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Take (e)co to Madrid !

(e) co is a self-sufficient housing prototype designed and built by students from the UPC in the context of international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. To compete need to finance transportation prototype to Barcelona to Madrid competition.


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(e)co is a project of self-managed by a group of ETSAV students (Escola Técnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallés) submitting a new proposal for energy self-sufficient prototype housing in international competition Solar Decathlon Europe2012 to be held in Madrid this September.

This is a competition where 20 universities participating from around the world that are cited in Madrid in September where students will build and submit their proposals.

During almost 2 years of project development, the team has made ​​since the complete design of the prototype, to dissemination and communication of it as fundraising and viability. Currently, the team focuses its efforts in building the prototype in Sant Cugat Campus to remove it and take it to Madrid at the end of next August.

As students is a great experience get through the different phases of the project and build with our own hands, seeing little by little how the project is becoming reality.

The new model of sustainability and low-cost, that we present in international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2012, is based on parameters of more efficiently, more services and comfort, using fewer materials, less energy and less cost.

The prototype has an outer skin that regulates climate needs and comfort through the greenhouse effect and shadow effect. The interior features 3 independent modules wood of similar dimensions, where users decide how to appropriate them as needed.

In the prototype solar (e) co working with the economic parameters since the start understanding the need for "efficient cost", seeking to offer the highest performance at lowest cost with the aim of working towards an affordable sustainability.

The study and analysis of the Life Cycles of materials and the energy impact and associated CO2 emissions both in its use as construction, are areas of work and research for the project as a whole, with the intention to evaluate their ecological footprint.

The difficult economic context in which we also impacts on the sector of teaching and University, so that the budget and project costs in all areas involved in the process for implementation have been affected.

The main funding strategy that is allowing the project's viability is based on the principle of "exchange", through which companies that cooperate provide material for free in exchange for some compensations.

Due to the requirements of the competition, some of the items of the project are more difficult to get through the trading strategies, so that's why despite the contributions of companies there is a need for money.


We are a young team that runs with an horizontally structure in which each member contributes what is within their means in terms of capacity and time, seeking to coordinate together all synergies and interactions for a common project.


Conceptually and methodologically, we believe that our way of work is similar and is consistent with the concept of Crowdfounding or Microcontributions, and therefore, advocating the cooperation, as our name claimed, and the networking we seek support the wider environment to bring the project to Madrid, and provide the active participation of anyone who wants to be part of this great experience.

2800 euros truck transport material: 1400 euros x 2 trucks. (round trip)

5000 euros gondola truck transport modules: 2500 € x 2 (round trip)

760 euroscrane to load the modules on the gondola: 95 € /h x 8 hours.

557 euros 6.5 % commission arrangements.

383 euros 4% of unexpected.

¡SHIRTS (e)co!


Your support will help us carry the entire house of Sant Cugat del Vallès to Madrid where is the international competition.

After the good job that was done in the last edition of the competition where we won the 1st prize of Architecture in the 2010 competition, we hope to match and even improve the feat in the current edition!


Our followers have different web and blog platforms to see the daily life of the construction and subsequent participation and social networks like Facebook and Twitter where visitors do nothing but increase. *Join (e) co! *


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  • Pedro


    almost 11 years

    me interesa próximos proyectos, contactarme por email por favor, gracias

  • sasad


    almost 12 years


  • sad


    almost 12 years


#05 / ¡ CONSEGUIDO !

Aún faltan 3 días y ya lo hemos conseguido !!

Gracias a todos por vuestra cooperación !!

Os adjuntamos un video resumen de todo el prototipo (e)co en 5 minutos.

........................................................... ¡¡¡ GRACIAS !!! .....................................................

Video (e)co

#03 / Camiseta (e)co !!

Ya tenemos el diseño de la camiseta (e)co, del prototipo de la cooperación; de vuestra cooperación, sin la cual no podríamos culminar 2 años de trabajo e ilusión !

Muchísimas gracias !!

La camiseta llevará vuestros nombres, enviadnos un mail para saber con qué nombre queréis aparecer o si ya os va bien mantener el usuario de verkami.

Nos podéis enviar el nombre que queréis que aparezca al mail:

[email protected]

En breves el diseño del calendario (e)co 2013 !! :)

#02 / Nada nos detendrá !!

Quedan 22 días para llevar (e)co a Madrid !!

Como veis en las fotos trabajamos día y noche!!

nada nos parará ni la ola de calor puede con nuestra motivación y ilusión!!

Gracias, gracias y gracias a todos vosotros, a los 114 mecenas que ya nos habéis ayudado ! ya queda menos para conseguir nuestro objetivo! :)

#01 / A contrareloj!!

¡Quedan 36 días para marchar camino a Madrid! La casa no está acabada y requiere de todo nuestro esfuerzo y compromiso para acabarla. !Porque llegaremos a Madrid con nuestro proyecto¡ estamos seguros que llegaremos y lo conseguiremos en parte gracias a TI !!!! Una vez más gracias por tu colaboración, no nos cansaremos de repetirlo.

Aquí os dejamos un pequeño video de la que sería una mañana de verano cualquiera en la obra del proyecto (e)co. Rumbo Madrid!! :)


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