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AKARA: one T-shirt for you, one medical consultation for them.

The objective of AKARA is to finance an expedition of a group of doctors for 15 days to Equatorial Guinea, Africa

Wilfredo Asumu

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AKARA: one T-shirt for you, one medical consultation for them.

Hi, I'm Wilfredo Asumu and I created Akara, which is a Social sportswear brand.

Akara was born through my history and life experience in my african country of origin, Equatorial Guinea, due to the lack of basic medical assistance. When I was 11 during a football match I had a serious knee injury that left me with consequences as I had to spend 7 months without basic medical assistance.

🌍 I believe children are children anywhere in the World 🌍
🌍 I believe children are children anywhere in the World 🌍

My passion for sports and fashion led me to start this project in order to help other children not to go through the same situation that I had.

I partner with the Martínez Hermanos Foundation to bring a team of doctors to Equatorial Guinea for 15 days to treat children with health problems. The project is called África Plástica.



Choose between 2 exclusive t-shirt models, one with an Africa-inspired design and screen printed with the A logo (from Plastic Africa) and the other with the AKARA logo, which is a word from my Fang language which means Caring. Available in sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL y XXL).

Donors will receive, in addition to the shirt, a customized silicone bracelet. See designs below.

AKARA is a word from my Fang language that means ** Caring **
AKARA is a word from my Fang language that means ** Caring **


1- Choose your pack according to the amount of your contribution and the number of rewards you want to choose.

2- Choose a shipping pack according to your area of residence (Spain, Europe or a Latin American country).

3- Once you have chosen your pack and the contribution, we will write you at the end of the campaign to know the details of the reward you have chosen (model, size, color, etc).

4- Finally we will send you a package with the products you have chosen.


  • 35% - Reward items production costs.

  • 22% - 15 days medical mission for the Africa Plastic project.

  • 20% - Shipping Costs.

  • 15% - Administration expenses.

  • 8% - Verkami commission costs.


The rewards will be ready for delivery from January 15 to 24, 2020. It will also depend on your speed in answering the email forms. It's very important.

Shipments to the peninsula and the Balearic Islands will be made through courier to ensure that the rewards arrive as soon as possible.

Shipments to the Canary Islands and Internationals will go by registered mail to avoid extra expenses.

Los envíos a Canarias e Internacionales irán por correo certificado para evitar gastos extras.


You are the social impact 🌍. By wearing your shirt and sharing the story of AKARA, you will become an ambassador of the cause, helping to raise awareness and funds to end these situations.

So be it for yourself or as a gift, don't miss your shirt 👉 and join us to improve the lives of children!


Wilfredo Asumu. I was born in Africa, in Equatorial Guinea. In my childhood I lived with my grandmother and when I was 11 years old the permission to play football with my friends, but as is typical of grandmothers, he didn't give it to me, so I ran away to play. Shortly before the end of the game I broke my knee, the internal ligaments. I was in shock, I was a child and I didn't know how to act. I had no medical assistance for 7 months and I was treated in traditional cloth-based treatments and hot water, I could not recover well and I was lame, an injury that in the First World only required an operation and a few weeks treatment marked me for Lifetime for lack of assistance.

In 2011, when I was 17, I came to Spain with the help of my single mother, in order to study and to hopefully improve my medical condition through the access to a better healthcare.

While studying I worked for CORTEFIEL in the SPRINGFIELD clothing store as a sales assistant, an experience that made me see how a clothing brand works from the inside.

I started Telecommunications Engineering at UNED after finishing the FPGS Vocational Training. Due to the incompatibility with my new job I had to give up and return the scholarship support. Then I signed up for an online Master in Business Administration and Management at ThepowerMBA, which at this time was the most successful option with my goals of being able to create and run a company that helps other children with health problems in Equatorial Guinea.

I always liked playing football, and since the chances of resolving my medical issues through a surgery were very low (10%), the doctors recommended that I start going to the gym to strengthen the muscles to dissipate the constant pain.

I introduce myself here with this project because I know it helps other children not to go through the same thing.

Much of my family lives in Equatorial Guinea, where I haven't been 8 years ago.

Throughout this process I have felt very supported by all the people who have attended to the meetings with me and from the networks, people who have pushed me to run this project. I am here thanks to all of them!

I need everyone as my patron,

To make this project a reality I collaborate with the Martínez brothers Foundation.


Riccardo Valle I join the project to provide my long experience in e-commerce operations developed as Logistic Director at Amazon, Google and Hawkers. I am delighted to be part of an initiative with social purposes such as AKARA and complement this activity with interests in the field of ecological distribution.

Montserrat Muñoz I joined AKARA as a team collaborator to contribute with my long experience in Fashion developed as head of production, outsourcing and special projects at LOEWE for 14 years and complements it with the International Development Cooperation.

Rosa Martin Director of the Martínez Hermanos Foundation. “Out of all the areas in which we operate, I would like to highlight the childhood, the hope and the future of a country that appreciates the meaning and value of the family. The concern for the smallest is the fundamental axis on which the projects of our Foundation pivot. The future of humanity springs from the children".

Benjamín Zarandona is a former soccer player from Valladolid, Betis and Cádiz, who also played matches with the absolute selection of Equatorial Guinea. He is currently ambassador of the Martínez Hermanos Foundation.


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  • Miguel


    over 4 years


  • Fabrizio


    over 4 years

    Gracias por ayudar a nosotros y por ende a los pacientes de Guinea Ecuatorial, siempre pienso que "Cuando todos seamos UNO el mundo irá mejor". Un abrazo enorme para todos los colaboradores del proyecto.

  • Rumen


    over 4 years

    Que grande Wil!!!!, Ya falta poco!, Tu sueño se va a hacer realidad!!!, ya sabes que el cielo es el límite!!!!!

  • Yusef


    over 4 years

    Vamos titán!!

  • akeba73


    over 4 years

    Un Pack de 12 👍🏼 No tiene precio lo de este equipo en Guinea!!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Selma


    over 4 years

    Un Pack de 3 por aquí!! La inspiración existe pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando!! Sigue asii ;)

  • Antonio


    over 4 years

    Lo conseguirás nada resulta fácil!! ánimo!!

  • JavierSobrino


    over 4 years

    Un pack de dos por aquí! :D

    A ver si llega prontito a los 5.000 !! =D

  • Helena


    over 4 years

    Sigue asi, tu actitud te llevará a serlo muy grande!! es un proyecto estupendo. :)

  • Bea


    over 4 years

    Estás haciendo algo que podrá cambiar la vida de otras personas!! Tienes todo mi apoyo

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