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Being a bald woman constitutes a great taboo in our society. This documentary aims to provide visibility and acceptance for female baldness

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Being a bald woman is one of the greatest taboos from our society. This documentary will show the lives and experiences of women who have alopecia and how they fight for the visibility and acceptance of their bodies. An ode to beauty that shows that femininity goes far beyond hair in a society where we, women, are enslaved by our looks. Bald women’s freedom will be an example to us all.


Bald women will tell the lives of women with alopecia (androgenic, areata, universalis,…) and will show us their daily lives, jobs and habits. We want to write a sensitive and respectful tale about their hair loss. Only bald women’s voices will narrate, without the testimonies of friends, families or doctors. Our goal is not to write about alopecia but about the distinctive way in which it affects women.


The unspoken does not exist. And that is why we need you. This documentary will only be a reality with your support. It is c*rucial that you donate and share* our stories:

Very few people know about women also being affected by alopecia. There is very scarce information about this condition… despite the fact that it can affect each and every one of us. The information is so scarce that we have no knowledge of any project focusing on bald women like ours do. This situation only pushes us further and shows how indispensable “Bald Women” is.


  1. Visibility and acceptance for female baldness

  2. Condemn social stigma and exclusion thrown upon bald women

  3. Support and inform about female baldness

  4. Claim the right to a stereotype-free image for women

  5. Show the dishonesty from some doctors and how they misinformin their practice.

  6. Fight for equality between women and men.


  • To be on the film credit: your name will appear on the final credits.

  • Online access: as soon as we have ended the film festival circuit, you will have the possibility to enjoy the documentary online.

  • 100% cotton Cloth bag: design by Blanca Lionne with the slogan “Nosotras brillamos” ( We shine).

  • T-shirt with cool motto: design by Blanca Lionne with the catchphrase/slogan "No tengo ni un pelo de tonta" (I don't have any single hair of folishness).

  • Illustration: design by Blanca Lionne with the catchphrase/slogan “Nosotras brillamos” (We shine) in A4 format.

  • Documentary stickers

  • Documentary movie poster: signed by the film director in A3 format.

  • Entrance for the private premiere(Madrid & Barcelona): it will be between september and november of 2020. The entrance only includes a premiere in one city.

  • Masturbantes brand turbans: Turbans made in Spain, 100% cotton.

  • 50% off on Micropigmentation in Madrid: you will have to choose between eyebrows or eyeliner. Micropigmentation technic. Laura Navío Micropigmentación.

  • Eyebrows micropigmentation in Madrid: Technique to dermopigment hair on the eyebrows creating a realistic result from hair to hair. Laura Navío Micropigmentación

  • Hat of GO CLOTHED:
    ..."A veces las cosas más sencillas son las más bellas. En honor a todas las mujeres con alopecia, queremos diseñar un sombrero de paja 100% panamá para protegersus hermosas cabezas en verano.

Creemos que el diseño debe transmitir de manera sencilla y potente el mensaje del documental, y para ello queremos apostar por un sombrero sencillo porque quien lo lleva puesto no tiene nada que ocultar, pero al mismo tiempo un sombrero que impacte por su belleza equilibrada."...

The hat will be created inspired by the project and will be exclusive to the person who chooses this reward.

  • Private screening and colloquium: our idea is to give information about the pattern of hair loss in women and because of that this pack is thought for associations, cultural and educational entities, etc…. Travel expenses not included.

  • Business pack: the logo of your business will appear on initial and final credits under the name of "In association..." ; your business will also appear on any documentary material and in the press kit.


We are a group of women emerging in the world of media and audiovisuals working as hard as we can to accomplish our goal: shoot this documentary!



Journalist and communicator.

“Unless you know someone with female baldness, you are unaware of its existence. So I kept thinking this was a story that had to be told. And when I met A pelo! (an organization fighting for people with alopecia) that will grew even stronger. I have rediscovered Alopecia in the last months while I interviewed women dealing with it. But it has been just as rewarding to raise awareness about alopecia. Very few people know women can also be bald, and the nuances that baldness has when you are a woman. That’s what I want to portray. My goal is to break the taboo of female baldness and help women (with or without hair) to be free.”

Méltica Producciones

Formed by Ángela Corredor and Sandra Costa, two filmmakers and producers.

“We consider cinema and media as a reflection of society. We try to show unknown stories of real people. That is why our commitment with “Bald Women” goes far beyond personal. This is an issue that demands our outmost attention. These women deserve visibility, the death of ols stereoptypes, and reach freedom”


  • Pre-production: november 2019 - march 2020

  • Shooting dates: april 2020 - may 2020

  • Post-production: june 2020

  • Private premiere: september 2020 - november 2020

  • Rewards: september 2020 - january 2021

  • Online access: 2022, once we have finished the film festival circuit.


Photographies by: Albert Planàs Pinén y Barcelona

J imatges (Jordi M)


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  • Miriam


    almost 4 years

    Mucha suerte, que os la merecéis.

  • Blanca


    almost 4 years

    Genial trabajo chicas, espero que todo salga genial :)

  • Maricarmen


    almost 4 years

    Gracias por vuestra la ir. El próximo día y.e tal sobre los niños. A por ello.

  • Elena Corredor

    Elena Corredor

    almost 4 years

    Muchísima suerte con el proyecto chicas, no dudamos de que va a ser un exitazo!

  • Juan Ramón Nogueras Ocaña

    Juan Ramón Nogueras Ocaña

    almost 4 years

    Enhorabuena por el proyecto. Espero que culmine felizmente con vuestro trabajo y la ayuda de todos.

  • Alejandra


    almost 4 years

    Enhorabuena por la iniciativa

  • Aurora Morata

    Aurora Morata

    almost 4 years

    Moltes felicitats a totes!!!!



    almost 4 years

    Las mujeres de mi familia fueron calvas

  • MARA


    almost 4 years

    31 años esperando que alguien hiciera realidad un tabu

  • Catalina


    almost 4 years

    ¡Mucha suerte con el proyecto, nos favorece a todas!

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