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Montesa, 75 years VIVA!

The history of the brand as you have never heard before. Industrial and sport achievements worldwidefull of everyone’s own experiences.


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What is “Montesa, 75 years”?

Being that it is the 75th anniversary of Montesa’s birth, we are creating a documentary about its history that reflects both its industrial and sport activity around the world..

From the Permanyer family, founder of Montesa, in agreement with the current owners of the brand, Montesa-Honda, we want to leave a legacy from which we can spread the success of the Catalan brand.


Do you want to be a part of Montesa’s history?

— We are reaching the final steps of the “Montesa, 75 years” documentary and once again we believe that the brand’s history belongs to all of its supporters.

One of the most important characteristics of Montesa was to share the passion for motorcycles with all of its workers, suppliers, fans, pilots, mechanics, executives, and families around the globe with influence reaching all ages, cultures and genders. Montesa has always had an open scope, as a brand for anyone. Starting with its first models in 1945, it already produced models specially designed for priests and women. Later on, it manufactured motorcycles for competition, city, moto cross and trial usage available to anyone.

This is the reason why we feel that this documentary belongs to everyone and why we would like to give a chance that your name becomes part of the brand’s history.

We want to offer every fan the chance to be part of the 75 year anniversary of Montesa. You can be present by having your first and last name in the documentary credits, or also with your best picture on a Montesa.

We also provide the chance to watch the exclusive showing of the documentary, which will take place in the Filmoteca de Barcelona with dates to be announced as soon as possible.

The documentary will have its première during November 2020 in Barcelona, though due to the current situation it may be delayed. There will be however, different projections so everyone interested can see it live.

We will keep you updated with the dates. Seat revervations will be made in the order in which payments were made and we will inform you by email.


What will your contributions be used for?

— Your contributions will be exclusively used for the documentary’s production. This is a non profit project.

— In order to achieve the quality of documentary that Montesa deserves, we need the ability to devote resources to gathering new material. This entails restoring old images/films, interviews of key people that are hard to reach, and increasing the hours spent in scripting, editing, post-production, etc.

Montesa, apart from being a motorcycle brand, represents a part of a certain era’s lifestyle and social movement of our society that had an effect on many people from all backgrounds. This documentary wants to perpetuate that time and those feelings. We have had lots of support for this initiative which is why we want to offer this opportunity to financially support the project to anyone who feels Montesa represents a part of their life. In this way we believe that the documentary will belong to all of us, and facilitates the best possible way to explain its story to the world in a more modern and dynamic format.


Who are we?

— This initiative originates from the core of The Permanyer family. More specifically from the third generation: namely the grandchildren of Pere Permanyer Puigjaner.

— The production team includes: Pere Permanyer Món, Jordi Permanyer Món, Santi Ruiz, Joan Cañellas Permanyer, Jordi Cañellas Permanyer, Eulàlia Cañellas Permanyer, Mariona Renau Permanyer, Marta Permanyer Jordi, Susanna Permanyer Bel i Marc Permanyer Conde.

— We have the permission of the current owners of the brand and we appreciate their complicity.

— Production of the documentary is made by INUIT Productions.


About the donation rewards

The benefits are unique and personal. The showing of the documentary is now having to adapt to the new Covid situation. If it is not ready in 2020, it will be done by next year, when safety measures allow it.

Crèdits: Full name appearance in the final credits of the documentary as collaborators. In the case that the reward includes an image of “My Montesa”, we will contact you via email for you to send us the image.

Cinema: reserved seat in one of the showings of the documentary during its time in cinemas. Reservations of seats will be made in payment arrival order and you will receive the necessary information via email.

Link: Private link to watch the film online. The link will be sent after the corresponding projections in the cinemas. It will be distributed together with a password that will last a long enough, although limited, period of time.

Official 75 Anniversary Montesa book: Exclusive, enumerated and limited edition book that includes the new models and more than 100 pages with new content from the 75th anniversary remembrance events.

Here you can view some of the new book’s pages:

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  • jenloftus


    about 3 years

    Jennifer, Paul, Eleanor, Liam and Josephine Loftus

  • salvador


    about 3 years

    Com a montesista no podia faltar aqui, felicitats per la iniciativa, VIVA MONTESA!!!

  • Clara Figueras

    Clara Figueras

    about 3 years

    Viva Montesa

  • Lluís Patllé

    Lluís Patllé

    about 3 years

    Montesa 75 anys - VIVA MONTESA!!! Montesa sempre està en permanent actualitat. A part dels èxits esportius en trial, no cal oblidar als nombrosos seguidors de la marca així com totes aquelles persones que son al darrera silenciosament, per organitzar Museus, Esdeveniments ( Impalada, Montesada, Ruta 604, Ruta dels 7 Fars, sortides cap de setmana,....) així com el patrocini i publicació de llibres especialitzats amb la marca Montesa. Moltes gràcies a la familia Permanyer, i altres propietaris, que cedeixen els seus exemplars de models històrics de Montesa per poder èsser admirats en públic. Enhorabona per la iniciativa!!!

  • Carles RS

    Carles RS

    about 3 years

    Endavant!!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • seibur


    about 3 years


  • JosepMaria Pujol Artigas

    JosepMaria Pujol Artigas

    about 3 years


  • Ramon Ros

    Ramon Ros

    about 3 years

    Las Montesas forman parte de la vida de varias generaciones de apasionados del motor. Sin lugar a dudas Montesa es más que una marca, y La Impala más que una moto .

    Es un orgullo poder participar a que, con mayor fuerza si cabe, Montesa sea parte eterna del imaginario de todo amante de las motocicletas. Viva esta iniciativa!!! Viva Montesa!!! ✌️

  • Pepemacia


    about 3 years

    Viva Montesa! ✌🏼

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