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Avemaria - Feature Film

The rooster will break his silence. Thriller from a group of students at the Universidad Pompeu Fabra about secrets, power and family.

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Avemaria is a project in Catalan that resulted from a Final Year Project (TFG) at Pompeu Fabra University. After almost two years of conception, the film is ready to be in a pre-production phase and will be filmed in its entirety during the month of September 2020, in a 12-day shoot.

The film, which is part of the psychological thriller genre, tells the story of a family that lives quietly isolated in hills under the rules of a strict religion until, one day, our protagonist is forced to have a child with her own brother.

The film has a solid preparation and staff, the support of lecturers and professionals, as well as an original and atypical proposal embodied by a great cast. Even so, and now more than ever as we are living this weird situation, we want work on this project betting on culture and guaranteeing the health and safety of the whole crew. We will need some prooding in order to make Avemaria a reality with your help.

María and her brother David live with their parents in an isolated house in the countryside. The family looks after the rooster that lives in the chapel while it provides them health, protection from outside threats and well-being instead. An unexpected event ends up forcing the siblings, under pressure from their parents, to bring a new member to the family.

María, after this fact, will discover the truth about the existence of the rooster and the secrets that her father hides. The house will become a scene of constant repression, of lies, toxicity and divine events that are difficult to explain, which will lead María to do things that she had never imagined in order to be free from this world.

Original illustrations by Justo Montoya, @tresmugrons on Instagram. Shipping to Peninsula included.

Below, we leave you with a small graph showing where the project's contributions will go.

Everything that is obtained above the goal will be used to achieve better conditions in the shooting and obtain a higher quality result. We encourage you to continue joining us as sponsors and get the best version of Avemaria together!

Avemaria on Instagram

Although it is currently a group project, the main members of Avemaria, who have accompanied the project for about two years, are Pol and Adrián, the two directors. For those of you who still don't know them, below we explain a little bit about our career:

  • Graduated in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, Pol Mansachs is an amateur director born in Calella. He currently lives in Barcelona. During the last few years he has directed different short fiction films with a view to getting into the world of cinema, while at the same time he has taken part in different documentaries, fashion films and music videos. Portfolio
  • Adrián Palomo is a director from Barcelona who has just finished his studies in Audiovisual Communication at the Pompeu Fabra University. Currently with 22 years old, he is a photography enthusiast, having already worked in several fashion editorials, as well as having also started in film direction with several short documentary films that have been lucky enough to gain a place in different festivals. Portfolio

Both directors met at university and found out they had interests and fascinations in common that ended up bringing them together and share some projects. In Avemaria, their first film, they inted to co-direct it in the same way they did in their latest short film; Desgana, currently on a festival circuit.


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  • Vivir Rodando

    Vivir Rodando

    over 3 years

    Ja ho tenim ;)

  • Francesc Nadal

    Francesc Nadal

    over 3 years

    Molta merda, can Sisó!

  • Belén


    over 3 years

    quiero mi camisetita eh poli <3 tk

  • Mònica Cambra

    Mònica Cambra

    over 3 years

    Ànims i molta sort! Sou uns cracks!

  • Franck


    almost 4 years

    Ja veureu com arribeu!

  • Laura


    almost 4 years

    Para que triunféis

  • Itziar Lorente

    Itziar Lorente

    almost 4 years


  • Quim Melchor Lleixà

    Quim Melchor Lleixà

    almost 4 years

    Molts ànims! Gran projecte ❤️

  • marinaromer0


    almost 4 years

    Misniños <3 molta sort

  • Carlota Borrell

    Carlota Borrell

    almost 4 years

    Molts ànims i força amb el projecte!

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