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Project Homefree: Bob's World

A short poetic documentary following a homefree artist in the streets of Barcelona. What do you do all day? And what makes it meaningful?

Project Homefree

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This short film is an audiovisual mosaic, illustrating the thoughts, quotes, observations and doodles from Bob’s sketchbook. An artist, wandering the streets of Barcelona. Homefree.

Where do you live? How do you pay your rent? Do you like your job? Do you even have a job? What do you do?

People need houses, but what is a home?

We are all home on the same planet. In our society people are finding security by having a vast income that enables us to pay our food and rent. For independent artists it can be the opposite. You often get paid nothing, or little once the product is done.

Bob has been drawing, painting, studying and enjoying art since he was a child and is until today still learning. After 5 years of college level education studying illustration, he finally settled on a career as a fine artist. For over 35 years he has been making and exhibiting his work.

While following his passion in art and due to circumstances, Bob lost material security and eventually his house. Regardless of this vulnerable situation, he faces his days always with optimism, thanks to the most universal things in life: human kindness and the creative spirit, enough to help a person carry on.

“What do you do all day?” and “Why do not you get a real job?” are questions Bob receives constantly. By portraying Bob’s days and his vision of Barcelona we are providing answers.

But, have you asked yourself these questions? How would you answer them? What do you do all day? And what is it that makes it meaningful? What is a 'real' job?

In this short documentary we follow Bob, carrying around his notebook, full of quotes, notes, memories, thoughts and drawings, his observations on the world around him. From all these notes we've recorded we are creating a voice-over for the film; Bob telling his story, his philosophy on life.

"Is the image of the starving artist a joke or a tragedy?" Bob Grant
"Is the image of the starving artist a joke or a tragedy?" Bob Grant

We explore the concepts of art, creativity and human kindness in Barcelona, by interviewing people who are following their passion, with the risk of losing material security. Bob is experiencing his situation as an opportunity. Living moments he would never have expected, meeting people on the way he would have never known, and experiencing a new sense of freedom. We are exploring the space of the unknown, where one can be free and creative.


So far we have invested our own time and resources in this project but we need a little extra help to finish the last stage of production and post-production. Your kindness and participation will directly be used to support Bob and his art.

Our aim is to organize an exhibition that would hopefully take place in March, where we will showcase Bobs paintings, drawings, pictures, notes, and also the final version of the film (20-30mn). Furthermore, other artists involved in the film will be welcome to show their art or perform their music.

There will also be opportunities to support the project by buying art pieces such as the paintings, or copies, cards.


We have designed different possibilities for you to contribute to our project depending on what you feel like donating. Next to credits, online access or an invitation to the exhibition, we will make postcards and posters of some of Bob's artworks so you can actually support an independent artist directly and receive a piece of art.


Irene, Miguel and Bob happened to meet on Plaza George Orwell in Barcelona. We started to know each others stories and became friends. Talking about our own experiences in visual media (art, photography and film making), we decided to collaborate and start this project together.


Born: the Netherlands

Current Home: Barcelona

Background in Cultural and Visual Anthropology. Discovering stories behind faces. After being involved in several documentary projects in Amsterdam and Barcelona, this is her first independent film project.


Born: France

Current Home: Barcelona.

First time filmmaker. Passion for photography with a big focus on people and street photography.


Born: U.S.A

Current Home: Barcelona

Studied Fine Art, and has always been an artist. In New Haven and New York, where he used to live, he has exposed in galleries, exhibitions and in his own studios. He has been in Barcelona for over 15 years.

"I still enjoy life, my mind is free and I don't regret dedicating myself to art. For me the most arduous aspect of pursuing the artistic life has been preserving my own integrity, authenticity, honesty and values. We are under overwhelming pressure to conform to society's absurd and arbitrary demands."

Bob Grant portrait
Bob Grant portrait

The creative way is the unknown, for those willing to take the risk. We are not afraid of the unknown, we are afraid of the known coming to an end. - J. Krishnamurti


June 2019: Pre-production

July 2019 - Present: Production, shooting days and interviews

December 2019 - Present: Post-production

January 2020: Crowdfunding

March 2020: Exhibition and screening

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    about 4 years


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    about 4 years

    happy to help ! :)

  • Bruno


    over 4 years

    Great Idea Irene! Your amazing 🙌🏼

  • Michielreek


    over 4 years

    Heel cool Irene!! Support!

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    over 4 years

    Trots op jou!

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    over 4 years

    Fantastic project Irene. Good luck

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    Proud!!! Till jupi and back ✨

#02 / 10 days left!

THANK YOU everyone who has helped us already and for the big push from the last 24 hours! This day we achieved 93% of the goal, 10 more days to go to get to a 100 (or more)!

We are working hard on the campaign and starting the post production of the film. Hope to update some good news soon again.

Thanks for your kindness,

Bob, Miguel and Irene

#01 / First 24 hours !!

We didn't expect this already, but in 24 hours we've reached 50% of our goal!

We are very happy and touched by all the support from everyone, thank you !

A lot of love and appreciation to all your clicks on the link, your eyes on the teaser, your time to read, the shares on your social media and your kindness by supporting and caring for our project.

Every contribution whether it is seeing, talking, sharing or donating means a lot!

Gives us even more motivation for the following 39 days of this campaign :)

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