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Musical project that searches the possibilities of the horn in Spanish folk music.


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Galleta del CD "Raíces"
Galleta del CD "Raíces"

It is a project led by the horn player Alejandro Huete Sánchez, with the aim to invest the possibilities offered by the horn in the world of Spanish folk music.
"Raíces" means literally "roots" but in Spanish means "origins" too. Like a tree, his roots are the origin of his life.

As a result of this work and with the collaboration of the pianist Juanjo Mudarra Gámiz and some of the most important musicians, composers and arrangers of the genre in Spain, he carried out the recording of the first album of this project.

About rewards

In exchange for your contribution in this project, we proposed some reward options:

  • Advance digital download: You will receive our album, in digital format, before stores or someone.

  • Physical CD: We will send the "Raíces" disc to your home, with the option of picking it up at where ever you want.

  • Acknowledgments on social networks: At the end of the advertising campaign, we will post on the Facebook page all the names of the patrons who have helped to make this work a reality.

  • Acknowledgments in the CD´s book: The name of the patron will be included in the disc´s book, in appreciation for his contribution to the project.

  • Sponsor the project: The sponsors who join the project will appear on the back cover of the CD with their official logo.

  • Tickets to "Raíces" concert: Two tickets to one of the project presentation concerts, on a date and place to be determined.

  • Concert in different forms: You can support it giving us the chance to play a concert in different forms, in a duo chamber music or in a show, depends on the available dates.

  • In addition, you will be able to buy the own musical arrangements that Alejandro Huete has made, being able to play the pieces with the piano audio from the same CD without the voice of the horn, so that you can play these pieces accompanied.

About us

In the recording of the first work of "Raíces", the following people have taken part:

  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez, horn.

  • Juanjo Mudarra Gámiz, piano.

  • Jesús López Civanto, cajón flamenco and castanets.

  • Arrangements of the non-original pieces for horn by Alejandro Huete.

  • Pieces of Antonio Álvarez Alonso, José Muñoz Molleda, José Susi López, Felipe Moral Serrano, Manuel de Falla, Pascual Piqueras Cabanillas, Isaac Albéniz and Dante Yenque.

  • Sound engineer: Eduardo García Expósito.

  • Label: MS Record.

  • Artistic illustrations: Isabel Osselaere (Atelier Adroine)

  • Graphic design: Airis Blanco.

What will we use your contributions for?

We will use your contributions to the local rental costs; piano´s rental, transport and tuning; CD production and layout; licenses and stamps, among others...

Schedule planned

The recording of the project will be between the months of July and August of 2020, playing the premier of this CD at the end of September, beginning of October 2020.

The rewards will be sent to end of October, beginning of November 2020, except for the digital download, which can be done to end of September 2020.

+ Info

For more information, you can follow the news of the project through the following channels:

Alejandro Huete
Alejandro Huete

Juanjo Mudarra
Juanjo Mudarra

Thank you very much for collaborating on this project!


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  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    almost 4 years

    Con el fin de campaña, quiero agradecer a estos 90 mecenas que han colaborado y apoyado este proyecto!! MUCHAS GRACIAS!! Llegando al objetivo que nos habíamos fijado, podremos realizar este sueño en realidad y pronto escuchar este magnífico CD! Un abrazo a todos!

  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    almost 4 years

    Muchas gracias por apoyarnos!! Ya solo quedan unos días y vuestra colaboración significa mucho para nosotros!! Un abrazo!



    almost 4 years

    Mucha suerte en este fantástico proyecto!!



    almost 4 years


  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    almost 4 years

    Gracias Cristina!! Esperemos que se pueda hacer realidad y que disfrutemos de él!

  • Cristina


    almost 4 years

    Con muchas ganas de ver este proyecto hecho realidad! Mucha suerte y ánimo :D :)

  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    almost 4 years

    Mil gracias Jesus! La suerte viene dada por gente como usted que nos apoya para que hagamos estos proyectos!

  • jesusrodher


    almost 4 years

    Toda la suerte del mundo, en este bonito proyecto. Un abrazo

  • Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    Alejandro Huete Sánchez

    about 4 years

    Gracias Joaquín y gracias Chari! Hemos puesto mucha ilusión y esperemos que guste a todo el mundo!! Un abrazo!

  • Rosario López Peláez

    Rosario López Peláez

    about 4 years

    Deseando escuchar ese repertorio español!

    Suerte Alejandro para ti y Juanjo.

    Un abrazo 🤗

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