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Javier Botella and Albert Sanz sing for Gershwin, Porter and Weill

This repertoire is based on American music and jazz standards based on Broadway's golden age


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New objectives for the realization of a video clip and a limited edition of the vinyl record

After achieving the initial goal for the launch of the recording of the album, we set a two new objectives: the realization of a promotional video clip and the production of a limited series of vinyl records for collectors.

If we reach this second challenge, all the patrons who have made it possible to achieve these goals from the beginning will be present in the credits of the video clip. If we also achieve the third objective, all patrons will receive, along with the corresponding rewards, an edition of the vinyl record in a limited series for collectors.

Javier Botella and Albert Sanz sing for Gershwin, Porter and Weill

The proposal of this repertoire, with songs by the greatest exponents of Broadway musical theater, revolves around the search for the original melody, with the masters George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Kurt Weill.

For this new album we have made an exquisite selection of songs in which the elegance and magic of Albert when singing and playing the piano, his freshness and his youth combine perfectly with Javier's more mature and velvety voice.

About us

Image of the recording of the promotional video
Image of the recording of the promotional video 'It never was you'

Javier Botella, known as the Spanish crooner, he's a scenic animal, a charismatic performer who gives off swing and feeling on all four sides. From a very young age he absorbed the slow and elegant rhythms of jazz and, since then, they have not stopped accompanying him. Javier has two successful albums behind his back, “The best is yet to come” and “All the way”.

Albert Sanz, great pianist and composer, he had early contact with very varied themes and rhythms. From a young age he studied classical piano and began playing concerts and jams. He has obtained important recognitions and has taken advantage of the excellent opportunities that his enormous talent offers him. Graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, he has shared the stage with top musicians in Boston and New York and has recorded numerous albums with various artists.

Javier Botella, voice.
Albert Sanz, piano, voice and improvisation of arrangements and harmonies. Musical direction.
Advice on the repertoire: Renzo De Marco.
Recording Technician and Mixing Engineer: Manuel Tomás.
Record label: Youkali Music SL.
Graphic design: Arturo Hernández Puente (based on an idea by Martín Gorricho).

Why resort to crowdfunding?

In a context that is not exempt from difficulties for the implementation of musical projects, as a result of the restrictive measures due to the pandemic, it's vitally important to have contributions from patrons that allow artistic quality proposals that, otherwise, they run the risk of not seeing the light due to lack of sufficient means to reach the public.

With the contribution of music lovers, of the golden years of Broadway musical theater and, consequently, of younger jazz, it's possible to realize initiatives as exciting and faithful to tradition as this one.

Thank you for your input and welcome to the project!

Patron rewards

To contribute to this recording project, we propose several reward options:

  • Advance digital download: you will receive our album, in digital format, in its absolute first.

  • Physical CD: we will send our work to your home, with the option of picking it up at different points to be agreed.

  • Acknowledgments on social media: at the end of the campaign, a thank you will be published on our social media to all the patrons who have helped make this project come true.

  • Acknowledgments in the CD booklet: the name of the patron will be included in the album booklet, in gratitude for his contribution to the project.

  • Acknowledgments in the credits of the video clip (now available!): The name of the patron will be included in the final credits of the video, in appreciation of their support of the project.

  • Exclusive vinyl record (available on third goal): we will send you our work also in vinyl format, made in a limited series for collectors.

  • Sponsor the project: The sponsors who join the project will appear on the back of the CD with their official logo.

  • Tickets for the presentation concert: two tickets to the project presentation concert, on a date and place to be determined.

  • Virtual concert: virtual live performance, via streaming, subject to available dates.

  • Live concert in different formats: hiring an exclusive live performance, in small or large format, subject to available dates.

What will we use your contributions for?

First of all, we want to thank you in advance for collaborating in this project and inform you that, when selecting a reward, your card will not be charged until the end of the campaign and as long as we reach the requested budget. If it were the case that we did not reach the required amount, the collection would not be made.

All aid received will be used to defray the costs of recording, producing and broadcasting the CD. As you may have seen, for this album we set a first goal of € 3,900, which is the minimum budget we need, although the actual budget exceeds this amount. For this reason, we now set ourselves a second challenge to raise € 5,900 and defray all expenses, in addition to being able to make a promotional video clip. If we achieve this second objective, there will be a third up to € 7,900 destined to cover the manufacturing costs of our vinyl record in a limited edition for collectors. If we do not reach these new proposed amounts, we will not be able to carry out these new actions, but at least we already have the certainty that we will be able to carry out this project and we are very grateful to all the patrons who have made it possible.

This is how we will distribute, roughly, the budget:

First goal (basic) - € 4,500 + VAT (21%)

  • Recording studio - € 450 + VAT (21%)

  • Sound engineer for the recording - € 400 + VAT (21%)

  • Mix and Master of the CD - € 1,800 + VAT (21%)

  • Manufacture of the CD (including SGAE) - € 1,200 + VAT (21%)

  • CD design - € 400 + VAT (21%)

  • Promotion - € 250

Second and third goal (complete) - € 3,400 + VAT (21%)

  • Manufacture of the vinyl record - € 1,600 + VAT (21%)

  • Vinyl record design - € 400 + VAT (21%)

  • Making the video clip - € 1,400 + VAT (21%)

Total Approximate sum

€ 7,900 + VAT (21%)

Planned schedule

Project completion is scheduled for April 2021 and rewards will ship starting in May.

You want to know more?

To better know the promoters of the project:

To keep up to date with our news, follow us on social media:


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  • Emerano


    1 days

    Javi, solo tú sabes lo que siempre he pensado y creído en ti !! Animo y a por mil años más de swing , música y crooners!!

  • cesc


    4 days

    Ànims i swing!

  • Silvino Navarro

    Silvino Navarro

    5 days


  • mercedeshoyas13@gmail.com


    5 days

    Bom sucesso!

  • JoseLaso


    5 days

    Mucha suerte!!

  • Jaime Botella Soto

    Jaime Botella Soto

    5 days


  • L’Ozzi Wine Lounge

    L’Ozzi Wine Lounge

    8 days

    Looking forward to hearing the new tracks

  • renzo0510


    9 days

    Quiero escuchar ese disco ya!! qué emoción.

  • Néstor Tortorelli

    Néstor Tortorelli

    9 days


  • Catalana


    10 days

    Felicidades Javier!! Con ganas de verte otra vez en Valencia!!! Un abrazo .La catalana!!!

#01 / La campaña sigue abierta: ¡Vamos a por un nuevo objetivo!

¡Hola queridos mecenas! Tras conseguir el objetivo inicial para la puesta en marcha de la grabación del disco, nos marcamos dos nuevos objetivos: la realización de un videoclip promocional y la producción de una serie limitada de discos de vinilo para coleccionistas.

MUY IMPORTANTE: Si alcanzamos este segundo reto, todos los mecenas que habéis hecho posible lograr los objetivos desde el principio estaréis presentes en los créditos del videoclip. Si además logramos el tercer reto, todos los mecenas recibiréis, junto a las recompensas correspondientes, una edición del disco de vinilo en serie limitada para coleccionistas.

¡Ayúdanos a conseguir más mecenas!

Con el precio de una simple entrada de una de las butacas vacías del teatro, te conviertes en mecenas y ¡recibes tu recompensa!

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