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¡Viva el #cocoterotime!

Funny and original shirts that remind you of living your moments #cocoterotime wherever, however and with whoever you want


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Mexico City, Mexico
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SinChanclas and the #cocoterotime

The SinChanclas brand creates jewelry, clothes, and accessories so that you are comfortable and fresh during your #cocoterotime.

What is a #cocoterotime? Well, a moment of personal enjoyment that must be looked for in a premeditated and conscious way so that it occurs as frequently as possible.

When does a #cocoterotime arrive? When you want, as long as you are relaxed and enjoying whatever you are doing. Remember that you don't need to be under a coconut tree in a hammock on the beach to find that moment. All places and moments can be the settings for your moments of pleasure. The #cocoterotime sometimes arrives alone, but if not, you must look for it in order to find it, I would say at least once a day. Don't skimp on the time you dedicate to yourself: remember that it is not possible to recover it anymore.

One of my #cocoterotime: walking along the seashore
One of my #cocoterotime: walking along the seashore

For example, I love to greet the days without an alarm clock, go for a walk through my beloved Barcelona or some beautiful Mexican beach, when I eat rich food and savor it without rushing, when I take a nap on the sofa watching a documentary, when I make jewelry or crafts, when I am with my friends having some beers or with my family in the country house, when I go out to party and dance like crazy, when I travel, when I’m connected with nature and, of course, when I am under the shadow of a coconut tree watching the sea.

What is your #cocoterotime moment?

The Sinchanclas shirts

What a cool shirt you are wearing! That's what people will repeat to you over and over again when you wear one of these. We have the model for men and another one for women. Look, look. I will show you the 2019 models.

Skulls shirts  2019
Skulls shirts 2019

Sinchanclas women
Sinchanclas women's shirts 2019

Both models are wide, comfortable, and cool, and are available in 4 different sizes: S (small), M (medium), L (large) or XL (extra-large). Also XXL for men's designs.

Every year for the month of October, the new fabrics of the "Dead" season appear in Mexico. Attention! The prints of the shirts that you can see here are those of 2019! This year we have chosen another 3 fabrics (one repeats), super cool, to be able to make our 2020 shirts. There you have them. Look how cool they are. Which one do you want?

New fabrics 2020
New fabrics 2020

The fabrics are produced in Mexico and the shirts are cut and made in Mexico City. So, 100% product made in Mexico.

The fabric used for skull shirts is SILKY (100% elastane), which does not wrinkle and falls beautifully on the body.

And look, a trick. Are you dying of heat? Well, you tie it up and use it as a crop top. Like the models in these photos.

Isa and Paula with their SinChanclas shirts 2019
Isa and Paula with their SinChanclas shirts 2019

Everyone is going to be very cute with these shirts.


Our rewards are mainly shirts, for men (40 euros) and for women (35 euros). Remember that you can choose between 3 different patterns (you can see them in the SHIRTS section) and we have sizes XL, L, M and S for both shirt models and we also have size XXL for the men's model too.

But if you don't dare to wear a shirt, you also have the option of supporting us with a cool Mexican flowers sarong for the beach (or for the picnic) at 15 euros. Like the one I have in this image (photograph taken in Holbox by the beautiful Bea). The fabric is Mexican and is 100% cotton. Look how cool it is.

Sinchanclas sarong
Sinchanclas sarong

You can also collaborate with the project by buying a silver COCONUT TREE pin (15 euros). You can wear it on the flap of your coat or in your bag and it is going to remind you to search and find your #cocoterotime daily. Enjoy!

Silver PIN coconut tree
Silver PIN coconut tree

Finally, if you do not want any products but you want to help us you can buy one coupon I WILL HELP YOU JUST BECAUSE! or 5, 10, 50 or 100 euros to collaborate in the campaign in a completely altruistic way. Thank you very much.

You are all SUNS for participating in the campaign and believing in the "Viva el #cocoterotime" project. When all this is finished, I will create a page in my Sinchanclas website where you will receive your CYBERHUG (if you want of course). THANK YOU.

All articles have a shipping cost associated and included in the final price (5 euros within the Mexican Republic or 15 euros internationally). You will have to choose between, for example, MAN SHIRT shipping WITHIN Mexico at 45 euros or MAN SHIRT INTERNATIONAL shipping at 55 euros. Only people who want to receive their products WITHIN Mexico must choose the first option, all the others must choose INTERNATIONAL shipping.

Sending packets from one side of the world to the other is a bit expensive, it is better to join a company and get one of the packs: sending two shirts it’s the same price as sending one. Look for the PACKS that we offer you in the rewards section. In addition to cheaper shipping, the PACKS also offer you a discount of 5 euros that is reflected in the final price of the set (the total sum of the products separately is 5 euros higher).

Remember that once the crowdfunding campaign is over, we will contact you to specify the shipping information, the fabric you like and the sizes you want to receive.

The use of contributions

The contributions will be used to make a first shirts run of at least 20 units. The costs total € 1200 as follows:




In the future?

We hope this crowdfunding is the starting point of our #cocoterotime project and we are going be able to produce our clothing and jewelry quarterly a year. You can follow us through Instagram or the Sinchanclas website.

Our intention is to expand the offer of sizes, models, and fabrics.

This Verkami production and design has been focused on Mexico and its culture (I hope to repeat every year with news fabrics), I would like to launch some "Barcelona" shirts next year 2021. I'm also thinking in some cool cloth bags and I have some ideas for marine-themed jewelry. Follow me in order to see all these ideas materialized!

More about me and Sinchanclas clothes

Hello, I'm Alba and I’m the one who projects and designs the jewelry and clothing for SinChanclas.

It's me: Alba Sinchanclas Vermut

I studied biology at the University of Barcelona and worked for many years as a science teacher in Barcelona, Panama City and Mexico City. Meanwhile I studied jewelry at the Barcelona art schools LLOTJA and LA MASSANA; and during my trips I always took advantage of them to learn more about this beautiful trade.

After leaving my work as a teacher in formal training schools, I decided to go to live by the sea and near coconut trees to do what I like the most: jewelry. Then the concept of #cocoterotime was born and evolved to what it is today: finding time daily to enjoy consciously and deliberately. My brand was also born: SINCHANCLAS.

SinChanclas Logo: my foot and my tattoo, without shoes of course.
SinChanclas Logo: my foot and my tattoo, without shoes of course.

And the clothes? After the jewelry, which is designed and made by myself in Mexico or Barcelona, came the clothes, which I design but are made by the work team of Paul Chable, a textile engineer. The fabrics and patterns are selected with enthusiasm and affection by myself in Mexico City. Here I show you some examples, but you can see a little more clothing and jewelry on my SinChanclas website.

Dresses, skirts, overalls and sarongs Sinchanclas
Dresses, skirts, overalls and sarongs Sinchanclas

Of course, I cannot forget the beautiful Barcelona which I adore, and I try to visit at least once a year. In fact, I am trying to live on both sides of the Atlantic: the European winter in Mexico, in a beautiful beach town called Zipolite, where I produce my jewelry, and the summer on the other side of the Pond, where I continue to sell and develop ideas. It's not easy, but I'm working on it. Will I get it?

Amamos México y estimem Barcelona
Amamos México y estimem Barcelona

The virus spoiled my plan a bit but I will go back soon. With perseverance, enthusiasm and effort I will soon be able to fly.

Ah! You will have to view my instagram if you want to know where Alba Sinchanclas Vermut comes from.

And of course, I wish you many #cocoterotime in your life.

See you soon. Alba

Walking barefoot is very comfortable
Walking barefoot is very comfortable


  • Do you make international shipments?

    Of course. There are two kinds of shipments: shipping within Mexico (5 euros) and international (15 euros). The shirts are produced in Mexico, hence sending to Mexico is cheaper.

    Each reward is associated with a shipment, that is, receiving a product or pack always has an associated shipping cost that is already included in the final price of the reward depending on the final destination of the shipment.

    As sending things from one side of the Pond to the other is a bit expensive, it is better to join a company and get a pack now, for example, because sending two shirts costs the same as sending one. Look for the PACKS that we offer you in the rewards section.

  • When will I receive my Sinchanclas products?

    From the last week of February or during the month of March you will receive your #cocoterotime products.

    Since many are going to cross the Pond, we have estimated a time of approximately 4 weeks to receive them, although experience in international shipments from the other side of the Pond has taught me that this can take longer (or less). In any case, when the product is shipped, we will notify you, so you know that it is on its way.

  • What is the #cocoterotime project schedule?

    The campaign was launched on October 21. When the campaign ends on November 30 and, if we have achieved our goal, we will receive the money raised and we will be able to start production, which is scheduled for the months of December and January.

    At the beginning of February, we will be able to make the shipments and the patrons will be receiving them from the last week of February. If there are changes to this calendar, we will keep you informed.

  • How do I indicate the size and the model I want?

    Once the campaign is over, as of November 30, we will contact all the patrons to request the size and pattern, along with the shipping information.

  • If I have bought any of the packs, can I order several sizes and colors?

    Yes, there is no problem in mixing sizes and colors in packs of several units.

  • How can I know what size is mine?

    At the moment we have this variety of sizes: S, M, L, XL and XXL (the latter only for the men's model). Compare with a size of a current shirt that fits you well and ask us for the same size or one size more if you prefer a very loose fit.

  • How can I get more SINCHANCLAS shirts?

    Currently, the only way to buy shirts is through this Verkami page. It is a crowdfunding campaign that we have launched in order to raise funds to produce them. We hope that this is the beginning of a cycle that allows us to produce constantly. To get your shirts, you just have to select the reward you like the most in the right column: single units, the pack of 2, etc. Follow the simple steps and in less than 3 minutes you will have placed your order.

  • How are Sinchanclas shirts washed?

    The shirts can be washed in the washing machine together with the other clothes without any problems. Colorfast.

    Although it is a fabric that can be washed by hand or machine, avoid hot water and bleach, as they damage the fibers. Put the elastane garments to dry and avoid the dryer. The heat from this can cause puckering or puffiness in some elastane blends.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Guillaume Streab

    Guillaume Streab

    over 2 years

    Très beau ! Définitivement, il s'agit d'un projet à soutenir. Bonne chance !!

  • RutyGeri


    over 2 years

    Artista!!! Los pin de plata, me encantan 💚

  • Maria Corujo

    Maria Corujo

    over 2 years

    Me encantan todos los modelos de camisas! Las quiero TODAS!

#03 / ¡Ya están saliendo del horno!

¡Ya están aquí!

Las camisas SinChanclas están saliendo del horno, junto con los pareos y los pins.

Un poquito más y prontito recibirás el tuyo.

Gracias por la paciencia

Camisas de calaveritas
Camisas de calaveritas

#02 / Objective acomplished!

I am happy. This would not have been possible without your help.

** Thank you, thank you and thank you:) **

The crowdfunding continues for 11 more days. I will keep working so that the project grows a little more. I'll tell you about it. Thanks again.

#01 / ¡OBJETIVO logrado!

Estoy feliz. Esto no hubiera sido posible sin su ayuda.

Gracias, gracias y gracias :)

El crowdfunding sigue en marcha 11 días más. Sigo trabajando para que el proyecto crezca un poco más. Se lo iré contando. Gracias de nuevo.

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