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Laos, the heart of the spirit

My personal journey through a culture based on a very old rhythm of life, still uncontaminated by progress and modernity.

Johnny Branchizio

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This project aims to share with people my extraordinary personal experience lived in Laos and at the same time give the chance to approach a different type of thinking and way of life that as I observe has been lost over time in the Western culture.

I would like to share this documentary with people who are open and caring about this project, and, in particular, thank them all for their initial contributions and exchange the pleasure of mutual knowledge of this area which is somewhat unknown in the world.

The contributions shall cover the trip to Laos, including all the technical support needed for filming, internal travelling and hiring of personnel required for the implementation of the entire project, hiring of interpreters, small donations to some communities as a sign of appreciation and gratitude for their collaboration, interviews, purchase of technical equipment needed for shooting and post-production, editing, sound etc.

The documentary lasts for about 1 hour.

It is a personal journey across the country that I have experienced first hand, travelling through the country and through 5 important realities.

A music school where I collaborate giving guitar lessons, religion, secret warfare, traditional music and minority ethnicities.

By finding local representatives from all those different areas who shared their experience and interviewing them, I am trying to express “something” that is beyond the most aesthetic culture and get into a very explicit profundity of Laos which is its soul, its spirit based on a very old rhythm of life – a pure human Expression which is still not contaminated by progress and modern life.

That is where we describe through cinematographic creativity, poetry that belongs to mentality of Laos and its villages.

About us:

Direction, script, original music,


Photography,editor,camera: IGOR NETZER

Sound editing and mixing: JOHNNY BRANCHIZIO


How we may use your contributions:

1 Trips to Laos for two persons

2 Internal travelling in Laos

3 Guest house and food

4 Hiring interpreters

4 Small donations to a community as a sign of gratitude for their collaboration and interviews

5 Purchase of any technical equipment that we need to make the filming

6 Postproduction, cut and editing, sound, etc

Planned schedule:

The filming will take place in the 1st quarter of 2020 and the documentary will be released before the summer.

The Clients who want to receive their rewards and also watch the documentary before the premiere, will be able to receive them from July.

The premiere will be in October in a one of the cinemas in Barcelona.

+ Info

web: johnnybranchizio.com

facebook: johnny.branchizio


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  • Blanca Gibert

    Blanca Gibert

    about 3 years

    Mucha suerte, Jonnhy. Tengo muchas ganas de verlo

  • Johnny Branchizio

    Johnny Branchizio

    about 3 years

    Gracias Mery!!!

  • MeriSwing


    about 3 years

    ¡Felicidades por el proyecto!

  • Johnny Branchizio

    Johnny Branchizio

    about 3 years

    Gracias Roger!!! :))))))

  • rogerw@supernova.es


    about 3 years

    Mucho suerte Johnny !!

  • Johnny Branchizio

    Johnny Branchizio

    over 3 years

    Hola Mireia, no sabes cuanto agradezco tu enteres,

    Estaba hablando justo hoy con una persona de lo que esta siendo, la experiencia del Crowdfunding para mi, un experimento social inesperado.

    Es muy importante en este proceso, tener soporte de personas que se comprometan en postear la información. Tenia una lista larga de gente, amigos y conocidos cercanos y contaba con su apoyo y después otra lista interminable de “amigos” desconocidos de Facebook y personas que he encontrado algún vez, como tu, pero que no están en mi vida, digamos.

    Lo interesante es que esta resultando mucho mas exitoso el apoyo del segundo grupo al cual tu haces parte, sorprendentemente el disparate de números y porcentajes es muy elevado por los dos bandos

    La reflexión siguiente me lleva a pensar en una cuestión sistémica, un único pensamiento común de un sistema que esta distraído por otras cosas y no presta atención a la del compañero al lado.

    Una vez mas , agradezco tu presencia, gracias!

    Nos vemos pronto, espero!


  • Mireia Muñoz

    Mireia Muñoz

    over 3 years

    Soy Mireia, emos coincidido en la Antigua Cava de Sitges un par de veces, gracias a Xavi Plaza que me ha hecho llegar tu proyecto y como no gracias a tí, con esta pequeña presentación ya me has hecho viajar durante un minuto, o sea que ya me imagino viajando durante momentos de tranquilidad después de ver tu documental. Ahora no vivo en Sitges, vivo en Sant Sebastian, pero espero poder venir a ver en octubre tu preestreno. Os deseo que esta aventura supere con más felicidad de la que esperabais y que así la plasmeis en el reportage para nosotros. Un fuerte abrazo y millones de momentos felices... 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️

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