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HOPE. Sembrando esperanza ( Sowing hope).

We are the change we want to see in the world. We believe in a better world, and as we believe we CREATE. Shall we tell you?

Nzuri Daima

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Arua, Uganda
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Victor Mandela fled his country, South Sudan, when the civil war broke out in 2013. He crossed the desert and knew the best and worst of the human being: he saw crying, dying, sharing and helping until he reached Bidibidi, in Uganda, The largest refugee settlement in the world, where together with the rest of the settlements, live more than a million and a half South Sudanese, of which 71% are children.

Victor is now 10 years old and loves photography. He travels the field with his paper camera capturing unrepeatable moments without the need for film, batteries or battery.

We wanted to SING his story through a beautiful show with the children of one of our project choirs: "Música para acercar mundos, CORO SAFARI" (Music to bring worlds closer together, SAFARI CHOIR).

NOW THIS STORY IS TOLD MUSICAL, to continue sowing hope, to be able to finance scholarships, plant fruit trees, give bikes to girls so that they can continue studying and do not marry prematurely, and to restore dignity and hope to women victims of rape and torture.

About rewards

The nightingales of "música para acercar mundos"
The nightingales of "música para acercar mundos"

The main reward is the short story-disc "HOPE", with the incredible illustrations of our talented Ralph Yawnde, a 25-year-old African illustrator, and the wonderful voices of our Ugandan children.

We are also extremely fortunate to have the prologue of our beloved Sergi Torres.

And the music as it was on the tour, piano, guitar, percussion and trumpet only, Brian, Josua and Emma, ​​you are the best. Recording by Cmert, arrangements by Sergi Carbonell, thank you, thank you, thank you ... everyone, those in front and those who are always behind, holding the wheel and guiding the course. Our infinite Love.

You can also complete your reward:

With a tree that we will plant in your name.

With a unique photo fruit of the gaze of our great little ambassador of the South Sudanese refugee camps in Uganda: Victor Mandela.

With an absolutely unique shirt with the hand of one of the South Sudanese with history and dreams, to whom we want to reach out.

Or with a private concert that will bring the unshakable joy of Africa to your living room.

About us

"Joy, enthusiasm and love ... MAKE MIRACLES!"
"Joy, enthusiasm and love ... MAKE MIRACLES!"

Nzuri Daima is a non-profit Foundation, which acts through awareness and defense of human rights in Spain, and cooperation and development projects in East Africa.

We believe that culture and the arts change the world, that music heals the soul, and that 1 + 1 + 1 .. together, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

We have been collaborating for more than 20 years in the construction of a more just world. We are all volunteers and we act from a chain structure, not a pyramid.

Our "aunty" Almudena has been in charge of putting into the mouth of the baobab, the words and voice of those who unfortunately don't have loudspeakers to be heard, and from her hand comes the story of Victor Mandela.

Victor is a South Sudanese refugee now almost 12 years old. When he met Almudena he chased her through all the settlements like a true reporter.

She returned to look for him with a real camera, to encourage him to continue developing his talent. After searching and searching among the hundreds of thousands of Bidibidi children, they found themselves again. It was in this reunion where he met his name, saw his squint eyes capable of capturing the many beauties of life in an instant, and began an adventure together, which has only just begun, and today it comes to you in shape story.

Victor Mandela with his paper camera.
Victor Mandela with his paper camera.

The translator who accompanied Almudena, who although she speaks Swahili doesn't speak Arabic, told her in amazement after the reunion "I was very surprised that you had to come from so far away to share with us here in the settlements, look at the gifts of a particular child among so many thousands, and have decided to return to look for him to encourage him to follow his dreams. We should all look more at the talents of our children, not force them to standard education, but treat them as beings unique, and encourage their virtues, to share them with the world. "

And Our small-great singers are part of the project "Música para acercar mundos - CORO SAFARI" (Music to bring worlds closer - SAFARI CHOIR), they are different choirs with whom in Africa we work on music and dance as a means of healing, and who have become heroes and ambassadors of a better world POSSIBLE, thanks to incredible tours; where we have sung with Alejandro Sanz, Rosario, Txarango ... or participated in programs like "La Voz".

At Nzuri Daima we are convinced that "changing the world ... is for children."

To what will we allocate your contributions

With €3,500 we edit 500 books.

With the proceeds from the sale of the books we will finance scholarships for the new course that begins in January, for South Sudanese and Congolese refugees in Uganda, convinced that by educating the present, we are building the future.

More than 70% of South Sudanese refugees in Bidibidi are children
More than 70% of South Sudanese refugees in Bidibidi are children

If we get €5,000 we will edit the 500 books for 24x24 and another 500 for 21x21.

For the right of girls to ride a bike.
For the right of girls to ride a bike.

And if we get € 7,000, apart from the edition of the books, we will buy bicycles for secondary school girls, thus trying to prevent them from marrying prematurely and helping them to continue studying with our PINK REVOLUTION project.


The intention is that you can receive all your rewards before 6 january.

What are the songs on the album, and why.

  1. UBUNTU (Introduction with the voices of Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Mother Teresa among others ... "Small" people who did great things.)

  2. NARRATED STORY (Dialogues of the baobab and the girl)

  3. I KNOW WHO I AM - Schina
    (The importance of being yourself and being proud of who you are)

  4. PINK REVOLUTION - Nzuri Daima
    (For the right of girls to ride a bike. For gender equality)

    (Honoring memory, but understanding that things change. Letting go of inherited conflicts, their origin no longer exists!)

    (Project, believe and create a better world using enthusiasm and creativity, action)

  7. MEDICINE - Rissing Apalachia
    (The intrinsic power of healing, respect, care and listening to nature and ancestors)

    (The recognition of being all equal, the certainty that cooperating together everything is possible)

  9. SOMOS LUZ - Macaco
    (The faith in the intrinsic goodness in the human being, the confidence in finding the gap that lets it out)

  10. LLORÁNDOLE AL AGUA - Niña Pastori and Rojas
    (In memory of all those who lose their lives in the Mediterranean looking for a better future)

  11. SI ME VOY - Anna
    (Against gender violence, against violence.)

  12. MERAVELLÓS REGAL - Txarango
    (Thanks for the little things of each new day.)

  13. ALLELUIA - Leonard Cohen


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nzuridaima

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NzuriDaima

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nzuridaima/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/nzuridaima

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Did you know that there are more than 65 million forcibly displaced people in the world? To them, and in memory of the thousands and thousands of dead in the Mediterranean, we dedicate this song from the disco-tale: Crying under the water.


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  • Maite Gonzalez Calderon

    Maite Gonzalez Calderon

    almost 3 years

    Gracias a vosotros por hacerlo posible

  • Coral García Barón

    Coral García Barón

    almost 3 years

    Enhorabuena por el trabajo que hacéis. Sois una inspiración.

  • Nuri


    almost 3 years

    Vamos a por otro objetivo!!! Seguimos sembrando esperanza...cada uno con su semillita. Gracias Nzuri Daima por todo lo que nos aportas!

  • marc


    almost 3 years

    ¡¡¡Vamos a sembrar esperanza!!!

  • Patricia-alfa


    almost 3 years

    Tengo muchas ganas de ayudar a todos esos niños

  • Pedro Calvo

    Pedro Calvo

    almost 3 years

    Hagamos del mundo una familia. Gracias, Nzuri

  • Belén López

    Belén López

    almost 3 years

    Encantada de colaborar

  • Sonia Cano

    Sonia Cano

    about 3 years

    Agradecida y enhorabuena por esta iniciativa y por vuestra ayuda a personas tan necesitadas!!!! Mucho animo!!! Gracias

  • Loli Rubio

    Loli Rubio

    about 3 years


  • Loli Rubio

    Loli Rubio

    about 3 years


#03 / Has visto los diseños de nuestras bolsas de algodón!?

Bolsas de algodón HOPE
Bolsas de algodón HOPE

Querid@s amig@s,¡muy feliz año nuevo!

Estamos en la recta final del verkami para editar los libros y en las puertas del nuevo curso escolar en Uganda.

Todas las aportaciones que consigamos estos días serán ya beneficio directo para la compra de bicicletas que permitan a muchas niñas seguir estudiando, y que nos ayudarán a pagar becas para que niños y niñas vayan al colegio.

Ha sido un año durísimo, muchas niñas se han quedado embarazadas al irse con hombres que les pagaban comida, muchísimas, tenemos el corazón roto y necesitamos encontrar padrin@s o formas como esta de ofrenciendoos algo a cambio poder cubrir los gastos para que vuelvan al cole, allí al menos tienen asegurada una comida, y a los que podemos meter internos 3, y servicios médicos, y cariño.

Estas bolsas son una forma preciosa de colaborar con todo esto, y así ayudamos al planeta a eliminar totalmente los plásticos.

read more

#01 / ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero 2021!

Queridos mecenas,

Deseamos que hayáis tenido una muyyy Feliz Navidad. Y que sigáis disfrutando de un tranquilo y lleno de amor final de año.

Queremos agradeceros vuestro apoyo y dedicaros de forma especial el villancico navideño que hemos estado haciendo estos días.

Lo hemos hecho con los niños y niñas de nuestro proyecto "música para acercar mundos" y con la ayuda de un proyecto de circo suuuper bonito que trabaja en uno de los barrios más marginales de Kampala, El Barrio de Katwe.

En el video salen también nuestro profe de música de la escuela de primaria para refugiados en Bidibidi, algunos de nuestros bailarines también refugiados allí y un montón niñ@s precios@s con los que hicimos un concurso de juguetes de los suyos.. hechos a mano.

También, como un pequeño guiño, aparece Victor Mandela.

Queríamos hacer un villancico que… read more

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