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Dialogues for mindful couples

Know yourself better, take your responsibility and empathize with your partner. A self-discovery book through the love written by C.M.Láska

Equipo CarMa

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After several years travelling and meeting people from different cultures, at one point, I noticed that those people started a conversation with me related to their partners: their problems, situations that they faced and their vision of love. And I did not open the talk!

Why? No idea!

But I decided to listen them.

I became aware that, independly the place we were, the sex of the people or their sexual preferences, I could group all the anecdotes and think about thoses patterns.

I understood the overwhelming majority did not feel comfortable with their life style and their feelings and they look for something in their partners that they should find in themselves...

Ouch! (I remember I though).

Why do they choose to look at their partners from the same perspective as they observe to themselves? Why do they choose each day to lose the opportunity of knowing themselves better? For what all those expectations created? Why do they have all this confusion about what is real love?

Something I should do and...

This book is the result.

Book cover
Book cover

I can assure I am one of the best professionals in OBSERVATION art ( 5 enneatype, sorry). It was easy to design a strategy for approaching this famous topic.

I was interested in creating something easy, quick to read and understandable. For that reason, I chose daily situations, available for everyone, but with a direct impact on the reader.

Let`s to the point.

Yes, this is a message for you: I would like you can empathize with the players, make yourself questions about your way of understanding and sight of love and could answer it honestly. I wish you would be more mindful about your behaviour and yours partner too. Put yourself in her or his shoes.

For what?

I wish you have more harmonious relationships, you understand from where the conflicts could come from and know how couples formed by mindful individuals manage those situations.

  • Important: Here you will not find personal o general advices, clichés or boredom.

I wish you liked it because I wrote it with kindness and affection. Love does not know to express in another language.


At the end of each chapter you will find a sequence of questions for your own consideration. Do you want to take one step further towards your self-knowledge and to your partner?

This is the time: you choose.

If you want to take a look to the first chapter, you can do it here. ONLY IN SPANISH RIGHT NOW (sad face).

Why CarMa Team

CarMa Team is not an editorial. It is an acronym between my partners`name and mine. Our goal as a team, is to be able to create different content that leads people to work in their conscience. We dedicate our lives to meditation and building our future: a lifestyle according to natural laws.

Depending on when you would read this, you will know we are living in a land where we cultivate our own food. We live in a house made of natural materials, building with our own hands. We recycle all our wastes and we use 100% of renewable energy.

Yes, it is possible.

Súper rewards for mindful patrons

My main idea was to create a book, but then, I came upon the language problem. How could I reach to all my friends who do not speak spanish? Well, keep calm, I can look for a translator, but…

How could I forget listening lovers? Ok… an audiobook!

  • Unfortunately the audiobook is only available in spanish (sad face again).

So, there are more people who have solved those problems and they have given an incredible extra value to this work, so I want to share it with all of you.

Hey! I thought to add postcards for the rewards for rejoicing your hearts and souls.

A picture is worth a thousand words.
A picture is worth a thousand words.


If we achieve 5.000 € I undertake to write the next book related to the characters and their lives, adding the names of all the patrons at the end of the e-book and publish it before september 2021. Today I am happy, so I will give the first chapter as well for free to everybody. It will do it in audiobook format too.

Nathalie`s artwork. The e-book has 15 illustrations, one per chapter.
Nathalie`s artwork. The e-book has 15 illustrations, one per chapter.

If we achieve 10.000 €, I will send to all the patrons 15 guided meditations by me and related to every chapter, in mp3 format, and the first chapter of the new ebook for free. Patrons who have support this project with the 1 gratitude postcard will receive one guided meditation and the first chapter of the new e-book too.

Who is behind

Ok… a scientific turned into a gardener, painter, writer, and more!

This is my first non fiction book. When I finished I left in a drawer (well, I am lying, it was in a memory card) and thanks to my partner, is seeing the light.

Making a deep inner journey for writting this book. Yes, my hair is very long
Making a deep inner journey for writting this book. Yes, my hair is very long

For my birthday he decided to give me this dream and he has moved to many people for making true.

In contrast, I gave him a ukulele that I play. It was a self-gift.

Yes, after 17 years together he always goes above and beyond the call of duty, but not me.

Phew! I am lucky, he is not like Cameron, one of the main players of this story!

  • If you want to know more about me, click here.

Your small contribution goes to...

My main goal is to recover the investment. If we achieve the new targets, the money will go to create the next book, to design a marketing campaign and to the payment of taxes.

Budget and its percentage
Budget and its percentage

Save the dates

Calendar for absent-mindeds
Calendar for absent-mindeds


Why cannot buy a paper book?

I grow up among books and I love it: its smell, the touching of its pages… However, I think a paper book has a lot of work behind that it should be supported, but, from an environmental point of view, I do not want to contribute to cut trees with my creation.

Another option could be to make it with recycled paper. If readers want, I will think the way to make it possible, but not for this project.

When will I receive my reward?

Between 1st - 15th of November I will start with the shipments as the calendar says. Depending on where you are, you will receive it sooner or later.

I bought the 12 postcards pack. When will I receive it?

I will send the first postcard between 1st - 15th of November. I will send the next one in December and so on until October 2021. This answer is valid whether you bought the gratitude postcard or 6 postcards pack. In this case, the last postcard you will receive will be in April 2021.

What kind of postcard I will receive?

You will receive exclusive postcards made by myself, with my own messages or inspiring landscapes taken in my trips. I cannot tell you what I will write, because I would end up with the magic. You must know it will not be written by my own hand. However, I will use an online delivery postcards service. But, keep calm, the content you will read, will get out of my heart.

Should I read this book although I do not have a partner?

Of course yes! There is a chapter related with loneliness, but the other topics I touch are interesting for everybody.

Could I give my reward?

Yes, you can. Imagine you want to say beautiful words to someone through an exclusive postcard… It is easy! Buy the gratitude postcard or the 6 or 12 postcards packs. It is a good idea, because it is time to have more emotional contact.

And, If you want to give the e-book, go ahead!

What my beta readers say

  • I like reading differents scenarios in gay couples. Patricia Expósito.

  • It was a funny reading while I felt identify in the chapters. Marco Zamora.

  • The questions in each chapter made me to reflect about several faces in my present relationship. Azucena Díez.

I do not want to forget…

If you want to know more about, you can take a look into my webpage: https://equipocarma.club/cmlaska/

And those are the names of the incredible people who made it possible:

  • Cover and artwork: Nathalie B. You can find her in Fiverr
  • Audiobook: Observatorio del futuro Production
  • Corrections: Víctor J. Sanz
  • Translation: My australian friend Benny Milligan. He is multilingual. He knows about 15 languages… Maybe more!
  • Booktrailer: CarMa Team
  • Booktrailer`s music: My russian friend Kirill Starostin. His songs are unique!

Benny and Kirill do not have a professional website, but, if you are interested in their work, you can contact me.

Thank you!


There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Equipo CarMa

    Equipo CarMa

    24 days

    ¡Y nosotros que lo leas! Un abrazo

  • Luciapc


    25 days

    Estoy deseando leerlo!!gracias por la iniciativa😊

  • Equipo CarMa

    Equipo CarMa

    25 days

    Hi Gunnar! Thank you for your support.

  • Gunniorn


    26 days

    Good luck CarMa. Looking forward to reading it.

#01 / ¡Ya somos 13! Y hay que celebrarlo/ We are 13 and we have to celebrate!

Hoy, que es viernes, quiero celebrar con vosotros que ya somos 13. Es un número mágico para muchas culturas y a mí, me ha hecho muy feliz.

¿Por qué?

Porque lo habéis formado vosotros. Habéis confiado en este proyecto por uno o varios motivos propios y me han llegado, aunque no me los hayáis dicho.

Tengo que informaros que el 30 de septiembre iré a un retiro Vipassana de 10 días y no tendré contacto con nadie, pero os tendré presentes.

Para que el mensaje de la consciencia llegue a más personas, os pediría que compartáis este enlace con vuestro entorno y forméis parte de una cadena consciente.

Un abrazo


Today is friday and I would like to celebrate with you that we are 13. This number is magical for many cultures and it makes me happy.


Because you are in. You have trusted in this project for one or several reasons and I know it, even though you did not say it to me.

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