateful to you.

Jamaican Jazz Lovers we are a Valencian band of skajazz and reggae fused with improvisations and adaptations of some jazz standard to these styles. It arises at the beginning of 2019, the fruit of the friendship and love of Jamaican jazz between several musicians from formations such as Jah Macetas, Zoo or the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, regulars at Jamaican jams in this city.


All the rewards are exclusive material of the band except the works in vinyl format with which they work together with the Valencian record label Newentun Resistance Solidarity. All those who buy tickets for the presentation concert will receive the rewards right there. Shipping costs within the national territory are included, for shipments abroad you must acquire the specific reward for it.

We have tried to adapt the rewards for all types of pockets and that both those who prefer vinyl, I gave or directly just help us stay happy. Finally note that as an exclusivity in the collaboration of this verkami, the records and vinyls will be dedicated if you wish.

Embracing + Titán + T-shirt + ticket
Embracing + Titán + T-shirt + ticket

Here you can listen to our latest work and see the band live.

Titán Febr. 2020

Live in Ubik Café

Titán Presentation (2020)
Titán Presentation (2020)

Who has participated?

  • Payoh Soul Rebel (voice)

  • Alberto Tarín (guitar)

  • Hèctor Galan (keyboards and fx)

  • Borja Flores (bass)

  • Pere Munuera (drums)

  • David Cases (sax)

  • J.J. Sánchez (trombone)

For the next work we will also have several collaborations from the Valencian music scene, such as the jazz trumpeter Pep Zaragozà.

The design of the t-shirts will be the responsibility of Ignacio Fito and the work will be recorded and edited in Nacho Mencheta's studios.

Finally, the distribution and publication of the vinyl will be done together with Newentun Resistance Solidarity.

Selfie jamaican
Selfie jamaican

To what will we allocate your contributions

The project will cost more than the objective of the campaign and we want you to help us as much as possible, but by financing a small part we are sure to get it done

Everything we collect will go to:

  • Finish the mixing and mastering process

  • Publish and produce the release of CDs and vinyls

  • Video

  • Advertising, merchandising (t-shirts and stickers) and collaborations


March-April 2021: Mixing and Mastering.

April / May 2021: Production of CDs, T-shirts and stickers.

May / June: Production of vinyl and video (s).

July/August 2021: Presentation concert and award ceremony.

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  • Cristina


    about 3 years

    Bon vent i Bona mar!

  • Jamaican Jazz Lovers

    Jamaican Jazz Lovers

    over 3 years

    Moltíssimes gràcies! I moltíssimes ganes de tocar!! XD

  • Guillem25


    over 3 years

    Ànim, endavant i esperem veure-vos prompte als escenaris. :)

  • Guillem25


    over 3 years

    Ànim, endavant i esperem veure-vos prompte als escenaris. :)

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