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La Partida, the shortfilm

It is by gambling everything that La Partida begins.

Isabel Borras

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Four people. Three bullets. A gun.

When you are taking your last chance, do you care what is the right thing to do?

In those moments it is difficult to keep a cool head, assess all possible exits and choose the best one for you. It is then when, desperate, you meet with whom you wouldn't have met. And you do what you wouldn't have done. And you go where you wouldn't have gone. And you play what you wouldn't have played.

And when you've finally become who you wouldn't have become, that's when the game really begins.

Four people meet in a self-help group to overcome depression. Convinced that attending these meetings will not solve anything in their lives in ruins, they decide to join the game that one of them proposes: a Russian roulette in which the winner will keep everything that the rest have and will use it to have a second chance.

During the game, the personality of each one will be affected by the circumstances. Deaths, greed and the threat of suicide will end up making this macabre game a way to see the real intentions and the authentic character of all.

Albert Guimerà - sound technician

Nil Arbós - sound technician assistant

Diego Aveiga - gaffer

Albert Segarra - first AC

Andrés de la Portilla - DIT

Marco Gómez - colorist

Nil Murillo - editor assistant

Aleksandra Krupnik - makeup

Eduard de Bettencourt Gutiérrez - makeup assistant

Estefania Gutiérrez - making of

As we didn't know your experience as a player, we wanted to fix the game and make you always win.

With your bet, you will win to be part of a project like this, as well as other advantages and recognitions: from thanks on social networks to appearing in the credits as an associate producer.

So, what player are you?

Shooting - October 3 and 4

Post-production - October to December

Distribution planning - January to March

Reward delivery - December to February



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  • Ana Sanchis

    Ana Sanchis

    1 days

    A topeeeeee con el proyecto

  • Elena Lanuza Santos

    Elena Lanuza Santos

    8 days

    Mucho animo! ❤️

  • Alex Warner

    Alex Warner

    11 days

    Loved the teaser. Looking foward to the final short film. Good luck with the rodaje!!

  • Vinyet


    11 days

    Mucha suerte con vuestro proyecto!

  • Ander


    11 days

    Mucha suerte!!

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