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The Pilgrim. Wizards of the White Light

Brave men are sought to face the mysterious enemy wielding dangerous dark magic and threatening the Sairutsa region.

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"The Pilgrim. Wizards of the White Lilght" is a boardgame based in some of the episodes from the book published in Spanish in September 2020 and in English in October 2020 (published video teasers).

Will the power of the white light be enough to overcome the forces of chaos?

A mysterious enemy wielding dangerous dark magic threatens the region of Sairutsa. The legendary wizard Olvap—known as the Pilgrim—and his allies uncover plans for an invasion of their homelands by an army led by dark mages and monstrous orcs. As Olvap and the forces of white light take action to stop the threat, he finds himself living out another life within his dreams—but they seem so real to him that he does not feel sure if they are some kind of omen for what is to come or it they already happened in the past. But will his dreams and their actions as a group be enough to help Olvap and his allies gain victory in the sprawling battle that will soon take place to determine the future of Sairutsa and all its inhabitants?

This adventure can be played in solitary or much better with some friends or family. On this game all players (from 1 to 4) have to collaborate and create a strategy as a team; so they can make decisions to defeat the forces of Chaos… or be defeated! Yes. And the world will never be the same.

Players buy and collect the cards for the magic and mythological characters that are needed for each confrontation in order to win them in order. They must win them all before the enemy gathers the 10 orcs at the tunnel, South of the mountains, to invade the lands of Sairutsa. If this happens all your efforts have been in vain. They have completed to drill the tunnel and the hordes of darkness won. Unite your team and resources before it is too late!

Watch our introduction video to find out more about the game and the easy game rules for all family members to understand.

You bought IKEA furniture and you want to assemble it without looking at the instructions… that is bold! Then, to help you on that spirit, here are the symbols used in the cards so you can play fortune ;)

Here you can get acquainted with all characters.

Epic fantasy is known for a large amount of characters and places that have to be described so the readers get transported to those new worlds that before only existed in the author’s imagination (even though sometimes they are closer than what we think). The board includes the four most representative places or buildings. In these spaces you will recover your physical and mental energy needed for missions ahead. While here you will be compensated with 5 coins.

Earth, wind, fire, and water are the elements that the students of magic have to learn to become apprentices of wizards and specialize in any of the four guilds: construction, education, healing, and war. In these spaces you will receive the knowledge and materials needed for the next confrontations. While here you will be compensated with 2 coins.

Even though Reading the book will help you visualize better the game, we are not going to ask you to read the almost 600 pages of adventures and intrigues shown there. For now just concentrate in the game as things are not so easy here, and the results are unpredictable. In the game we have introduced the 10 most important confrontations/battles that you will face against mercenaries, sorcerers, and other adepts of the forces of darkness.

In a world of fantasy, magic cannot be absent; and the one that emanates from this gem WILL make a difference when the forces of the White Light stands against the fierce orcs. Once you are face to face with Orcus in the Volcano Island or in the final battle, you will have no choice other than to use its powers to defeat him and win the game. To activate its devastating Light you will use the special dice until you obtain the six required ingredients/situations. Write them down. These moments are crucial and good luck! Your are going to need it.

The game ends when either the forces of darkness defeat you by uniting and attacking massively or when you eliminate all of the infected souls by the effects of the green pebble from the known earth. Your help and collaboration are needed so the followers of the Light overcome the hordes of Chaos.

Oviedo 2019. During an episode of fever and the flu in February and March, day after day a story, like a movie, is displayed mentally to Pablo who decides to write it down non-stop and without corrections. The result, a 130,000+ words manuscript about an epic fantasy story written in English where places, buildings, and situations interact with the over 30 characters.

Chatting seated at a bar terrace, Pablo presents such manuscript to three old school friends (Adolfo, Juan y Juan Carlos). Surprised about its magnitude and originality they decide to help finance the book project “The Pilgrim. Wizards of the White Light” under the pseudonym of JP Sylvester. Sylvester’s Co. is founded then to run with the costs of corrections in English, its translation and correction in Spanish and later to search for editorials and literary agents to publish. Task was not easy. A year and a half later and after contacting almost 100 editorials and agents between the USA and Spain the book was published by the editorial Publishway with a contract for three years in Spain and countries with official language Spanish.

While waiting Pablo starts working on another vision: this time a boardgame based on the most representative stories of the book. With this in mind and some other ones that spin off from it and hopefully will see the light one day, he hires over a dozen of illustrators to develop the characters in the game and related illustrations. Fantasy started to become a reality.

With the graphic material at hand and after many testing plays, the game strategy gets polished and we started looking for game manufacturers. We realize that for this new mission we want a larger number of adventurers who are ready to share and enjoy or creative efforts. We would like to invite you to join this club of braves who love fantasy activities among friends and family.

Do not miss the interview to Pablo by Tino Pertierra for the newspaper La Nueva España de Oviedo just a few weeks ago.

If we accomplish by far all these 8 objectives, we will include other/s to improve the quality of the existing game components.

We want to accomplish about 300 followers in Instagram, 100 in YouTube and 300 likes in our page at Facebook till the end of this campaign. Can we count on you?

We would like to make a special mention to the team of illustrators who helped us generate the graphic elements of this game, the characters, and the book cover illustration under the supervision of Pablo (in alphabetical order): Daniel Acosta, Benediktus Budi Pramono, Francesco la Cerva, Mustafa Jiwaliwala, Paul Ritz Magtrayo, Ahmad Muhsin Alkatiri, Yliia Oliiarnyk, Bhaskar S. M., Douglas Aparecido da Silva Manzini, Jorge Luis Torres, Aan Turnip, Winchester Velasquez See and Francisco Miguel Vicens-Picatto Gual (also here).

Also, we would like to thank those Verkami channels that decided to highlight our game and help us promote it in their social networks:

About the book that has only been about one month in the bookstores and that we hope we can start accumulating for the game as well:

  • Laura Velasco: "He disfrutado un montón leyendo esta historia donde la magia y la mitología se unen para ofrecernos una trama entretenida, de fácil lectura que a pesar de sus casi 600 pág. se hace ágil porque pasan cosas continuamente, en ningún momento se me hizo pesada, y si tenéis la suerte de conocer la región ficticia de "Sairutsa" como yo (🤫🤐ahí lo dejo... 😲), la disfrutaréis mucho más. No os arrepentiréis de sumergiros en sus páginas".

  • Cynthia Gil: "Ha sido un libro que me ha gustado mucho, una historia que, a pesar de sus casi 600 páginas, se lee de forma muy ágil y te mantiene totalmente enganchada. ⁣ Un libro que, si os gusta la fantasía épica seguro que disfrutaréis".

  • (...)

We will keep you informed as we move along the campaign and the different objectives are unlocked. The books acquired on the rewards can be delivered earlier that (please notify this on the data questionnaire available at the end of the campaign). We estimate that the game will start been distributed during the summer of 2021.

Even though Covid has tripped us all, we will send it as soon as it is in our hands.

According to consumers’ Spanish law, you have 14 days to cancel your purchase and have a full refund. After that day we will discount 30% from your reimbursement amount for fees, commissions and other administrative tasks incurred.

1. Where will your money go?

100% of all the collected will go to cover for the initial expenses to manufacture the game and the cost of this campaign with the hope that selling the remaining ones will help us cover the illustrators and other expenses.

2. List of available characters for the Personalized VIP set.

White Light Team:

  • Artu: University of Magic (UM) chef.

  • Bertu: Healing wizard in Sangac

  • Jeanh: Inn owner in Nojigh

  • Johan: UM war student

  • Lodenac: UM vicerector

  • Nostawa: Kolrehs’wife (inn owner of the Steel Cyder Inn)

  • Queen of Niapsalt

  • King of Niapsalt

  • Sophia: Lodenac’s daugther (UM vicerector)

  • Sra. Jershey: Farmer

  • Thomas: UM construction student

Mythological Team:

  • Envy: Envy spirit

  • Lola: Siren

Chaos Team:

  • Ranlod: Ex-Lim mercenary

  • Yosh: Ex-Lim mercenary


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    Puxa Asturias, digo puxa Sairutsa ;-)

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