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Codi Ictus Film

Every 6 minutes there is a stroke in Spain. Did you know that can happen to you? This short documentary aims to make this disease known.


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Every 6 minutes there is a stroke in Spain and, worldwide, 1 in 6 people will suffer it throughout their lives. Did you know that it can happen to you, despite being healthy, eating well, and playing sports? With our short film Codi Ictus, we want to make this disease known.

It's Belinda Bonan's third short film and it's an experimental animated documentary about the Ictus. In 2018, her mother Martha suffered an ischemic stroke. Until that date, Belinda had no idea what this disease was and its consequences. So the event had a great impact on her and caused a great upheaval in her entire family. Once overcome all this trance, Belinda felt the need to share her experience. And she thought that there was no better way to do it than through her language, animation.

One day, she read in the newspaper an article which talked about the largest international exhibition of the drawings of the neuroscientist and Nobel Prize winner in Physiology and Medicine, Santiago Ramón y Cajal, about the brain and its cells, called "The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal". She was fascinated by how beautiful his drawings were and how beautiful the human body can be. And then she felt a "click" and it all made sense.

This is how Codi Ictus was created, an experimental short film with a very personal touch and a very special artistic proposal: the animation will be done in a traditional way, on paper, painting each frame in watercolor. Through this technique and in an abstract and artistic way, it will be shown how the stroke suffered by her mother was produced. At the same time, her testimony about what she remembers, what she felt, and how she coped with her recovery will be heard.

What's a Stroke?

By now, you may be wondering what is a stroke. The term is used to describe the consequences of a sudden interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain (cerebral ischemia) or a rupture of a cerebral artery or vein (hemorrhage).

The rewards

In addition to appearing in the final credits of the short film, you will receive an exclusive link to its online viewing.

You will receive a Digital Pack with backgrounds and screensavers, in addition to the above.

You will receive the exclusive link to a video Behind the Scenes of the production of the short film, in addition to the above.

Take a piece of our project to your home. We will send you an original frame of the short film, hand-painted in watercolor, in addition to the above.

You will be able to enjoy an Online Q&A session with our director Belinda Bonan, among other things.

Expanded Objectives

And if we exceed 100%, we have an expanded goal that we think you may like. If we achieve 5.500€, we'll do a donation of the 10% of the total amount of money to Fundació Ictus.

Fundació Ictus was founded in 2007 to raise awareness of stroke in the population, to promote research into the disease, and to support people who have suffered from it.

The organization is a member of the European Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE), which includes 33 organizations from all over Europe, such as the Ictus Foundation, to raise awareness of the disease and the impact on people who have suffered from it.

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Our Team

We are very happy to have this great team of people, who, in addition to their indisputable human quality, have extensive experience in this type of project.

Belinda Bonan is an animation Writer, Director, and Producer. Her first two short films, Back In Fashion (8', 2017) and Me, a Monster? (6', 2019), have won 6 awards and more than 90 selections at international film festivals.

She has a degree in Economics and Audiovisual Communication and a diploma in Advanced Studies in Character Animation from the Animation Mentor School. She has participated in several films and television series, as a 3D animator, and has also taught 3D animation in two schools in Barcelona.

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Back In Fashion | Trailer Me, a Monster?

Joan Rubinat is a prominent musician on the Tarragona music scene. He has been linked to numerous music bands in the last 25 years, as a songwriter, singer, and guitarist.

He has worked professionally in different musical fields: composition, music production, sound engineering, and audio post-production for films and television. Currently, he combines the above tasks with the production, direction, and writing of short films and television series.

Ana Vázquez Silva is a Specialist Composer in Film and TV Orchestration from the Berklee College of Music and a Master's in Composition for Audiovisual Media from the Katarina Gurska Higher Center, her works range from concert music to applied music, aimed at audiovisual and scenic works.

Among her latest projects are the O.S.T. of the fiction short film "Feliz Desahucio", the advertising campaign "Mediterranean Fund" by Banca March, the musical-scenic show "Proyecto Añadas" and the premiere of the Divergences Quartet at the Palacio de Comunicaciones in Madrid.

Web | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | LinkedIn

Lydia Sánchez has a degree in Fine Arts and Advertising. She has worked as an art director for advertising and is an illustrator of children's stories and other publications in general.

In animation, she has worked as a Concept Artist and Art Direction in Series for RTVE, Nickelodeon, Netflix, and Disney Jr among other projects.

Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

María Pulido is an animator and illustrator. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Granada and a Master in Animation from the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

With a long career in the field of watercolor, the movement that her works give off lead her to the world of animation. Most of the time her productions are told through 2d digital, drawn frame by frame. She has worked as an animator in productions such as “Soy una Tumba” (Khris Cembe), “Los Días Azules” (Laura Hojman), “Nacer” (AuntieFilms), “The Neverending Wall” (Silvia Carpizo), o “Patchwork” (María Manero).

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Rossscammm Marketing & Films is a digital marketing boutique created in 2016 with the aim of helping companies, creatives, entrepreneurs, and audiovisual projects to share their message with the world.

Rosa is the founder and CEO of Rossscammm Films & Marketing. She has a degree in Communication and a Master in Advertising, in addition to being specialized in Digital Marketing from Google and IAB. She has worked in the film industry for over 12 years.

Victoria is CCO and partner of Rossscammm Films & Marketing. She has a degree in Journalism and a Master in Advertising, in addition to being specialized in Digital Marketing by Google and IAB. She has worked in the marketing departments of various companies while creating and managing various digital brands.

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Valentí Acconcia is a consultant and trainer in crowdfunding since 2011. With more than 5 million euros raised and 300 projects launched with his clients.

He has trained more than 12,000 people in crowdfunding at institutions such as Elisava and in his own online academy at vanacco.com.

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What will we allocate your contributions to?

Your contributions will help us to implement a good marketing strategy, which helps us take our message to the maximum number of people possible and thus ensure that stroke is no longer an unknown disease.


The production of the short film is already underway. We plan to finish it around October of this year. And, in early 2022, we will be able to send you your rewards.

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Stroke is mortal in 30% of cases and can affect anyone of any age. It can happen to you or to a member of your family. And its treatment is a race against time. The earlier you get to the hospital, the better your chances of having a good prognosis. But did you know that it can be prevented in 90% of cases?

With our short film, we want to publicize this disease and for this, we need you. The more people the message reaches, the better!

Do you help us?

Become our patron, share our campaign and help us give a voice to this disease.


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    almost 3 years

    A por ello! Gracias Valentí!

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    Valentí Acconcia

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    ¡Vamos, a por el 100%!

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    about 3 years

    Gràcies Belén, ets la primera! :)

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    Bele Rubinat

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    Genial!! Felicitats pel projecte

#03 / Campaña finalizada sin éxito

❤️ ¡Queridos mecenas! ❤️

El pasado domingo 13 de Junio, finalizó nuestra campaña de crowdfunding en Verkami para nuestro docu-corto experimental de animación 'Codi Ictus'.

Lamentablemente, no hemos conseguido nuestro objetivo. Así que no se os realizará ningún cargo y tampoco se os enviará ninguna recompensa.

Os agradecemos mucho vuestro interés en nuestro proyecto. Aunque esto no se acaba aquí. Nosotros seguimos trabajando para que "Codi Ictus" sea una realidad y esperamos que pueda ver la luz pronto.

Así que si queréis estar al día de nuestros avances, os podéis suscribir a nuestra newsletter.

❤️ ¡Muchísimas gracias por vuestro apoyo! ❤️

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#02 / Recta final de campaña

❤️ ¡Queridos mecenas! ❤️

Ya estamos llegando a la recta final de nuestra campaña. Son ya muchos meses de arduo trabajo, que culminaran el próximo 12 de Junio.

No os vamos a negar que no estamos donde nos gustaría. A estas alturas, hubiéramos deseado haber conseguido el objetivo inicial y estar peleando por alcanzar el objetivo ampliado.

A pesar de esto, nuestras fuerzas no defallecen. Seguiremos trabajando hasta el último momento para conseguir que esta campaña sea un éxito.

¡Y para conseguirlo, OS NECESITAMOS!

¿Cómo podéis ayudarnos?

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Gracias por vuestra confianza

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#01 / Primera semana de campaña y más del 30% de recaudación

❤️ ¡Queridos mecenas! ❤️

¡Muchísimas gracias por hacer vuestra aportación a nuestro proyecto!

Gracias a vosotr@s hemos conseguido el 31% de la recaudación en la primera semana de campaña. ¡Estamos muy contentos!

Pero necesitamos que nos sigáis apoyando para lograr el 100% cuanto antes. Una campaña que llega al 100% genera confianza. Los mecenas potenciales ven segura la recompensa y así perciben la campaña como un claro «caballo ganador» al que subirse. Si logramos el 100%, conseguiremos que muchas más personas se conviertan en mecenas.

¿Cómo podéis ayudarnos?

  • Compartiendo el link de la campaña con vuestros familiares y amigos via Whatsapp, Correo, Messenger, Telegram, etc.

  • Compartiendo el link de la campaña en vuestras redes sociales. Etiquetadnos (@mws_tgn) y así nosotros lo rebotaremos en nuestras redes.

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Gracias por vuestra confianza

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