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SORA Magazine versus PANDEMIC

SORA Magazine, multidisciplinar portal and sustainable fashion boutique offers presales after the state of alertness.

SORA Magazine

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SORA Magazine, multidisciplinar portal and sustainable fashion boutique offers presales available after the confinement.

Since our beginnings in 2014, SORA Magazine, we have gone great lengths to offer a vision of fashion different and innovative, always striving to survive, to grow and even to be reborn. We have been lucky and we are acutely aware -thanks to the reception we had during our short life in Barcelona- that many of you identify yourselves with our project and that you wish to see more of what we have to offer: more fashion, art, music and culture.

We are fully commited with sustainability working on a daily basis towards offering the most ethical and responsible pieces.

Circular design is a must for us: our goal is to promote textile recycling by creating pieces out of discarded materials which can be easily reused in the future as well.

Our landing has had many difficulties part of the course of any beginning: 1st opening after the Christmas season due to the dilation of bureaucracy, 2nd opening at the beginning of 2020 and 3rd having to close only after being open barely a month and a half because of the global threat that is SARS COVID-19.


Just the same as other small businesses we face the unavoidable uncertainty that future brings. We haven’t hesitated, knowing that our neighbour’s health and ours is at risk, and have kept the confinement since day one in solidarity with all those who are vulnerable. We are aware that this is an exceptional situation in which we all have to get together, specially regarding that are lives at risk. Waiting for better times to come we closed business without question. We have suspended all our activity, closing our shop to the public as well as stopping our publications on our website and other platforms and social networks. It seems inappropriate to us to feed a false normality and a superficial and narcisistic way of life which certainly has contributed to the degree of the current affairs.

We stay at home #quedateencasa #stayhome
We stay at home #quedateencasa #stayhome


You can buy a presale coupons exchangeable for products in our boutique.

The vouchers range different prices depending on the amount you desire to contribute. These will have a higher value as they are made effective.

  • 5€ COUPON (exchangeable for 5,50€)

  • 10€ COUPON (exchangeable for 11,50€)

  • 20€ COUPON (exchangeable for 24€ + 1 INVITATION POST-COVID PARTY)

  • 50€ COUPON (exchangeable for 65€ + 2 INVITATIONS POST-COVID PARTY + free shipment to Spain Península)

  • 100€ COUPON (exchangeable for 140€ + 2 INVITATIONS POST-COVID PARTY + free shipment to Spain Península)

  • 200€ COUPON (exchangeable for 290€ + 2 INVITATIONS POST-COVID PARTY + free shipment to Spain Península + sterling silver skull pendant designed by Susana Couceiro)

  • 400€ COUPON (exchangeable for 600€ + 2 INVITATIONS POST-COVID PARTY + free shipment to Spain Península + sterling silver skull ring designed by Susana Couceiro)

Coupons will be effective since the first working day after the confinement, ever since we will open the door of our physical boutique in the popular neighbourhood of El Borne in Barcelona as well as our online shop, which is ready and waiting to premiere after we have access to the pieces to photograph them and pack them for shipment.

Personal codes will be provided according to the amount our sponsors have invested, ready to be swapped both in the physical and online boutiques. Coupons will be valid for 6 months since the state of alertness ends.

In addition, we will celebrate an event before the reopening to celebrate together with all our sponsors, Djs and some surprises. We will also compensate you with our most sincere gratitude.

(There will be updates with new pieces available)


All your contributions will be used to pay supplies and the shop rent. Even though the goal set for the sponsorship will not nearly be enough to cover all the expenses we are having, it will help a lot to keep us on going. It is the minimum required to maintain the shop open.


Our team comprises the designer and editor Sabela Nieto and the curator Adex Izquierdo in constant collaboration with diverse profiles such as the jewel artist Susana Couceiro; and other artists i.e. Psychoudini, SAANG, S.T.U.U.T.F., Lúa Gándara, Dan Rydmil, Kathleen Day; other clothing brands GOODBYEWEAR, Adult World Shop; Djs dji_mon, bbcream, N1GTN01SE, all of them present in our events:





Dear SORA Magazine friends:

All of you who reflect on the impact of your choices and decide to choose practices that are both attractive and sustainable.

You who take a stance in favor of a way of life conceived to defend beauty.

You who know that changing your look can also change the environment for good.

Coronavirus has cornered us. Those cities which were vital and vibrant now are ghost towns. Not only fashion capitals such as New York, London, Ámsterdam or Milan but also those places that produce their goods, buy their surplus and clean their dishes: Bangladesh, Braga, Tripolo or Izimir.

The undersigned, Sabela Nieto, has been confirmed as another positive patient infected with coronavirus. Luckily I am out of danger and following the extreme rules of isolation and hygiene that this exceptional situation demands. Health authorities estimate that the virus will be in remission next week and once this happens I will have to follow the security protocol: restart my quarantine of 14 days to avoid the infection of the rest of the population. Each day isolated makes us closer to the day we will return to our métier.

Unfortunately our activity cannot be replaced working at home. Selling online, in social networks and other initiatives taken by some of our fellows were about to be taken by our business but were radically suspended due to the state of alertness. Our business is still very small, that’s why we haven’t been able to keep up with the creative and sales pace. Being closed, without any income, having to pay all expenses as usual, we face an extreme situation.

Our current status led us to start this measure attending to the interest taken by many of you about our activity and our products. That is why we started this presales campaign which, with any luck, will help us to stay open.

Current problems manifest how unsustainable is our model of consumption. The system forces us to be productive even during a worldwide pandemic and puts ecomomic health on top of civilians health, promotes awful rivalry and productivity on top of solidarity and time to reflect.

Let’s face it, the situation we are living right now is distopian, surreal and irreversible. Now more than ever we must look at the world in a global perspective and be aware of the harsh reality of massive consumerism and its consequences. Luckily we can change this damaging and outdated trend.

With your help this will be much easier. We will work hard to get back to activites right where we left it as a boutique, concept and meeting place, inherently linked with all of you. Thank you all for your support.

Let’s escape forward. We are eager to come back to our métier, essential to society since Bronze Age. We want to enjoy with you the new world that it is surely coming up surrounded by all the beauty we are able to create.

Thanks a lot,

Stay healthy, stay strong, stay creative

Sabela Nieto

Designer & Editor-in-chief

SORA Magazine


  • Can I buy a gift coupon?

    Sure! Coupons will be exchanged to whoever you choose!

  • Are coupons exchangeable online or in store?

    Both options are correct. The online shop will be available when this crowdfunding campaign ends!

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  • Aldus


    about 4 years

    lov yas!



    about 4 years

    Ánimo !!!!

  • Cristina Font

    Cristina Font

    about 4 years

    Mucho amor y larga vida a Sora

  • Mercè Herrero

    Mercè Herrero

    about 4 years

    Animoooo!!! Lo conseguiremos! Nos vemos en la fiesta!! ;)

  • Juanjo


    about 4 years


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