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Piedra y camino, Silento's first album

Please help us realize our artistic project in which music and illustration join to create a cultivated and comprehensive work.


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Piedra y camino, our first album

It has taken some time, but...

We are finally releasing our very first album: Piedra y camino!

That’s why we have launched this crowdfunding campaign where you can participate by being our patron. With your help this can be possible.

© Paloma Ferrer Fornes
© Paloma Ferrer Fornes

Our project

Piedra y camino is a selection of 11 songs that are very special for us and that we are very excited to share with all of you. We have arranged each of them in our own style, exploring the different colours that our voices and instruments are capable of creating. It is also recorded as an acoustic session, so that when you listen you can feel as if you were in one of our live concerts.

The bringing to life of this album has been a slow and detailed process that has taken around two years.

One of the extraordinary parts of our project is its visual element. We have had the immense pleasure to be able to collaborate with the artist Paloma Ferrer Fornes throughout the entire creative process. Music and illustration has been growing simultaneously. That is why for each of our songs you will find a specially-conceived illustration.

Print with the illustration that gives name to the album © Paloma Ferrer Fornes
Print with the illustration that gives name to the album © Paloma Ferrer Fornes

The visual component

The unique graphic illustrations are conceived as a medium to showcase the technique of silk-screen printing.

From the 11 musical tracks, 11 figurative illustrations have been created, evoking the natural linear sketch style. The prints make sense both individually and as a series, and both inspire and draw inspiration from the music.

In each illustration you will notice two different coloured inks, representing two different elements related to the poetical meaning of each song. The emerald green ink is common to all of the illustrations while the other one varies between red, yellow and blue.

From these illustrations, the artist will handcraft unique prints which will consist of one limited edition of 30 samples of the complete series, and 250 copies of the single prints. Each print will be stamped on a squared format 21x21 cm, cream-coloured Fabriano Unica paper 250 gr/m².

Who we are

Ana Ferrer, guitarrist © Mark Kagan
Ana Ferrer, guitarrist © Mark Kagan

Celina Jiménez, singer © Mark Kagan
Celina Jiménez, singer © Mark Kagan

After a decade-long musical collaboration and friendship (that goes back to our days of singing together in the children’s choir), in 2016 we decided to make our duo official. This is how Silento was created, as a free space for our mutual musical creativity.

From then onward, with one foot in Berlin and the other in Valencia, we have presented our music on many different stages. From uniting our songs with a visual artist in a live-painting to performing alongside flamenco dance, we have had the great fortune of collaborating with great artists from different disciplines.

© Peter Adamik
© Peter Adamik


By helping us, you will be able to choose between different rewards:

We will send you a download link so that you can be the first to listen to our album.

Your name will appear as a part of our CD box design as well as on social networks (only if you wish to).

The classic pack: our CD wrapped in a unique design by our artist Paloma Ferrer Fornes, including a detailed booklet with all the illustrations and original lyrics of the songs.

A unique silk-screen print in two inks with one of the eleven illustrations, one for each song in the album. Each print is a unique graphic piece of art, conceived and printed by hand by our artist.

Our idea is as follows: once you receive your early-bird digital download, we will give you a couple of days to immerse yourself in our world, and select your favourite print. You will then receive the chosen one together with the rest of your rewards.

 Collection of 11 prints © Paloma Ferrer Fornes
Collection of 11 prints © Paloma Ferrer Fornes

Please take into account that the following images are only previews and the final result can vary slightly.

The illustration of the song Anfonsina y el mar on a bag made out of 100% cotton.

Preview of the tote bag and the unisex T-Shirt © Paloma Ferrer Fornes
Preview of the tote bag and the unisex T-Shirt © Paloma Ferrer Fornes

Please take into account that the following images are only previews and the final result can vary slightly.

The illustration of the song Caminando in a unisex short-sleeve T-Shirt made out of 100% cotton, available in all sizes.

1 hour lesson per Skype with one of us. Date to be determined.

Limited edition of only 30 available items exclusively for our patrons. This contains the eleven prints of the eleven songs from the album as well as one special print which identifies the collection number, contains the autograph of the artist, and shows its uniqueness. This edition is presented in a special box created to compliment it. It also includes a dedicated note specially written for you.

We record a video especially for you with our own version of any song that you like. It can be dedicated to you or to whomever you prefer (it can be a great birthday present). You can be as creative as you like with your choice ;)

We perform in your house or any venue that you choose. 75 minutes of our music in an intimate acoustic setting (20-30 people). You will be able to listen to our new album very closely and also choose any song that you would love to hear. Transport costs are not included, date to be determined.

© Chema Moragón
© Chema Moragón

How you will receive the rewards

For residents of our cities, Valencia and Berlin, we would like to present the rewards to you in person at one of our concerts or album-related events. This way we can thank you individually for your collaboration and dedicate the album to you.

To residents of Germany and Spain who are not able to attend our upcoming events we offer the option of receiving our rewards per post. There are two options: normal and certified post.

There are some rewards which will only be able to be sent by certified post because they are delicate and/or expensive. For international patrons outside these two countries, we ask you to please get in contact through our email (silentoduo@gmail.com) because international deliveries may vary.

How your contributions will help us

  • Recording, post production and manufacturing of the album.

  • Digital distribution.

  • Copyrights.

  • Graphic design of the CD and its illustrations, the acquiring of material for the handcrafted silk-screen printing as well as for the limited edition for patrons.

  • Manufacturing of T-Shirts and tote bags.

© Mark Kagan
© Mark Kagan


Since a good part of the project has already started (recording, musical post production, copyrights...) our plan is to have the album ready by autumn.

If everything goes smoothly, our schedule will be as follows:


Finishing the musical post production + finishing the design of the graphic material


Manufacturing of the CDs + manufacturing of T-Shirts and tote bags + handcrafted production of the silk-screen prints


Early-bird digital download + handover of rewards + album-release concerts

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  • Jesus Campaña

    Jesus Campaña

    about 2 years

    Espero éxito y que transmitáis vuestra música como soléis hacer!!!

  • jorgegarciabastidas@gmail.com


    about 2 years

    Los sueños se hacen realidad... vuestro arte, humildad y esfuerzo son realidad. ;-)

  • Peace & Silentove

  • Michael Kagan

    Michael Kagan

    about 2 years

    Courtesy of grandparents' friends!

  • carmina


    about 2 years


  • Eugene Kagan

    Eugene Kagan

    about 2 years

    Good Luck!

  • Itzíar Santana Jimenez

    Itzíar Santana Jimenez

    about 2 years

    Al fin ese disco tan esperado después de cada concierto! Enhorabuena por el proyecto chicas! ❤❤❤ Me chifla la camiseta!

  • mj_chis


    about 2 years

    Mucha suerte chicas !

  • segarcia


    about 2 years

    Ánimo que seguro que llegáis y tenéis esa deseada recompensa a tantas horas de trabajo.

  • Sara Peinado Russell

    Sara Peinado

    about 2 years

    ¡¡Qué ganas de escucharos, chicas!!

#05 / Este viernes se estrena nuestro videoclip /// This friday we release our new music video

Queridos mecenas, os traemos una gran noticia...

¡Este viernes estrenamos videoclip! 🔥

Será el single que da nombre a este disco con el que tanto nos habéis ayudado y que muy pronto podréis tener en vuestras manos: Piedra y camino.

La grabación ha estado a cargo de Teresa Lluch Molina y Camila Lloris y la podréis ver en nuestro canal de youtube: www.youtube.com/silentoduo


Dear patrons, we bring you great news...

Our first videoclip will be released this friday! 🌟

It will be the single that gives title to our new album that will be soon released thanks to all your help and support: Piedra y camino.

Filming by Teresa Lluch Molina and Camila Lloris. You can whatch it on our youtube channel: www.youtube.com/silentoduo

#04 / Nuestro disco ya en imprenta /// Our CD is being manufactured


Queridos mecenas,

Os traemos una buenísima noticia: nuestro CD ya está enviado a imprenta!!!

Esperamos poder entregároslo muy pronto, estimamos que en octubre. Si todo va bien el estreno oficial sería el día… 🥁🥁 2 de octubre! Por supuesto, dos semanas antes os mandaremos la descarga digital anticipada para que seáis los primeros en escucharlo.

¡Nos morimos de ilusión! Muy pronto os informaremos de más sorpresitas… 🙃



Dear patrons,

We have amazing news: our album is now being manufactured!!

We hope to be able to give it to you by October. If everything goes according to plan the official release date will be… 🥁🥁 the 2nd of October! Of course we will send you the early-bird digital download two weeks prior so that you can be the first to listen to it.

We are so excited ! There are more surprises awaiting and we will keep you updated soon! 👻


(English below) 


Qué felices estamos de poderos anunciar que ayer acabó nuestro verkami con un 136% del objetivo conseguido :)

Es para nosotras un gran regalo haber podido contar con todo vuestro cariño y apoyo; sin vuestra ayuda este proyecto no podría salir adelante. Estamos muy ilusionadas de que, a falta de unos pasos finales, pronto podáis tener nuestro CD entre las manos

Os iremos informando de las últimas novedades por esta vía.

Un abrazo, 

Ana y Celina 



We are so happy to announce that our crowdfunding campaign successfully finished yesterday achieving 136% of our goal :)

Your support has been a gift for us and without your help this project would have not become a reality. There are still a few steps left but we are so excited that you will soon be able to have our album in your hands

read more

#02 / Objetivo conseguido!!!

(English below! 🔻)


Todavía no nos lo podemos creer, hemos llegado en 2 semanas a la meta que nos habíamos propuesto en el proyecto de crowdfunding! Esto quiere decir que... podemos seguir adelante con la fabricación del disco🥰😌

Sois los mejores, muchísimas gracias a todos los que habéis participado!💗🎶

Y para los que aún no os habíais animado no os preocupéis, todavía podeís participar: tenéis más de 20 días para hacerlo. Vuestra participación nos ayudará a financiar todo lo que viene después: conciertos de presentación, más todos los gastos que ello conlleva🎤🎧Además recordad que hay recompensas que solo podréis adquirir a través del crowdfunding😏🏵🏅

Aquí puedes ver nuestro video de celebración en Facebook


We still cannot believe it: we have reached our crowdfunding goal in only 2 weeks! This means that we can continue with our plans for the CD release😍😇

read more

#01 / 50 % conseguido!!


Estamos alucinadas 😵 porque en menos de una semana hemos alcanzado el 50% de la financiación del proyecto 👏👏

Estamos a mitad de camino y no podemos sentirnos más agradecidas y apoyadas por todos vosotros 😍😇

¡¡¡GRACIAS!!! 💞💝


We can't believe it... 😱 we have crossed the 50% funded mark in less than a week!! 👏👏

We are halfway on our road and so thankful for all of your support and help 🤗😙


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