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Dysphoria: The Movie

The original punk musical about breaking gender barriers and being true to oneself. Be an ally. Support its transition from stage to screen.


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Dysphoria is a full-length musical that ProjectB wrote, produced and performed in 2019 in Barcelona.

After the success of its five-week, sold-out run in the theatre, we decided to adapt it for the screen in the form of a guerrilla indie feature film.

Filmed on location in epic Barcelona city and surrounding Catalan villages. Same characters and brilliant message, same cast and director... and a small, dedicated crew.

Five actors from the main cast, mid-shoot.
Five actors from the main cast, mid-shoot.

Character James Watt singing "Punk Rock is not Dead".
Character James Watt singing "Punk Rock is not Dead".

Since July 2020 we have filmed most of the footage over 15 intensive sessions.

Hours have been spent in the recording studio to get our actors’ vocals “on tape”.

The music has been arranged and mixed by two current members of the renowned Catalan rock band Companyia Elèctrica Dharma: Carles Vidal and Iban Rodríguez.

Carles Vidal and Iban Rodríguez, from Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, in the studio.
Carles Vidal and Iban Rodríguez, from Companyia Elèctrica Dharma, in the studio.

Post production will march on full-speed as soon as funds have been raised. We aim to release the movie and soundtrack in June 2022.

Once we reach our crowdfunding goal, we will be able to pay production costs, including music, materials, post production and movie screening.

This rough graph can give you an idea of the distribution of expenses we need to cover:

The movie and the music are what this is all about. Reward choices range from an online viewing of the movie, a soundtrack CD including a booklet of brilliant lyrics for you to enjoy in detail and attending one of two première screening parties (in Barcelona and Sant Fruitós de Bages), to going all-in for our project and being an official sponsor or executive producer with the corresponding perks.

We appreciate all the support you are able to give, we love and value every bit of help we can get in order to make this punk dream come true.

Eddie Maddox has a pretty decent life. He has a devoted girlfriend, a loving mother, and his band is starting to get recognition in the local punk rock scene.

But what no one knows is that Eddie is a trans woman.

"Just wait ‘til the music starts, honey, you’re going to like this next bit". Dysphoria is part punk rock concert and part journey of self-discovery. It’s a story about breaking gender barriers, being true to the person you really want to be, and living out loud so that others can simply live.

Dysphoria is an English language movie, with the option of subtitles in Catalan.

The Director

Françoise Greenacre ("Miss Looks") is also Head of Production and Editor. Originally South African, she has resided in Catalunya for almost 27 years now and is co-founder of the English theatre company ProjectB. She is a passionate rocker at heart, very much an advocate for everyone choosing their own path in life, and is working her arse off along this incredible Dysphoria journey!

Françoise Greenacre: Director, Head of Production and Editor.
Françoise Greenacre: Director, Head of Production and Editor.

The Writer and Composer

Ben Torbush is the writer of the original musical theatre script "Dysphoria", and the composer of the corresponding 13 songs. He is from Atlanta, USA, and resides in Barcelona. Also a board member of ProjectB, he has inspired many young students in his career, and vice-versa, and has encouraged open discussions on the themes of punk and rock music and LGBTIQ acceptance.

Ben Torbush, writer and composer of Dysphoria. He also plays the lead role.
Ben Torbush, writer and composer of Dysphoria. He also plays the lead role.

The Cast & Film Crew

The main roles in this story are played by Ben Torbush, Carrie Lillie, Lisamarie Court, Mary Kopecky, Pol Subirana and Ryan Blackburn.

Musician actors include Carles Vidal, Clara Oliveres, Alex Lebron, Alejandro "Toro", Roger Duran and Jenny Cals.

Other names who have shown great dedication to and act in Dysphoria include Lisa McConnell (Set), Sean Hutchman (Sound), and Núria Font (Location). Invited performers include drag queens Lana Vuli and Putella Deville and dancer Mariona Serres. Graffiti artists Gerard Braions and Israel Rodríguez got us on the wall.

Assistant Directors, Yves Elmir and Adrien Liames, and Still Photographer Jordi de Abril have made exceptional contributions during alternate sessions. Antonio Fernández absolutely saved us in terms of live audio recording equipment and initiated our boom operators. Production runners are always necessary and Miriam Rull and Eva Riera were a great help during some sessions.

The board members of ProjectB (Mary Kopecky, Carrie Lillie, Ben Torbush and Françoise Greenacre) are in charge of production.

The Makeup

Nuria Serrano is our Head of Makeup and lead makeup artist, and has worked her wondrous artistic hand in a project where characterisation and transformations are key.

She was thrilled to be assisted by inventive makeup artists Gaby Albano and Rahma Kaba, during some sessions.

The Team

Our international cast and crew are freedom fighters from diverse parts of the world. We come from the United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Canada, Lebanon, France, Belgium, Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela, Cyprus, Morocco, Turkey and Catalunya.

The process of filming this movie, subject to Covid restrictions and with limited resources, has been a remarkable challenge for all and has kept spirits up and creative and practical skills a-light.


Socials: Instagram / Facebook

PHOTOS by Jordi de Abril, Lisa McConnell and Françoise Greenacre.


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  • Samsky


    7 days

    Best of Luck with everything! Know how hard you've all been working on this amazing venture :) xxxx



    7 days

    Molta sort! Amb ganes de veure-ho!



    7 days

    Molta sort! Amb ganes de veure-ho!

  • joan centellas

    joan centellas

    9 days

    la cultura catalana no te fronteres. Sort !!

  • BobTomlinson


    10 days

    Go Dysphoria!

  • Carrie


    11 days

    Good luck from Alex & Ali Wood

  • MaryHutchman


    11 days

    Good luck with this great show!

  • Allanmcluskie


    11 days

    Good luck with your fundraising.

  • ProjectB


    21 days

    Thank you, rock band name SlantedSophia! Carrie is blushing.

  • SlantedSophia


    21 days

    You rock! :D ...especially Carrie...but that's just personal bias. ;)

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