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Black olives Julia Pigalis new album

Its happening! I am Julia Pigali and I need your support for my new project.

julia vilardell

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Berlin, Germany
From 5.000€
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Dear friends!

The time has come for me to do an album, and I need your support!

For those who still dont know me, I am Julia Pigali and I am a musician based in Berlin and originally from Barcelona.

In the past years I have been performing and working by myself as a musician and released two EPs.

Last EP "the dance of the mole"
Last EP "the dance of the mole"

I started doing singersongwriting when I was a teenager and it has acompained me all this years until now, developing a lot of different sounds troughout the genres of a singer songwriter, rock-indie, jazz and blues.

Now I want to record an album that is going to include 12 songs that have been written by myself this last 2 or 3 years, that will be produced and released this summer.

For this, I am involving a whole new team.

I have the amazing pleasure to play and work with Bruno Lanzinger (drums), Leonardo Lanzinger (bass), Michael Tezak (elektrik guitar), Matteo Pavesi (music producer) and the sound engineers of the Big Snuff studio.

the band and music producer in the Big Snuff Studio where we will record
the band and music producer in the Big Snuff Studio where we will record

In order to work with the team, and use the studio, pay the mixing, mastering and the production of the album we need your financial help.

We would be deeply honoured if you could help us to do this album.

With love,


About the rewards

The rewards for me are a way to give you an insight and a taste to the black olives experience. Not only you will be able to listen the results of the album, but also to taste the black olives of my hometown and the olive oil as well! It's a magical taste !

All rewards will be send home or given personally all over Europe.

About us

We are Julia Pigali and the Signori.


Because I've been working by myself and collaborating with musicians in the past years, but this time the band has a really big impact on the music of the album. So that's why we call the band members the Signori.

To them:

Leonardo and Bruno Lanzinger are two Berlin based musicians originally from Trento, Italy, sharing the music project of Bob and the Apple. The fact they have been playing together so long made the process of the album flow immediately.

Bob and the Apple
Bob and the Apple

Michael Tezak is a guitarist originally from Köln, involved in different music projects in Berlin. He's brought us loads of different mellow and raw tunes that give the album a new fresh touch.

Michael Tezak
Michael Tezak

Matteo Pavesi is an italian producer who has been active in the independent music scenes of Berlin and London, creating unique-sounding music productions by having a free-form approach to performing, arranging, recording and mixing. He´s brought a lot from the beggining since he brought us together as a Band, and we all shared a common vision of the album.

Matteo Pavesi
Matteo Pavesi

To me:

I am Julia Pigali a musician based in Berlin and originally from Barcelona.

I started my music career in the streets of Berlin 5 years ago.

My 3 elements are the electric guitar, the voice and the loop station. Throughout the years the music is developing into new directions and this album will be definitely a step forward to it.

Julia Pigali
Julia Pigali

What do we need the money for

We need your help financially because producing an album involves a lot of people. It´s a lot of fun but its also a lot of work, and most of us want to make a living out of the music!

So we need the money for paying the rent of the Studio, and the sound engineers working in it.

Then there is the fee of the music producer, and the musicians of the band.

Apart from the members of the Band, we will also have involved some musicians for brass arrangements: trumpet, saxophone and trombone.

Finally, we will need some more for the mastering and the producing of the physical album itself!

Estimated calendar

We will be recording in the last 2 weeks of July!

So we will be running the crowdfunding campaign during the recording days and therefore we can share moments and pictures of how is it going.

We want you to see the whole process!

When we are done with the recordings we will be mixing the songs during august, and most likely in September we will have the mastering done and then we can give the material out to the producers of CD's and Vinyls. And then we only will have to wait until they are done!!!!

We are super excited to share this album with you!!!

+ Info

Here all the links to social media and music:

Crowdfunding video



Last EP "the dance of the mole" on Spotify




There are none published yet.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Maike No Vák

    Maike No Vák

    3 days

    Good luck! xxx

  • Firefighter


    12 days


  • elomat


    13 days

    Amor! :) que bonito verte crear <3

  • Anna


    15 days

    Viel Spaß dabei!

  • Tina Gorke

    Tina Gorke

    19 days

    Good luck with it, Julia, love your music!

  • konzi


    22 days


  • Luzie


    22 days

    Love you

3 backers
Thank you!

You will get a personal message thanking you for giving us the support you could give!

Estimated delivery September 2020
6 backers
Digital Album

You will get the digital download version of the album!

Estimated delivery October 2020
1 backer

Get a black olives poster for your wall!

Estimated delivery November 2020
12 backers
The Album!

The album in your hands! Will be send home.

Estimated delivery November 2020
4 backers
Album + Poster

The album in your hands and a black olives din a4 poster for your wall!

Estimated delivery November 2020
4 backers
The Album + Olives

Taste the original and delicious black olives from my hometown and get the album!

Estimated delivery November 2020
3 backers
Album + Poster + black olives

Get the full pack with the black olives album in your hands, the black olives poster and the black olives from my hometown!

Estimated delivery November 2020
7 left (of 10)
Olive oil + Album + poster

Get the very delicious olive oil from my home town, the album and the black olives poster!

Estimated delivery November 2020
5 backers
Solidary reward

You want to spend 100 Euros on our Project?

Yes please!!!!

Estimated delivery October 2020
2 left (of 2)
Privat concert

Privat Concert Julia Pigali!

We bring our music in your living room or location you prefer, for you and your friends!

Estimated delivery April 2021
0 backers
Financial coproducer

Hey! You wanna get involved in the project?

You can become a financial coproducer of the album, and get your name on the Album.

Estimated delivery November 2020

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