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"Canciones de Amor y Miedo/Songs of Love and Fear". The new album of Raúl Sola

A journey in search of love in times of fear, with poetry and music throught the mediterranean sea. Join me in this trip

Raúl R. Sola

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Description of the project

Canciones de Amor y Miedo is a musical work composed by 12 songs, in which I explore the idea and act of loving, as a process of recognizing and transforming the fears of oppening to the unknown. With this purpose, I used several different artistic lenguages, searching in the interstices in between songwritting, poetry, rap, spoken word, folk music and world music my own voice.

The title of album is a reference to Leonard Cohen´s "Songs of Love and Hate". Certainly, this work of has guided the musical production of my album, a taks in which I counted with the help and professional knowledge of Otger Ibars. For this reason, I considered to call this way the album,making a difference, by changing the word "hate" by "fear".

No doubt, this search of love beyond fears it´s been a journey to the origins, in which the Mediterranean sean, its cultures, poeople, musics...appeared to me as the roots of the story I wanted to tell. This way, I´ve been able to make muy personal experience part of a collective story, my inner search related to the universal questions of life, love, and suffering. And as a consequence of that, I´ve been blessed with several magic encounters with beautiful people around the Mediterranean Sea; old and new friends that spoken with their own lenguage about that what matters for us in this trip: love.

Specifically, I had the opportunity to rely on the genius and simpathy of Thanasis Kleopas and his ancestral Lira of Apolo, his guitar, his voice and his bouzuki; with Tolis Prep and the mysteries of his Yailyn Tanbur, the screams of his Lira of Pondos and sweetness of his violin; with the fantastic voice of Hamza Bouquet and his algerian melismas; the angelic voices and nostalgic verses of Giannis Simantidis; the irresistibles tunes of l'Auténtic Home Lludriga in his Rap de la terra; the meaningful phrasing (this time in frech) and punchlines of Lucas Pulcro; the magnificent voice of Marc Vilajuana and his gregorian chants; the magic and trance of percusionist Roger Martínez; the sensitive carillón and voices of Marta Casals; and the inestimable dedication of the producer and mixers of the album, Otger Ibars. I want to thank also the collaboration of those who have not been in the musical work, but in other fundamental parts of the album; and so to thank Rubén Seca and his visual eloquence; Dihue Miguens and enthusiastic and visual imagination; Emilio José and his graphies of light and silence; and José María Tomás Zafra, whom support goes much beyond his work on virtual tools and website design.

To all of them, Thanks.

It´s been six years of writing, composing, recording, producing, arranging...

Thirteen artists, at least, who invest their time and energy in this project with no economic reward.

And, yet, we need one more thing, the last step... counting on you.

The crowdfunging in times of crisis

In the current context, I believe, to participate in the production of a artistic work like this one has several important meanings.

First of all, I´d like to thank the people that has contacted me during the past years, giving me strenght to continue. As you know, my art is not answering to the needs of the music industry either the political interest of State. Therefore, it´s time to say: I need you your support, in economic terms as well. And not just me. I Guess the times are changing and now the own public has to be responsible for the culture as the big institutions do not care. We, the people, have to take the responsability of our own power and deffend what we think is important by our own means. I´m not saying we don´t have to fight for a better public sector and cultural policies and so on... But we can not wait them to change, we need to be the seed of a new alternative way of consuming and producing culture; the new handcrafted art, apart from big industries.

Probably, the current crisis will impoverish us, but I want to believe that also it will make us more rich in the indispensable, as we will value and care the things we really love.

Rewards to your support

If you decide to collaborate with this project, you will sure get some rewards in terms of music and poetry, in live or an album, either physically or in a virtual format.

The options available are:

  1. To make a litlle contribution, paying 10€ for the digital album, with the artwork, the lyrics and the songs in high quality.

  2. To pay a little bit more, 20€, to get the album at your house, in a physical format, with the songs, the libretto of the lyrics signed by me and a postcard of the album with a personal message to you. Note that this option will include the shipping costs for all around the world and a postcard.

  3. To receive two albums in a row for 35€, so you can give one of them to some other person you love. This option will include also the postcard with a small letter and the libretto of the songs, signed. Please note this option it´s only possible for Spain.

  4. Enjoying the album and the live performance, with a contribution of 25€. This way, you will get one ticket for the presentation concert in Barcelona, 8th of november of 2020. Once there, you will get the album hand delivery and signed by me.

  5. Also, you have the opportunity of enjoying the album + a virtual private live for 50€.

  6. There is as well the possibility of having the performance at your house, in a private concert (+ the album) for 100€.

  7. Lastly, if you want a public concert in your place you can get it + 3 albums, supporting me with 300€.

Planned timetable

Spring: musical recording and editing

Summer: mixing and mastering

September: printing the album

October: release and distribution

November: presentation in live

Who I am

Koan Fotografía
Koan Fotografía

For whom do not know me, my name is Raúl Sola and I´ve been releasing music album and writing for the past twelve years. My work has include rap music, poetry, spoken word, songwriting and narrative


I find myself confortable in between artistic genders, there where the new lenguages begin. I´ve studied economics, I hold a PhD in Sociology, I have studied narratives techniques and I currently study Gestalt Therapy. With this background, I want to believe that my studies of skills can work on bridging different cultures, sensibilities and interest for learning socially and personally.

With this porpuse, I created in 2014 the so called Proyecto Nagual, where I use writing and music as tools for social transformation in social risk contexts. You can now more about it here:


Thanks for being

Thanks for supporting




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  • Cucabosco


    about 2 years

    Suerte y abrazos

  • Raúl R. Sola

    Raúl R. Sola

    over 2 years

    Gracias a todos y todas por tanto cariño. Me siento muy apoyado! Os recompensaré con mucho amor y mucho arte, ganas no me faltan, que estéis bien

  • José Antonio

    José Antonio

    over 2 years

    Adelante y mucha suerte.

  • Franxut


    over 2 years

    Animo Raúl! Un abrazo.

  • Paquita y Diego

    Paquita y Diego

    over 2 years

    Adelante campeón, tus sueños se van a cumplir. Con cariño, tus yayos.

  • Fátima


    over 2 years


  • Marisa


    over 2 years

    Que discazo!

  • Raúl R. Sola

    Raúl R. Sola

    over 2 years

    Gracias compañeros! Arrancamos con fuerza e ilusión! Que no pare la música!

  • G. Parsi

    G. Parsi

    over 2 years

    Rase, lo que haces pone la piel de gallina a las serpientes. Ere un grande!

  • Luiwiis Abreu Hinojosa

    Luiwiis Abreu Hinojosa

    over 2 years


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