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Para adentro / Into by Belén Vilanova

This book is a laboratory of self-image: a game based on experimentation where our memory decomposes and recomposes.


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This book is not a book, it is an introspective game, a record of processes that show a way of operating on my own memory, on the changes and fragility of life. We created a “pantone formula guide”, where photographs of my own life are reinterpreted starting from experimentation with fire, air, boiling, or frozen water.

“Incinerating Adolescence”
“Incinerating Adolescence”

This work is motivated by my fascination with changes, my own image has mutated over time, has transformed, and continues to do so, just like these photographs. Matter, the physical body and the way of living and thinking the world are also subject to constant changes, some have a chemical nature, others are physical and then others at the level of thought. It is for this reason that I set out to play with some physical, chemical and alchemical experiences about my own image, to make visible in some way the transformations both in matter and memories and in some experiences of my life. This book is intended only as a gesture, an invitation for us to dare to look at ourselves, to feel, to converse with ourselves in the way we want.

“Boiling Youth”
“Boiling Youth”

The experience of systematic work in the laboratory with my own image, and with my own memories (transforming the image and its content) is an alchemical experience, of transmutation, of changing from one thing to another. The results are more powerful than I had expected them to be since the image moves me with an unexpected depth because it encourages my memory to remember, to think about what I was, what I lived, what I am.

“An Evaporated Present”
“An Evaporated Present”

The work of intervention and transformation that I have carried out on personal portraits is a work on the image itself that somehow turns them into self-portraits. The selected photographs were taken by other people, they are part of a family collection or album, a general practice in our context that accompanies the family image, building a story and an image of the group and each of its members. By appropriating the portraits and intervening them with specific meanings they become self-portraits. Now, these representations define me from my own intention and meaningful construction. During the transformation process of the photographs, new unexpected senses arose that were incorporated into the image.

"Solidifying Childhood"
"Solidifying Childhood"

The book is divided into 4 chapters, one for each stage lived: C.1 "Solidifying Childhood", C.2 "Youth in Boiling", C.3 "Incinerating Adolescence" and C.4 "An Evaporated Present ”. For each photograph belonging to a stage of my life I used and linked a physical-chemical operation that has acted as a trigger for reflections and content that the image apparently did not have since it only represented a chronological moment associated with a specific event. The physical and chemical alterations that I used in the photographs affected both the papers -support- and the images -at the level of meaning-. These transformations disturb the representation of the image as imagined or conceived. The memories and experiences of which the photos commonly speak are seen in these experiences modified as other senses, memories and associations appear.


• 1st edition of 200 copies
• Size: 20 x 20 cm
• 32 pages in full color and reverse in black and white
• 300 gr matte coated paper
• Detachable dust-jacket
• Printing: Imprenta Gráfica Campás S.A.


The rewards include a wide range of unique options from €16 to €130. From the signing and hand-delivering during the official presentation of the book ​​to the inclusion of some original works of Belén Vilanova.


Experimentalphotofestival is a non-profit cultural association that aims to create, promote, and spread experimental photography in all its forms. We produce and promote self-published books by experimental authors with little circulation and make an open annual call to produce and publish a book.

Para adentro | Into by Belén Vilanova it´s our first editorial project and is designed and conceptualized by Aída Navajas.


The total income will go to the printing costs of the book and will cover the fees of the publisher EXP.Photoprojects - concept, design, and texts by Aída Navajas - photographic and audiovisual record by Laura Ligari and La Verdadera Nona Pop.


Once the campaign is over, the book will be in production and ready to be mailed from August 10th. Shipping times depend on the country of destination. The delivery in person will be done on August 15th during in Barcelona, ​​organized exclusively for the presentation of the book and the meeting of the artist with her patrons.


Imprenta Gráfica Campás S.A.
Aída Navajas
La Verdadera Nona Pop
Laura Ligari


Experimental Photo Festival


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  • Cristina Teis

    Cristina Teis

    about 3 years

    Quina il.lusio !!!

  • VirtualRosa


    about 3 years

    Good luck Belen!

  • EXP.21


    about 3 years

    Si! Trabajamos fuerte para lograr el objetivo y que el mundo conozca lo que Belén tiene para ofrecer :)

  • Teresa Guxens

    Teresa Guxens

    about 3 years

    Espero tiri endavant !!! 🙌

  • Virginia


    about 3 years

    Me fascina tu proyecto! Mucha suerte!!! :)

  • Jordi Veciana

    Jordi Veciana

    about 3 years

    Gran proyecto !!!

  • Gak Bass

    Gak Bass

    about 3 years

    Puro amor puro fuego este proyecto!❤️❤️❤️

  • drineaim


    about 3 years

    cannot wait to get the book!! good luck with the project!!


¡Muchas gracias a todxs por hacer nuestro sueño realidad!

Mañana, sábado 15 de agosto, estaremos en Revelab Studio, en Carrer de Nàpols, 290-292, de 10h a 14h con Belén Vilanova para la entrega de las recompensas a lxs mecenas que están en Barcelona.

Para las demás recompensas con envío, la estimación de entrega será aproximadamente de 15 días laborables en España y 30 días en todo el mundo.

Un abrazo grande

A los que puedan venir, nos vemos mañana!

Many thanks to everyone for making our dream come true!

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 15, we will be at Revelab Studio, in Carrer de Nàpols, 290-292, from 10 am to 2 pm with Belén Vilanova to deliver the rewards to the patrons who are in Barcelona.

For the other rewards with shipping, the delivery estimate will be approximately 15 business days in Spain and 30 days worldwide.

All the Best!

And to those who can come, see you tomorrow!

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