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"Cintes Lamps": environmentally friendly design lamps.

The most environmentally friendly lamps. Help us make the first production with a very special work group.


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The CINTES project aims to extend the life of materials, which through design can become useful pieces for many more years. Not generating new raw materials, if not extending the life of existing ones, thus reducing energy expenditure and transportation of materials.

More specifically, the objective of the project is to implement the design and production of new products from waste thus promoting the strategy of circularity in the market.

CINTES lamps fill any interior with a warm and diffused light.

They are made with the strips of paper that are discarded in the production of electronic plates of the automotive industry.

The assembly is done in collaboration with the Fundación Ampans

Waste becomes a unique and beautiful object.

Each piece is unique and handmade.

Lamparas sobremesa
Lamparas sobremesa

Material de las cintas
Material de las cintas

About us

In Demano we are a group of designers with a long history in the reuse of materials, which we accept the challenge of giving life to a new material that came to our hands.

The story begins with a call from Maria, from the Emas Club to introduce us to Albert of the Ampans Foundation and Miquel de Denso Barcelona.

The question was what can we do with a material that discards Denso and that Ampans picks up and throws away? It's going through your hands, but what can we do so that it doesn't go to waste?

Having the material in our workshop we saw the possibilities to create a lighting element and we talked with the wood experts of Xyloformas, to design a collection of lamps.

The main idea is that the design can be fully assembled and manipulated by the Ampans Foundation working group

This is where CINTES LAMPS was born, and we hope it can be a reality thanks to your help!


The project has been awarded as "Special Mention" in the Premi Catalunya d'Ecodisseny 2019

Montaje en Ampans
Montaje en Ampans

To what will we allocate your contributions

The objective of the campaign is:

  1. Be able to make a first production of lamps according to your tastes.

  2. With this first production we will train the Ampans working group with enough quantity to become experts.

  3. Go out to the market by adjusting the price to the minimum possible (with a saving of 35% on the final price in store)

Lampara Hexagonal
Lampara Hexagonal

Planned calendar

For the manufacture of the lamps we have planned 45 days + shipping time.

Total: approximately 50 days.

During the campaign we will begin to prepare the material (the Cintes), select it and classify it.

Once the campaign is over we will know how many lamps we will produce.

And the process will begin:

  1. We will manufacture the wood pieces in Xyloformas.

  2. Assembly in Ampans Foundation.

  3. Shipping!

If the time is shorter we will let you know so you can enjoy your lamps as soon as possible!

Lamparas de techo
Lamparas de techo

+ Info

Visit our website to see more information:

If you have any questions or want something special, contact us!

[email protected]

[email protected]

Call or send us a whatsapp at +34 637586794

For shipments abroad contact us to give you the additional shipping price.

This project was carried out thanks to the synergy between

DEMANO: www.demano.net

Fundación Ampans: www.ampans.cat

Xyloformas: www.xyloformas.com

Denso Barcelona: https://www.denso.com/es/en/

Quienes somos
Quienes somos


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  • cinteslamps


    about 3 years

    Hola Ana, muchas gracias! Gracias a vuestra aportaciones hemos llegado al objetivo y empezamos la producción!

  • Ana Menéndez Águila

    Ana Menéndez Águila

    about 3 years

    Un projecte fantàstic

#01 / Gracias a todos!

Hola a todos!

Gracias a vuestras aportaciones hemos llegado al objetivo. Mil y mil gracias!!!

Con el objetivo cumplido y todavía 26 días por delante, empezamos a gestionar la producción, para ir con tiempo y que tengáis vuestras lámparas antes de Navidad.

Os compartimos imágenes del proceso de diseño en en cual hemos estado trabajando durante todos estos meses previos al lanzamiento.

Esperamos poder doblar la meta propuesta y seguir desarrollando el sistema de montaje para que cada vez sea mas adaptado al grupo de trabajo de la Fundación Ampans.

Ayúdanos a seguir compartiendo...


Las piezas que forman las lámparas estan hechas de madera de haya contrachapada y cortadas en una maquina de control numérico CNC.
Las piezas que forman las lámparas estan hechas de madera de haya contrachapada y cortadas en una maquina de control numérico CNC.

Para llegar a los diseños finales hemos hecho muchos prototipos... aqui estan algunos en su primera etapa.
Para llegar a los diseños finales hemos hecho muchos prototipos... aqui estan algunos en su primera etapa.

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