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Do not control what you must let grow. A short film about how we understand art.


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A short film that talks about the way we understand art. The story is about a boy who every morning lies on his rooftop and tries to sketch the clouds. In spite of that, he can't finish a single drawing. What he will learn throughout the film will change the perspective from which he observes these clouds and, consequently, the way he will understand art's creation process and its later appreciation.

The film will be shot in Barcelona, and in Catalan, although subtitles in other languages will be included.

About the rewards

Thanks to your help we will be able to finance our project and, in exchange, give you some rewards related to the project you can check out on the right of the page.

Despite the pandemic's setback, we will offer these rewards once the film's production is finished, which we predict will be in August 2020.

Who are we?

Oriol Serra: Producer, Screenwriter, Director and Editor.

My name is Oriol Serra, I am 18 and I am a film director and screenwriter. Throughout my professional career I would like to experiment with art to understand what surrounds us from different perspectives, having in mind at all times cultural diversity and human nature as the prism to think about the future through. My favorite films are Roma, by Alfonso Cuarón, and mother!, by Darren Aronofsky.

Pau Alemany: Casting director, Production Designer, Script and Foley.

Currently, I am in a learning process in which I want to become familiar with every aspect within the cinema field. That's why I do not know in what aspect of those I would like to focus on yet. In spite of that, I have always been attracted to the kind of fictions far away from reality. Stories like Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings and Pixar films have guided me since I was a child. Some of my main cinematographic references are legendary figures like Spielberg, Lucas, Tarantino, Kubrick and Kurosawa.

Cristina de Blas: Director of Photography

My passion towards cinema has been introduced by photography. I started taking photos around 4 years ago, and from then on the way I see the world and how I connect have completely changed. I started seeing it all as if it were a film, paying attention to every detail. That is the reason I found in cinema a space to create, feel and discover endless things. A way to connect with the world. Most of my cinematographic references are directors of the Nouvelle Vague, although there's other directors and photographers that inspire me a lot, like Éric Rohmer, Agnès Varda or Godard.

Pol Álvaro: Production Assistant

What I like the most about cinema is its way of telling a story, make you invested and be able to disconnect from what worries you. One of my main cinematographic references is Steven Spielberg: the many times I've watched Indiana Jones... I would like to, either through the direction or the edition field, surround myself of this marvelous art of telling stories.


The contributions we receive from you will be distributed in different parts of production. Here you can see a graph with the different percentages.

Planned Calendar

We have planned to start principal photography in the beginning of summer 2020, although due to nowadays sanitary conditions principal photography could be delayed until around August; in any case, we will keep you up to date with the calendar.

More Info

Here are the links to the production company website and the social networks if you want to learn more about the project!

We would also be really grateful if you shared the project with your family and friends!


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  • Evaa S.

    Evaa S.

    almost 2 years

    Segur que és preciós el curt😍👏

  • Carmevalles


    almost 2 years

    Molta sort.....

#03 / Actualització 2021

Bon dia,

Enviem aquest correu per actualitzar sobre la situació de "Vapor" davant les dificultats que les restriccions de la COVID -19 han aportat a la producció.

A causa d'aquestes restriccions, l'equip s'ha vist obligat a anar posposant el rodatge del curtmetratge fins al 2021. El rodatge, a data d'avui, està previst per efectuar-se el 6 i 7 de febrer d'aquest any, i ja estem treballant per a fer-ho possible.

Gràcies per la paciència i disculpes per la manca de comunicació durant aquests mesos tan estranys i complicats. I, com sempre, moltes gràcies per la confiança.

#02 / Actualització setmana 13-19 juliol

Bon dia!

Els càstings del curtmetratge estaven programats per realitzar-se el cap de setmana, però a causa dels rebrots de la COVID-19 a l'àrea metropolitana de Barcelona el local on ho teníem organitzat ha hagut de tancar, així que s'ajornarà.

També hem cercat les localitzacions que necessitarem pel rodatge i desenvolupat més a fons les característiques que aquestes han de tenir per complir amb el que busquem.

Com sempre, us volem agrair la confiança dipositada en el nostre equip i les ganes en què el projecte es faci realitat!

Imatge d
Imatge d'agraïments a tothom que ha ajudat a aconseguir l'objectiu del pressupost del curtmetratge, al compte de Vapor Productions (@vapor.productions).

#01 / Actualització setmana 6-12 juliol

Aquesta setmana hem realitzat la cerca de mobiliari per les localitzacions del curt i la seva atmosfera, per més endavant poder escollir el que més ens interessi i millor serveixi el text.

També hem començat el procés de càsting, que es portarà a terme el cap de setmana que ve, el 18 i 19 de juliol. A continuació veureu la imatge que hem emprat per informar a tots aquells actors i actrius que estiguin interessats, amb la data, localització i horari.

Imatge informativa del càsting de Vapor
Imatge informativa del càsting de Vapor

També hem actualitzat certs aspectes del guió i treballat la fotografia més a fons, polint certs detalls i repassant la intensió de la part visual en el curtmetratge.

Moltes gràcies a tots per confiar en nosaltres!

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