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Iron Sky

World War II did not end with complete defeat for the Nazis – some of them managed to utilise their secret technologies to flee to the dark side of the Moon. Deep in the bowels of their Swastika fortress they've been preparing for their return back to Earth. The year is 2018, an the time is nigh!


Un proyecto de

Creado en

Helsinki, Finlandia
De 50.000€
Aporta al proyecto


The Finnish-German-Australian science fiction comedy Iron Sky is looking for additional funding to complete the production of the film. The amount we're looking for is 50.000€. The film has been already shot, and is coming out in 2012, but because of horrific weather conditions in Germany and Australia, we went over budget, and need to find a way to monetize the gap by the end of May, otherwise our post production process is in jeopardy.

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Digital frames,
cool movie swag, an authentic moon nazi trooper helmet and mask as seen here...

Get ready to kick some nazi arse!

Towards the end of World War II the Nazi scientists made a significant breakthrough in anti-gravity. From a secret base built in the Antarctic, the first Nazi spaceships were launched in late ‘45 to found the military base Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun) on the dark side of the Moon. This base was to build a powerful invasion fleet and return to take over the Earth once the time was right.
Now it’s 2018, and it’s the time for the first American Moon landing since the 70′s. Meanwhile the Nazi invasion, that has been over 70 years in the making, is on its way, and the world is goose-stepping towards its doom. The three main characters of the story are Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), Klaus Adler (Götz Otto), and James Washington (Christopher Kirby).

Participate in the making of Iron Sky at Wreck A Movie the communal moviemaking site. Check out the open tasks and give your shot!



  • A DVD with the Teaser and two documentaries
  • A signed Certificate of your support
  • An official Iron Sky dogtag
  • Our undying gratitude


  • Iron Sky T-Shirt
  • Iron Sky War Bond, Diploma Signed by Samuli Torssonen Himself
  • Iron Sky Teaser Poster & Iron Sky Propaganda Poster
  • Iron Sky Mauspad
  • Iron Sky Pen
  • Iron Sky Dog Tags
  • Truth Today newspaper.
  • “Gegen Raumnazis” Badge


  • Blu-Ray Version of the Movie 
  • DVD Version of the Movie 
  • Extra DVD 
  • Certificate of Your Support
  • Bookmark
  • Ticket to the Premiere of Iron Sky

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  • Daniel H.

    Daniel H.

    más de 5 años


    Estoy lanzando una campaña de apoyo a proyectos interesantes para que puedan ser grabados en máxima calidad con las nuevas RED SCARLET-X

    Ánimo con vuestro proyecto!

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A digital frame of the film with your name on it + A public thank you in the next Iron Sky Signal + You'll participate in a draw for the Support Kit of Iron Sky, which will be handed out by the end of the campaign!

3 Mecenas

A signed War Bond diploma as a thank you for your support + A digital frame of the film with your name on it + A public thank you in the next Iron Sky Signal + You'll participate in a draw for the Support Kit of Iron Sky, which will be handed out by the end of the campaign!

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Iron Sky Support Kit, including War Bond, T-Shirt and all kind of cool trinkets + A digital frame of the film + A public thank you for support in the next Iron Sky Signal + You'll enter in a draw for Iron Sky Special Edition DVD, which will be handed out in the end of the campaign!

1 Mecenas

We'll send you a cool Special Edition box set of the film, The Collector's Special Edition when it's out (box comes first, bluray after film's theatrical release), including Iron Sky War Bond + Ticket to premiere (travel at own cost, tho) + A digital frame of the film + A thank you at Signal! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! You'll also enter in a draw to win an AUTHENTIC MOON NAZI TROOPER HELMET AND GAS MASK, as seen here:

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Same as reward + Name in end credits + You'll participate in the draw for the ORIGINAL MOON NAZI HELMET & GAS MASK, as seen here:

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