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SAM SCARES album for 2021 "terror and metal"

We are preparing a shocking release for the new album and, with your help, it will become a reality in 2021. Today, ENJOY THE SINGLE "ALONE

Sam Scares

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Hello, we are SAM SCARES and we want to take one more step in 2021.

We want to release NEW MUSIC, NEW VIDEOS, NEW TALES and perform our first tour outside of Spain (Europe or South America would be great).

Unfortunately, we are people who need to work day after day to be able to keep that portion that, later, we give you with love turned into art.

Since we can't ask for all the money this will cost...

We only ask you for a small symbolic part:


About us

Sergi Aparici, Ivan Flores, Marc Bernad, Sebas Sampieri

Sam Scares was born almost 5 years ago, and, although it began simply as an expression or a way to capture the terrifying stories that our minds create when we close our eyes, we can’t stop creating more and more and go deeper into that world.

  • Up to date, we have released six music videos, twenty-four songs and four horror stories with soundtracks.

    We have interpreted our music touring in many cities of Spain, and in events or festivals (even online in the “LiveAtHome” and in internationals festivals).

It's difficult to summarize so many moments, such unforgettable experiences!

But, without you, this wouldn't make sense; in fact, it wouldn't even work.

We work with the aim of making you feel, of making you forget or remember, of making you part of a universe where you are really important.

The rewards

When you get the "pack" that you like the most, we will contact you so you can tell us what your deepest fear is, and, thus, we can send you the correct reading. Also, depending on the "pack", your shirt size, a telephone number for "Telegram", shipping address, a demonstration of your art for the "Artist Pack", etc. there is more.

  • Reading of the "Scares Element": From psychological, astrological, historical and mathematical studies, we have created six profiles to classify each person according to their deepest fear. (Something similar to a horoscope but based on fear, since our true power arises from there)

    • But what is your "Scares Element"?

      You must know that each person belongs to an element, based on their energy and how they interpret the different moments of their life and, above all, what their fears are.

      To know what your element is, you only have to answer a question that we will ask you by email: what is your deepest fear? Once we know your answer, we will tell you which element you belong to and we will send you the file.

In addition, you will receive the T-SHIRT of your Scares Element, if you choose the Scarer Pack or the Meet & Greet.

  • Access to the private group of Telegram: "Telegram" is an app similar to WhatsApp. In it, we have created a private group to share audios and videos of our work routine, news and releases before anyone else and monthly raffles for unique merchandise OF THE BEST!

  • EP "First Scares Collection" in digital: Made up of two singles unreleased demo version and our last two released singles “Alone” and “The Nothingness”. Include covers and lyrics.

  • In the video call for the Meet & Greet you can ask us what you want and ask us to play a song live. At the end, we'll take a photo together to share it on our social networks, tagging you.

  • The "Artist Pack" is for ANY KIND OF ARTIST. * Musicians, painters, writers or whatever you are. * This "pack" makes us especially excited, since the idea is to collaborate with other artists, either singing in one of their songs, doing an ost to accompany their dances, narrating one of their stories, writing stories based on their paintings or whatever we can think of. Obviously we will echo it with our entire advertising arsenal. (This pack could also be called "UNION MAKES STRENGTH")

  • Scares Cover!: We will publish in ALL our social networks a music video, dedicated only to you, where we will perform a song of the band you want. Seriously, WHATEVER YOU WANT, whoever it is. We will adapt it to our musical style.

"Many of the rewards are only for this campaign and therefore will not be part of the next album nor will you be able to get it once it ends."


(Except for covers and collaborations: once we do the count, we will establish a calendar for all of them, taking into account the priority of each format and the availability of both parties.)

More info about our next album

  • A new concept album that will tell the story of a terrifying being who fears looking like a monster, but despite trying to fit in with humanity, each of his acts leads him to become something much worse

In this album, as we did with the previous one, we will work with the prestigious producer "Damien Rainaud" from Los Angeles (California), known for his work with bands such as "Dragonforce", "BabyMetal", "FearFactory", "Angra", etc.

In addition, we want to delve into this disturbing story with several videos.

"Alone" will NOT be part of the new album, but it WILL be part of the singles from our Scares Collection !!!

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