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Genealògic is a photographic work done during the last five years to which it is time to culminate in a photobook.

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Agriculture is the profession of the wise man,
the most adequate for the simple
and the most dignified occupation for every free man.

M.T. Ciceron

I am the 3rd generation and last representative of my family that is dedicated to the cultivation of oranges. Genealògic draws a parallelism between the uncertainty of not knowing if the next generation of my family will inherit this profession and the uncertainty on the farming and trade of oranges, which is in danger due to the new methods of agricultural exploitation; which, although more effective and money generating, leaves aside traditional agriculture and quality.

Genealògic is a project that talks about agriculture and life. But does not speak in a documentary way, if not, it gives an interior perspective within the profession of a farmer.

My family tree
My family tree

Genealògic is a love song, a tribute and at the same time a personal exorcism of the land and the profession that my ancestors passed on to me; and that has allowed me to develop knowledge, patience and above all, a mental attitude towards life.


Geneaògic (dummy)
Geneaògic (dummy)

In the book we can find the photos that I have been taking during the last five years. Narrating a life story, of cultural roots, and concerns for the future.

In the book you can also find the verses of the troubadour Primaël Montgauzí and an excellent text by the writer Jaume Monzó. Designed by Nepalese photographer and designer Rohan Thapa. The covers hand painted, one by one, by the artist Vicent Jarque, which makes each copy unique and different.

Hand painted book cover by artist Vicent Jarque
Hand painted book cover by artist Vicent Jarque

Design by Rohan Thapa
Design by Rohan Thapa

Technical Details:

Size 110 X 160 mm.

Exposed thread sewn binding

178 color pages.

Olin Rough Absolute White 100gr paper.

2mm laminated cardboard covers hand painted.


Repom, by Toni de l'Hostal.

Genealógic's photos are also part of Repom, the latest album by Toni de l'Hostal. There you will find, in addition to the photos, all the concept and design made by me. And of course, an ample handful of good songs. So if in addition to the book you want to enjoy good music, this is your reward.

Repom, new CD by Toni de l
Repom, new CD by Toni de l'Hostal.

Oranges for everyone.

A 10kg box of 1st grade oranges from Valencia, Spain. They will be collected the day before they are shipped, so that you can enjoy the authentic flavor of a freshly harvested orange, without being treated with waxes or fungicides. 100% natural flavor, from the tree to the table.

You can find more at:

Web: www.cayetanobravo.com

Instagram: @cayetanobravo


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    Xosé Lois Gutiérrez Faílde

    over 3 years


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    Jaume Parera Casals

    over 3 years

    Enhorabona pel projecte! Espero i desitjo que s'aconsegueixi el repte final!

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    over 3 years

    Pa jud

  • Merykey


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    Pa Marta

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    Contemporani i magistral. Eres únic. Aquesta natura parla i tu la fas visible.

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    Maria José

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    Ànim Caye😚

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  • Inma


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