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Breastfeeding around the world

The children's book (or not) that takes us on a journey to discover cultures, mothers, and babies of the world who love to breastfeed.

Bàrbara i Karen

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Hello! We are Bàrbara Castro Urío and Karen Prats, both mothers, enterpreneurs and passionate about design, illustration and books!

We also believe that many of us are families who feel questioned about any issue about raising our children. And one of the big questions is the length of the breastfeeding!

Aaah, and how long do you plan to breastfeed the girl? Isn't it too old already? She uses you as a pacifier. She is getting used to it and it won't be able to separate from you, blah, blah and blah.

That is why we are determined to be part of the change towards empowered parenthood, sisterhood amongst mothers and affection for children and so we have created Breastfeeding Around the World, the children's book (for grown ups too) about the duration of breastfeeding across the globe.

That is why we are determined to be part of the change towards a mother/fatherhood full of empowerment, sorority and affection for children and so we have created “Breastfeeding around the world”: the children's book (or not) about the duration of breastfeeding in the world.

Our mission with "Breastfeeding Around the World" is to help mothers, fathers, and children worldwide to trust in themselves and their decisions—like breastfeeding as long as they want.

The book illustrates 6 cultures and places on the planet: Samoa, Armenia, Australia, Greenland, Hawaii, and the Eskimos, where mothers breastfeed their children beyond the baby stage. For example, Eskimos do it until they are seven years old!

The book has a message of power to breastfeeding mothers and children who question: until when? And our answer: until mama and little one decide!

With your help, we will be able to fulfill our mission of creating a reference book for nursing families and make progress in bolstering mothers, fathers, and children across the globe to feel empowered in their choices.

More specifically, your investment will help a beautiful project created with passion and a lot of love come to life.

Our goal is to print a total of 1,000 units, in Catalan, Spanish and English.

Do it for yourself; for your own mom, dad, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle; for other families; to protect the infinite value of breastfeeding and especially the respect for the decisions we make about raising our children.

About rewards

We’ve put together so many cool things to make this campaign a success, special treats you can enjoy long after it’s over. Everything you’ll find here is exclusive for the people who help us make Breastfeeding Around the World a reality with Verkami.


The book is published in a very special format (26 x 34cm) and is printed with environmentally friendly paper **(gray back and 350gr) that’s certified to control the felling of trees, and **printed in Barcelona. This makes production costs higher, but it allows us to support local businesses.

The cover.
The cover.

The "Breastfeeding around the world book".
The "Breastfeeding around the world book".

The coloring book

Get the chance to paint your own versions of the beautiful illustrations by Bàrbara Castro Urío. The booklet has a format of 21 x 27.5cm with offset paper 180-200gr.

The coloring book.
The coloring book.

The breast-stickers!

Illustrated breast-shaped stickers in circular sizes between 6 - 11cm with the proud statement: “I choose, as it's my breast!” in 4 ink colors with matte varnish.

The breasts from different places and cultures in the book.
The breasts from different places and cultures in the book.

Travel postcards

A 3-pack of postcards from the different cultures and places of the world that appear in the book: Samoa, Armenia, Australia, Greenland, Hawaii and the Eskimos. The assortments per pack are randomly selected–like a fun surprise!

We'll choose 3 of them during the campaign.

Exclusive poster

We will give away a limited edition poster (200 units) signed and numbered to the first 200 patrons!

It will be a different one that we
It will be a different one that we'll choose during the campaign.


As we achieved the first objective, we'll add two new rewards to every patron!

Book in mini version

To take with you on a trip everywhere

Breastfeeding Around the World book in mini version.
Breastfeeding Around the World book in mini version.

And the beautiful stamps

For your postcards of Breastfeeding Around the World book.

So, when will you receive your gifts?

You will have your rewards in-hand during World Breastfeeding Week (August 2020) to celebrate “por todo lo alto,” aka in style!

What will we do if we exceed the goal?

If we exceed 5900 euros ACHIEVED!

We'll add two more rewards! A travel booklet and stamps with illustrations.

If we exceed 7900 euros

We will add other languages.

If we exceed 9900 euros

Bring this to life, of course! We’ll launch a Pop-Up Store Breastfeeding Around the World: Milk Bar. A space where you can enjoy the book, find a safe space to breastfeed, listen to talks by parenting and breastfeeding influencers and advocates, experience music and yoga as a family and indulge in good vibes. You will have preferential access!

If we exceed these goals

We have many more ideas brewing, but we’ll keep them as a surprise.

More about us!

Karen Prats

Karen with Mila.
Karen with Mila.

2 years ago I started the most intense and beautiful project of my life: being a mother of the beautiful Mila.

Beyond motherhood, for more than 10 years I have been undertaking and mentoring projects within the start-up ecosystem of Barcelona.

I have received awards such as '30 under 30 from Forbes magazine 2019', 20 candidates to lead the next decade of business in Spain 2018' or ' Young Entrepreneurs building and transforming economies in Congress European EBN '. I am currently the founder of the platform 'humanxs'.

Barbara Castro Urío

Bàrbara with her son.
Bàrbara with her son.

I got started in the world of aesthetics through graphic design. The conceptual and communicative vision I learned is now the backbone of my work. Each project is a new opportunity to convey content and emotions from a human and transformative perspective. Each illustration is a little voice of mine.

I’m also the **award-winning author of the book "Good Night Rainbow Cats" published by Chronicle Books which garnered the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2019 at the 56th Bologna Children's Book Fair.

How we will use your contributions for

What is the planned schedule?

May-June: crowdfunding campaign.

June-July: production and printing of the book.

First week of August (World Breastfeeding Week): Book submission and rewards.

+ Info

About Karen Prats




About Barbara



About 'La volteta al món'

Instagram "La volteta al món"




Help us! Together we can bring this beautiful message to life :)


  • When will I receive my book?

    You will receive your book during the first week of August (World Breastfeeding Week). At the end of the campaign, we will send you a form to ask you about the language you want the book, the address, etc.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • yves


    10 days

    Beautiful project. Good luck with that.

  • Gisela


    15 days

    Enhorabona pel projecte i molta sort!

  • Bàrbara i Karen

    Bàrbara i Karen

    17 days

    Moltes gràcies a tothom! Seguim! ¡Muchas gracias a todes! ¡Seguimos! Thanks everyone! Keep pushing!

  • Veronica Venturi

    Veronica Venturi

    17 days

    so close to the target! well done, ladies. Can't wait!

  • Anton


    18 days

    Podeu enviar el llibre a: Paula Durany c/Cristina Torrents 28 Urbanització Rat penat 08860 Castelldefels

  • marta muñoz

    marta muñoz

    18 days

    Gracias :)

  • legitimarareza


    19 days

    ¡Enhorabuena por el proyecto!

  • LeticiaGranada


    20 days

    Qué suerte haberme topado con vuestro proyecto por casualidad! Me encanta! Muchos besos de otra madre lactante (18 meses y seguimos)

  • Iaia Fina i Iaiu Pep

    Iaia Fina i Iaiu Pep

    20 days

    La Iaia Fina i el Iaiu Pep us desitgem molts sort!

  • Ingrid Lluis

    Ingrid Lluis

    20 days

    Cuando recibiré el libro en casa?

#04 / 100% i noves recompenses! | 100% y ¡nuevas recompensas! | 100% and new rewards!

Boooon dia meceeeeenes!

Sí, sí i síííí! Hem aconseguit el 100% de la campanya! I encara queden 23 dies per endavant! Yuhuuuu! Quina emoció!!!

Doncs bé, tal i com havíem promès, en superar els 5900 euros, hem afegit dues recompenses més per a tots i totes vosaltres! Això vol dir que les afegirem a qualsevol recompensa que ja tinguis o vulguis agafar.

Aquí les tenim!

Llibre en versió mini

Per que te l’emportis de viatge a tot arreu.

Llibre mini La volteta al món
Llibre mini La volteta al món

I els segells preciosos

Per a les teves postals de La volteta al món.

Et recordem que avui és l’últim dia del sorteig que tenim actiu a Instagram així que encara estàs a temps de participar fins a les 20 h, aquí.

Que tinguis un súper cap de setmana i seguim!

Bàrbara i Karen

¡Bueeeen día meceeeeenas!

Sí, sí y ¡síííí! ¡Hemos conseguido el 100% de la campaña! ¡Y aún quedan 23 días por delante! ¡Yuhuuuu! ¡Qué emoción!

Pues bien, tal y como habíamos prometido, al superar los 5900 euros, read more

#03 / Notícies! ¡Noticias! News, news, news!

Molt bon dilluns mecenes boniques i bonics!

Comencem la setmana a tope amb tres bones notícies:

Primera notícia

Estem a menys d’un 5% d’arribar al primer objectiu de la campanya!!!! I necessitaríem una empenteta! Ens ajudeu?

Campanya de Verkami
Campanya de Verkami

I què passa si el superem? Doncs genial!!

Tenim varis objectius a assolir:

Si superem els 5900 euros

Afegirem dues recompenses més! El llibret de viatge "Viatgem com ens surt de la teta" i segells amb les il·lustracions.

Si superem els 7900 euros

Afegirem idiomes.

Si superem els 9900 euros

Farem la Pop Up Store “La volteta al món: tetaria materna”. Un espai on podràs trobar el llibre, donar de mamar, escoltar xerrades de instagramers sobre criança i lactància, musiqueta i ioga en família... i molt bona llet. Hi tindràs accés preferent!

Si superem aquests objectius

Tenim moltes idees més, sorpresa!

Segona notícia

Volem que tinguis una experiència rodona i per això hem creat una llista a Spotifyread more

#02 / 75% aconseguit! | ¡75% conseguido! | 75% achieved!

Molt bona nit teta lover!

T’escribim per dir-te que ja hem superat el 75% de la campanya!

Estem molt i molt agraïdes pel vostre suport: SOU INCREÏBLES!

A més a més, tenim un concurs actiu a Instagram per si voleu participar-hi o compartir aquí

Que sopeu a gust, descanseu i demà comenceu una setmana genial!

Bàrbara i Karen

Muy buenas noches teta lover!

Te escribimos para decirte que ¡ya hemos superado el 75% de la campaña!

Estamos muy agradecidas por vuestro apoyo: ¡SOIS INCREÍBLES!

Además, tenemos un concurso activo en Instagram por si queréis participar o compartir aquí

Os deseamos qué cenéis a gusto, descanséis y que mañana comience una semana genial!

Bàrbara y Karen

Good evening Verkami!

We are writing to you to tell you that we already exceeded 75% of the campaign!

We are very grateful for your support: you ARE incredible!

In addition, we have an active contest on Instagram in case you want to participate or share here

read more


Molt bon dia verkami preciosa / preciós!

Primer de tot volem compartir amb tu que estem emocionadíssimes i infinitament agraïdes per la rebuda del projecte. En un sol dia hem aconseguit gairebé el 40% de l'objectiu! Així que ho posem en majúscules: MOLTES GRÀCIES!

Segon; com ja posa a la pàgina de la campanya els/les 200 primers mecenes rebran una làmina exclusiva, semblant a aquesta:

Només 200 unitats!
Només 200 unitats!

T'animem que segueixis compartint La volteta al món amb el teu entorn i així puguin fer-se amb una d'elles també!

Quan estiguem arribant a la xifra de mecenes, t'enviarem per aquí la sorpreseta de dibuix de la Bàrbara.

I per últim, ja saps fins quan dona de mamar la mare de Samoa?

Segueix-nos a l'Instagram de @lavoltetalmon!

Una súper abraçada, que tinguis un gran dia i seguim!


¡Muy buenos días verkami preciosa / precioso!

En… read more

7 backers
International shipping costs Europe.

Add international shipping charges to your reward for shipping to Europe.

Estimated delivery August 2020
10 backers
SAMOA: paint the cultures.

We have created a notebook illustrated by painting 'Breastfeeding around the world' from different cultures in pdf. Exclusive for Verkamis like you!

Estimated delivery August 2020
4 backers
International shipping costs (outside Europe).

Add international shipping charges to your reward for shipments outside Europe.

Estimated delivery August 2020
7 backers
ARMENIA: all digital.

If you are more of the digital world, you can have the book La Volteta al Món + illustrated notebook of different cultures to paint, both in pdf or ebook format.

Estimated delivery August 2020
183 left (of 200)
GREENLAND: hardcover + coloring book + stickers + travel postcards + exclusive dedication.

The book "Breastfeeding around the world" with personalized signature + illustrated notebook (both printed ecologically and in Barcelona) + pack of round stickers in the shape of a breast "I choose, as is my breast!" + 3 travel postcards of "Breastfeeding around the world".

Shipping costs to Spain included

Estimated delivery August 2020
29 backers
HAWAII: share with another family.

Sharing is caring they say! 2 units of the printed book 'Breastfeeding around the world' (hardcover) + 2 illustrated notebooks (both printed ecologically and in Barcelona) + 2 packs of round stickers in the shape of a breast "I do it the way It gets out of my breast!" + 6 travel postcards "Breastfeeding around the world".

Shipping costs to Spain included

Estimated delivery August 2020
2 backers
ESKIMOS: love between families.

If you are part of a parenting group or you have many families around take 5 books "Breastfeeding around the world" printed (26x34cm and hardcover) + 5 illustrated notebooks (both printed ecologically), 5 packs of round stickers in the shape of a breast "I choose, as it's my breast" + 15 travel postcards from "Breastfeeding around the world".

Shipping costs to Spain included

Estimated delivery August 2020
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