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Els peixos no dormen mai

Ajudar a morir el pare no és fàcil. Òpera prima de sis estudiants de comunicació audiovisual de la Pompeu Fabra.


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about the project

After almost four months without going home, Arlet must spend a few days with her family because is her sister’s, Clara, 25th birthday.

Nevertheless, when Clara set forth the idea of helping their sick father die, what could have been a celebratory weekend, for Arlet-and the rest of the family- turns into a fight and personal acceptance to live with the ghost of a sickness that has been chasing them for years, and that doesn’t let them breathe.

Els peixos no dormen mai

Fish never sleep is a final degree project of Pompeu Fabra University, created by six students of the Audiovisual Communication degree. The first phase of the project addresses the shooting off the first act of the film- the first 20 minutes- with the intention of being able to move the piece around to find the financial support so we can make the whole film. We want to discuss how we approach death when we are near it and how it can change roles within family dynamics.

The project will be shot in Catalan and there will be a version subtitled in Spanish.

Our main characters

The faces of our main characters for the movie are these!

Who are we?

We are Aida, Gerard, Georgina, Gerard, Anna i Ramon.

Aida García, co-director

Production manager of video clips such as No te vas, by Crema Kids or, currently, the video clip Invierno, by Mariana. This year she has done an internship at the Catalan Film Academy, carrying out tasks of production and organization of the XII Gaudí Awards. She is currently working in the communication department of the company Runroom, where she is in charge of preparing audiovisual material for social networks. She only cries with animated movies and she’s bad with song lyrics, except for Hamilton’s.

Gerard Gil, co-director

Director of the short film Greata (nausea) nominated in the Nest Film Students section of the 67th San Sebastian International Film Festival. He has been a member of the Theatre Hall of Pompeu Fabra University for four years, under the direction of Pep Anton Gómez. He has been a program assistant for RTVE’s Página Dos production. He has now started his internship at the multidisciplinary production company Gadea Films, working as assistant director in one of his productions. He’s an actor, he’s acting.

Gerard Blanch, director of photography and producer

Graduated in a Higher Degree in Audiovisual Production and Shows at EMAV, he has worked as production manager for the project Viral, a fake documentary broadcast in the program Tub d’Assaig of Betevé (2016) and selected in the Docs Barcelona, within the category DOC-U (2017 Edition). He worked as co-director of photography for the short film Greata (nausea) nominated in the Nest Film Students section of the 67th San Sebastian International Film Festival. This year he has been working in the production company Minoria Absoluta: Polonia and Sense Ficció. He has 38 fake Wallapop profiles to find the perfect boat for the movie. He is a big fan of basketball and if he had a pet it would be a hedgehog and a doberman. Pizza, only with ham and cheese, thank you. Well, if it has to be with pineapple, that’s fine.

Georgina Rodríguez, art director

She has worked as art director in short films at Pompeu Fabra University as Matryoska. She has also scripted short films like Angel (2019). Self-taught in makeup training and special effects makeup. You can see her work on Instagram: @georgismu. Since My Chemical Romance came back, she says she’s returned to her 2009 emo phase, although we all believe she’d never left it.

Anna Calderón, writer and production manager

She has produced the short film Angel and has been in charge of the script and the production of multiple projects within the university. He has also worked as a lighting technique at concerts, events and theatre for Sòón. Hardcore fan of popcorn, while the others work she effectively eats popcorn. Be careful with what you tell her because she’s hypochondriac.

Ramón Company, writer and editor

He worked as a screenwriter and editor of the short film Greata (nausea), nominated for the Nest Film Students category at the 67 San Sebastian International Film Festival 2019. He is currently working as an internship in script and editing in the program APM of TV3. His top 10 favourite series features The Leftovers 5 times and Over The Garden Wall the other 5 times.

There's other fishes helping us!

Director Assistant: Joan Martín

Sound manager: Vicenç Aznar

Gaffer: Pol Subirà

Camera: Àlex Ilici

who else is with us?

Núria Aidelman - Direction's Final Degree Project tuto. She's a programmer of l’Xcentric since 2003 and of Gandules since 2005.

Elena Serra - Writter's Final Dregree Project tutor. She's written films like Romasanta, la caza de la bestia (castelao productions, Zenit Multimedia), Prime-Time and Salaam Barcelona.

Sergi Moreno - Production tutor. Producer of Lastor Media (10.000 km, Tierra Firme, Els dies que vindran and La mort de Guillem).

Celia Rico - Director and writer of Viaje al cuarto de una madre (2018).

Carla Simón - Director of Estiu 1993 (2017) and the shortfilm Después también(2019).

Roser Aguilar - Director i writer of Lo mejor de mi (2014) and Brava (2017).

Carles Marquès-Marcet - Director of 10.000 km (2014), Tierra Firme (2017), Els dies que vindran (2019) and La mort de Guillem (2020).


By now the project is organised following the next calendar:

contributions and rewards

The money we get will be destined to fund:

(the contributions include the shipping charge of the rewards)

about the rewards

Thanks: video of the whole team thanking you for helping to make the project possible.

  • Appearance in credits: your name will appear in the final credits.

  • Pack of stickers

  • Download link to view the first thirty minutes of the film.

  • Totebag: cloth bag with an original design of Fish never sleep.

  • Analog photo with Custom Note: Analog photography of the shooting with a team’s personal note.

  • T-shirts: two T-shirts with two original designs of Els peixos no dormen mai.

  • Sweatshirt T-shirts with two original designs of Els peixos no dormen mai.

  • Official producer title: Apart from sponsors of the project you will also get the title of producer of Els peixos no dormen mai

How can you help us?

Here we have an easy 5 step manual for you to follow, if you want to make Els peixos no dormen mai a reality!

Step 1. Pick the reward that you like the most

Step 2. Make your donation and become a sponsor

Step 3. Even though you can’t do step 2, help us sharing the project with your

acquaintances, and follow our social media to see what we are making

Step 4. Get your reward

Step 5. If the project gets to the 100% of our goal, enjoy Fish never sleep with a

big bowl of popcorn (the salty ones better)


You can follow us on instagram @elspeixosnodormenmai to see how the project progresses and follow us during this journey! If you need any more info you can contact us via [email protected]

Thank you for reading us,

Fishes Team


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  • Patricia Franquesa

    Patricia Franquesa

    about 4 years

    Endavant les atxes!

  • Alba Calderón Dilmé

    Alba Calderón Dilmé

    about 4 years


  • errasset


    about 4 years

    Cap i cua fan el peix! Apa, que ja falta poc!

  • mcastan


    about 4 years


  • José Luis Paricio Villalba

    José Luis Paricio Villalba

    over 4 years

    Mis mejores deseos a todos los participantes de la película!!!

  • Mireia


    over 4 years


  • Canyís-Cabutí


    over 4 years

    Tant de bo ho aconseguiu! Molta sort a tot l'equip.

  • Irene Gonzalvo

    Irene Gonzalvo

    over 4 years

    Ànims, peixos ;)

  • María José Lucena

    María José Lucena

    over 4 years

    Molta sort!!!!

  • francesc blanch

    francesc blanch

    over 4 years

    És de l'àvia


Hola mecenes!

Malgrat la situació actual, escrivim aquest missatge per anunciar que avui hem tancat la nostra campanya de micromecenatge i us volem agrair la vostra aportació al projecte. Hem assolit el segon objectiu i no podríem estar més contents i contentes amb la rebuda que hem tingut! Gràcies!

Tot i així, atesa la situació excepcional que estem vivint per la COVID-19, ens veiem amb l’obligació de canviar les dates del projecte. Així que la situació es normalitzi -que esperem que sigui aviat- reprendrem el calendari de rodatge on l’hem deixat i anirem actualitzant sobre l’estat del projecte. De moment seguim treballant-hi des de casa amb moltes ganes per poder reprendre’l quan passi la tempesta.

Així mateix, aprofitem per anunciar que durant els propers dies ens posarem en contacte amb vosaltres per tal de gestionar les recompenses.

Dit tot això, us donem les gràcies altra vegada per fer possible aquest projecte i desitgem que estigueu bé.

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Gràcies a tots i a totes per les vostres aportacions. Els 4.000€ que hem recol·lectat al llarg d’aquests dies de campanya ens permetran assolir els fonaments del que serà el rodatge del nostre projecte.

Tot i així, això no acaba aquí. Encara queden 30 dies per tancar el Verkami, així que ampliem la campanya a un segon objectiu de 6000€ que ens permetrà invertir en millor material tècnic (càmera, il·luminació, atrezzo, ...) i també aconseguir una millor postproducció del material rodat.

De nou, moltíssimes gràcies per formar part d’Els Peixos no dormen mai!

L’equip dels peixos

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