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OVRCLK, first EDM album by rebug

ツ Hi! I'm here to bring you some mind-blowing electronic music. There's Drum & Bass, Trap, Moombahton, Dubstep and more. Does it sound good?


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After eight years making music for the fun of it, I'm decided to make a business out of it. This Verkami's purpose is acquiring music production gear to boost my creative speed and freedom of choice, and take advantage of it from the unboxing day to make my first official album.

Here are some examples of songs that I managed to make without any music production hardware and with just free software for the most part. They could give you clues about how far the necessary equipment can help my production process.

There are more in this playlist.

Sometimes speed is more expensive than ability.

When you spend a ton of time making tracks, learning composition, mixing, mastering, and ceasing to be the desperate-for-attention classmate by yelling everybody look at me I made this every time you can, making up more complex and elaborated music in your head is usual, and when that starts happening, you notice pasting all those ideas in your computer with just a mouse becomes slower and slower, and everyone in the industry will overtake you as soon as you try to get into the business side of things. Downloading free and gifted-for-a-limited-time plug-ins is no longer the jack-of-all-trades as you need to work faster, whether you choose a subscription to a samples service or buying a MIDI keyboard controller as your resource. And that's why I'm here.

Rewards, the OwO part

The different rewards you can acquire are listed here:

  • Standard digital album, early access included.

  • Extended digital album, early access included.
    (early access = as soon as each and every song is finished, it'll be available to you)

  • Exclusive notification and call ringtones
    (at least 16 and 8 of each).

  • Custom gratitude/celebration video.

  • Privileged access to related videos.

  • Custom song/cover.
    (all of these will be added to the extended album; if many patrons acquire this reward, that album may be delayed)

  • Your picture is part of the album's cover

  • Thanks in YouTube and TikTok videos
    (TikTok has a one-minute time limit; if there are a lot of patrons, names will be distributed in several videos according to spoken language and alphabetical order)

Who are you and why are you here?

Well, I'm a freak interested in music since a couple of months before ending primary school, looking forward to make it my source of income; not only to make my own tracks, but also to produce for others. I like almost anything, so it wouldn't be a problem...

Drawing the melody and making it a chord, sequencing the percussion, adding effects, automating parameters, designing cool sounds on a synth and adding them to the mix, improving brightness, enhancing bass here, decongesting there... I like it, I'm into it. Now imagine how it feels like to think about collaborations, sponsors and projects, businesses can take you far.

^_^ Where the contributions go

You probably have noticed the rewards are thought so that, after paying taxes and commisions, every single coin goes to acquisition of gear.

These are the goals:

Goal 1 (840€): Maschine MK3 (includes Komplete 13 Select)

Goal 2 (1360€): Maschine MK3 + upgrade from Komplete 13 Select to Komplete 13

Goal 3 (2145€): Maschine MK3 + upgrade from Komplete 13 Select to Komplete 13 Ultimate

Goal 4 (2935€): Maschine MK3 + Komplete 13 Ultimate Collector's Edition (an upgrade option from Select does not exist)

(yeah, everything is made by Native Instruments)

Keep in mind, the higher the reached goal is, the more elaborated and quick the songs can be made.

(Some goals could be mooted with the patrons, such as acquiring a Maschine+ instead of Komplete Collector's to be able to keep producing without a computer, nonetheless I've prioritized sound design and freedom of choice for now. We'll see...)

>w< Reward calendar

The standard album, comprising eight original tracks, will be finished in up to four months (it's estimated each song will need two weeks, just to be rather conservative).

The extended album, which adds at least four more tracks, will be finished two months after, although, if many patrons acquire the cover/custom track reward, it could be delayed so that all of them are included in the album.

Each and every song will be available for the patrons as soon as it's finished. Completed track, available track, production of the next one in process.

The exclusive ringtone pack will be made alongside the album so that there's some correlation between them; that means it will be finished, at best, as soon as the standard album is too.

=) More info

If you'd like to keep in touch, You can find me on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube; I check them all every single day. I upload the most content to TikTok, but almost everything is solely in Spanish. I gotta change that soon... '^^

Just in case, remember there's a playlist of my most recent tracks that you can listen to, so you know what I already could do with free software and no hardware besides a computer and a mouse.


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