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BONFIRE, online artists' residencies.

Online platform providing space for gathering and cooperation between artists and agents of contemporary art and culture.

Lemos + Lehmann

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We cross the halfway point of the campaign with the basic objective achieved and an incredible dose of love and trust. THANK YOU to all of you who have collaborated during these first fifteen days and with this you have promoted our proposal.

BONFIRE is now a reality!

From now until the 22nd of December we will continue raising funds for the Cultural Association BONFIRE and the start of the project. Any help is welcome! And remember that you can get a place in one of our residencies directly with your contribution! ►

Don't hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or would like more information! FIREEEEEEE!

BONFIRE is an alternative proposal in times of crisis and isolation; an online platform for research and diffusion in contemporary arts. The central goal of the initiative is hosting digital artists’ residencies which main intentions are to provide space for gathering and cooperation, tools to adapt to the new lifestyle and media, freedom for creativity and support to develop new projects.

There are very few things in life like fire, historically a social nexus and center of rites and celebration. We give our project the name of BONFIRE in relation to the power this construction has for bringing people together and offering them a comfortable space. It doesn’t matter the cultural background, campfires have always been a point for paths to meet, a warm and sacred moment where family members, friends or strangers stopped in order to contemplate the flames, feel the magic and exchange words and hopes.


BONFIRE represents

the birth of an idea,

the starting point of a


the initial spark that gives life

to something new and exciting.


What is an artist residence?

A program inviting artists and other creative professionals to stay and work elsewhere temporarily. Its objective is to promote creativity and encounters between different but converging times, languages and interests.

In recent decades, artists’ residencies have developed into important elements in the contemporary art scene connecting the local with the global art world. They also create opportunities for giving insights into the cultural background of each participant permitting them to contribute to cultural diversity. All of this is particularly vital in times of social and economic tension, when art becomes the highest form of hope.

How an online artist residence works?

Taking part in a virtual residency is possible regardless of the artists geographical location and it is based mostly on digital communication. This means a great solution when facing the inability to travel or when circumstances are more favorable for participation from home. Besides that, it meets all expectations that art residencies should include: presentation facilities, artistic coaching, creation of a network, development of final projects, promotion, etc.

Bonfire pilot project
Bonfire pilot project

Another great factor to consider about virtual residences is that they represent a conscious decision when facing the climate change, allowing us to create an eco-friendly system based on digital communication, reducing the carbon footprint as well as the production costs.

BONFIRE offers two kind of programs:

  • BONFIRE residence: a six-week thematic residence with a range of three to five participants.

  • WALK & TALK residence: a seven-day free residence with two participants and the essential purpose of sharing.

Who is our project for?

The historical barriers between and within art disciplines are disappearing. Increasingly, artists are exploiting opportunities to collaborate, learn from and share with other art practices. Our residencies answer to this strong tendency and provide a neutral space for such interactions, being the main target groups:







In short, any creator who feels the need to meet to reflect, debate and share the creative process.

About us

We are Pat and Lukas, visual artists and member of the artistic duo LEMOS + LEHMANN, now also become the Non-Profit Cultural Association BONFIRE.

Traveling and getting immersed in different cultures has always been a fundamental part of our creative process. For this reason, we have participated in different artists’ residencies around the world like the Sahara Refugee Camps (Tindouf), Jodhpur (India) or Raufarhöfn (Iceland), between others.

We were co-founders and coordinators of La Envidia Casa Taller; a cultural space and artists’ residence that took place in Valencia between 2012 and 2015. The professional experience of those years was incredibly nourishing and confirmed our enormous interest in promoting 'the meeting' as a source of creation.

Those who know us know that we have been pursuing the idea of creating a congregation space again for years. The present situation of isolation, individualism, fear and uncertainty (especially for our sector, among others) has only pushed us to create this platform, jumping into the void but trusting in the power of what we are creating and proposing. :)

About the rewards

We have chosen to offer rewards directly linked to the project and which, thanks to your contributions, will allow you to enjoy the creations of our first participants, limited editions of our photographic work, music sets specially composed for BONFIRE, personalised portraits, etc.

participant Pablo Vindel
participant Pablo Vindel's artwork

Take a look at the contributions and rewards panel on the right! :)

What will we use your contributions for?

Your contributions are vital for us to be able to carry out the project as the collected money will be used mainly to set up the website to host the BONFIRE proposal as well as its corporate and visual identity.

As this is an online project, the web is our base and therefore we need a powerful virtual space in order to offer a professional diffusion of the individual and collective participants' work.

Please, help us reach the goal and we will be able to launch the project to the world in early 2021!


After carrying out a first pilot project of both residences during this summer, we plan to finish our visual and web identity thanks to your help, before the end of this crazy 2020. In this way, we will be able to launch the project and start the residencies from January 2021.

+ Info

You can follow the evolution of our campaign on our personal Instagram and Facebook profiles:

In order to get more information or if you are interested in the upcoming residencies, write us to [email protected]

Thanks to be part of the circle!


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  • Teresa


    over 3 years

    "Haber llevado el fuego un solo instante, razón nos da de la esperanza", José Ángel Valente.

  • Anja Werner

    Anja Werner

    over 3 years

    Ich gratuliere zu dieser famosen Idee und wünsche uns wunderbare Verbindungen.

  • Marco


    over 3 years

    Wir sind das Licht einer neuen Zeit !

  • patricia


    over 3 years

    Vamosssssss, que quedan cuatro días...... Os quiero

  • Silvia


    over 3 years

    La vida en llamas!!

  • patricia


    over 3 years

    Vamos, vamos a quemar todo lo que haga falta para que el sueño se haga realidad!!!! Os lo merecéis. Miles de besos envueltos en seda.

  • Lemos + Lehmann

    Lemos + Lehmann

    over 3 years

    ECUADOOOOR! A por los próximos quince días! GRACIAS a todxs por vuestro apoyo! Seguimos!

  • aljabola@mundo-r.com

    [email protected]

    over 3 years

    Hola soy Antonio un amigo de tu madre. Os deseo lo mejor en este proyecto. Muchísima suerte. Un gran abrazo

  • Guajastur


    over 3 years

    Mucho éxito, mucho arte y mucho amor mis bellos amigos♥️

  • Violeta Boston

    Violeta Boston

    over 3 years

    Vamossss BonFire!!!! Fuegoteeee


{English below}

Queridxs mecenas,

Queremos desearos un hermoso año nuevo; uno con más abrazos, más encuentros y más aire libre. Gracias una vez más por apoyarnos en estos momentos tan complejos. Ha sido el mejor regalo!

Como veréis, hemos comenzado a enviaros los formularios para rellenar vuestros datos de facturación y la información necesaria para recibir vuestra recompensa. Esperamos hacerlas todas efectivas, como prometido, entre Enero y Febrero.

Un abrazo gigante! Seguimos!

Dear patrons,

We want to wish you a beautiful new year; one with more hugs, more meetings and more fresh air. Thank you once again for supporting us in these complex moments. It has been the best gift!

As you will see, we have started to send you the forms to fill in your billing details and the information needed to receive your reward. We hope to make them all effective, as promised, between January and February.

A big hug! Let's continue!

#07 / Y el ganador es... / And the winner is


Como lo prometido es deuda, hemos realizado el sorteo del retrato personalizado de nuestra artista y participante del proyecto piloto Paula Fraile. Y el ganador es:


Podéis ver el sorteo en directo en nuestro perfil de instagram.

Felicidades a Andri y gracias de nuevo a todxs vosotrxs por hacer posible este proyecto.



As promised we did the raffle of a custom portrait by our artist and participant of the pilot project Paula Fraile. So the winner is:


You can check out the live video of the raffle on our instagram account.

Congrats to Andri and thanks again to you all to make this project possible.


Still speechless, excited, grateful and full of love! THANK YOU for your support and accompaniment on this journey. We can't imagine a better start for our project. Here we go!


Todavía sin palabras, emocionadxs, agradecidxs y llenos de amor! GRACIAS por vuestro apoyo y acompañamiento en este viaje. No podemos imaginar un mejor arranque para nuestro proyecto.

Allá vamos!


Dearest patrons,

In this last week of the campaign, we share with you our new video; a more documentary and descriptive piece about the experience in the BONFIRE residencies.

The content corresponds to the spring/summer 2020 pilot project.

We hope you like it and it encourage you to participate and/or continue to spread the word! :)

THANK YOU and a big hug,

Pat and Lukas


Queridos y queridas mecenas,

En esta última semana de campaña, compartimos con vosotros/as nuestro nuevo vídeo; una pieza más documental y descriptiva sobre la experiencia en las residencias de BONFIRE.

El contenido corresponde a las residencias llevadas a cabo durante el proyecto piloto de la primavera/verano 2020.

Esperamos que lo disfrutéis y os animéis a participar y/o seguir difundiendo! :)

GRACIAS y un abrazo enorme,

Pat y Lukas



Justo hoy que cruzamos el ecuador de la campaña, queremos informaros de que hemos decidido sortear entre todxs vosotrxs nuestra recompensa
Justo hoy que cruzamos el ecuador de la campaña, queremos informaros de que hemos decidido sortear entre todxs vosotrxs nuestra recompensa 'premium'; un retrato personalizado de la pintora y artista residente Paula Fraile. Os informaremos del resultado el 22 de diciembre. GRACIAS INFINITAS POR VUESTRA AYUDA!


We have just reached our first goal thanks to all of you in only eleven days! This means that BONFIRE will become a real project from January 2021. Thank you very much for your support, your trust and your infinite love. It
We have just reached our first goal thanks to all of you in only eleven days! This means that BONFIRE will become a real project from January 2021. Thank you very much for your support, your trust and your infinite love. It's been a heartwarming experience and a great impulse for us. LET'S GO ON!

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