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"On tot comença" - INICIS DES DEL COR

Cèlia Vila we want to make our second work "On tot comença" come true. Songs from the heart to start over, giving value to the beginnings.

Cèlia Vila

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On tot comença - INICIS DES DEL COR

What is good begins, ends better, so we want to start as best we can: INICIS DES DEL COR (starts from the heart).

This will be the name of the crowdfunding campaign for our second EP: "On tot comença" (Where it all starts)" A new handful of songs to start over, to value the new beginnings that life has often offered us, to take advantage of new opportunities, always different. And with this positive attitude is what we want to face this new beginning.

Beginnings with you

Last 2019 saw the release of our first EP, "Teaghlach" thanks to a scholarship from the Cases de la Música. This time, however, we want to bet on a different format: crowdfunding through the Verkami platform.

So we want to give value to your collaboration, help and involvement that will be essential to make this project a reality.

Each of you will be a small piece to complete the puzzle. Each one is very small, but you are all needed to get the end result.

We know we have a lot of small pieces that support us and we're really excited to see how you come together and our second record comes out.

About the rewards

You will see that there are different rewards options you can get in return for your donation. You will have to find and choose the one that best suits your possibilities and interests. If you want to collaborate, you're sure to find a way!

Who are we

Cèlia Vila is a project that arises from the illusion of wanting and needing to tell songs through the experiences that the singer-songwriter lives at different times in her life.

What your contributions will be used for

The money you contribute to the project will cover the recording costs, the payment of the artists (which is a job that we want to value and pay properly), the design and production of merchandising (t-shirts and bags made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials) and, finally, the physical manufacture of the disks.

As an added value, we want to announce that all the human and professional team who will take part in this project will be made up of people from our country because we want to contribute to publicize and value the work of the "zero kilometer" artists near us.

Scheduled schedule

We look forward to having everything ready for mid-late September and early October. We will inform you soon!

+ Info

Where can you go following us?

  • In the social networks:

Instagram: instagram.com/celiavilamusic

Facebook: facebook.com/celiavilamusic

Twitter: twitter.com/celiavilamusic

Web: www.celiavilamusic.cat

Thank you very much for being "where it all starts" again. We hope that in the near future these new songs we have composed can be recorded and reach your ears - from the heart to the stage!

We say goodbye with the same confidence we have begun. We know that everything will work out well, and with you, we are sure that this new project that started so well will end better.


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  • Cèlia Vila

    Cèlia Vila

    over 2 years

    Moltes gràcies!!! Super agraïda!

  • Josep Maria Serra

    Josep Maria Serra

    over 2 years

    Molt ànims amb el projecte. Esparem que ens vinguis a fer una visitats al Forn Serra de Balsareny 😝

  • Núria Piniella

    Núria Piniella

    over 2 years

    T'ho mereixes!

  • Núria Piniella

    Núria Piniella

    over 2 years

    T'ho mereixes!

  • Nuria


    over 2 years

    Molta sort bonica!!!

  • Cèlia Vila

    Cèlia Vila

    over 2 years

    Moltes gràcies a tots!! Gràcies a vosaltres podrà ser possible!

  • Isaac


    over 2 years

    Endavant, Cèlia!

  • Quico Vacalebri

    Quico Vacalebri

    over 2 years

    Molta sort, Cèlia! Des del sud del País Valencià!

  • jorditerme


    over 2 years


#01 / GRÀCIES!!

Bon dia família!

Gràcies, de tot cor, per haver aportat en aquest VERKAMI i per fer possible "On tot comença". Això només n'és l'inici! Gràcies pel suport!


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