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Our Rights from East to West

A bilingual, in the UNCRC inspired book, about two kids who set out on an adventurous journey in order to get their rights back. Come along!

Borja Antolin

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Mali and Jan, a girl and a boy, wake up and they don’t remember their names or where they come from. That previous night Silence, a black silhouette man, stole their rights.

In order to get them back, they will have to go over mountains, rivers and jungles. But they won’t be alone in this adventure. Janusz, a caterpillar with glasses, which carries a compass, will guide them along their journey.

Throughout the pages, they will bump into a mountain, a snowflake, a boy worker, a circus performer with functional diversity and other characters who will help them remember their rights. This is their story.

every book is bilingual. There are two versions: one in German - Spanish and another in English - French
every book is bilingual. There are two versions: one in German - Spanish and another in English - French


It´s Borja Antolín Tomás and Jana Pausch. This year commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (Approved the 20th of November 1989) and we believe these rights should be celebrated and remembered. Therefore, we have written a story for curious book lovers, children, teens and adults alike, recalling 11 of 41 articles on the rights of the child. The story includes funny moments, suspense and an unexpected ending.

Jana is from Nürnberg in Germany and Borja is from Zaragoza in Spain, that’s why the book is written in German on one side and in Spanish on the other.

What’s more, we have been working lately in Canada, Germany and Spain, so we have friends in lots of countries. This means you can also find the book in a bilingual version French-English.

We really enjoy nature, hiking in the mountains, cycling, discovering new cultures, playing and travelling with our three children. Therefore, it is a road trip story.

Borja has already written the story and Jana’s illustrations are detailed and colourful drawings. Sometimes the drawings are combined with photographs taken by Borja and Dörte Drangmeister.

Illustrating, formatting, translating and printing all take a lot of hard work. So, we need your help to meet the realization costs and to carry out the project.

Here you have a preview of the book: the first double page and the third double page so you can check out the style of story:

pages 7 and 8. Here the story starts.
pages 7 and 8. Here the story starts.

pages 10 and 11
pages 10 and 11


Borja is the dreamer and has talked Jana and some friends into carrying out this project. He is a geologist researcher, secondary school teacher and science audiovisual communicator. He loves hiking in the mountains, juggling, travelling by bicycle and play and nature areas.

Jana is cabinet maker and architect. She likes painting and trekking in nature since she was little. She has built furniture, wooden toys and harps and after her architectural studies she worked measuring and inspecting historical timbered buildings. Nowadays she tries to dedicate some time to cabinet making, whenever it´s possible. Further information about her work in: www.treeo.work

Inma Grau does the graphic design of the story and makes sure the text, photographs and illustrations come together. More information about her work in her website estudio LUS3: http://lus3.es

The three of us are committed to attain a sustainable world that pays more attention to children’s rights. Your support is key in this team!


If you decide to join us in this project, you´ll get as a reward for example a copy of the book. Furthermore you can choose also other rewards like kids t-shirts, drawstring bags or solidary shippings.

Kids t-shirts in 4 colours. Silkscreen printed graphic "Respect OUR Rights" in petrol and yellow. Don´t forget to choose your size and colour!
Kids t-shirts in 4 colours. Silkscreen printed graphic "Respect OUR Rights" in petrol and yellow. Don´t forget to choose your size and colour!

A small assistance to choose your colour and size of the kids t-shirt. Don´t forget to do it!
A small assistance to choose your colour and size of the kids t-shirt. Don´t forget to do it!

The drawstring bag is measuring about  32 x 42 cm. It has a natural colour and a silkscreen printed graphic "Respect OUR Rights" in darkblue and orange.
The drawstring bag is measuring about 32 x 42 cm. It has a natural colour and a silkscreen printed graphic "Respect OUR Rights" in darkblue and orange.


We are very excited to bring you a beautiful and unique book.

You can get your copy of Our Rights from East to West for 18€. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Christmas or the end of the year.

SHIPPING EXPENSES in Spain are included; except Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla!

Shipping to the rest of Europe see reward "Shipping in the EU.

For shipping to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Switzerland and overseas, see reward "International Shipping".


  • The book comes in two languages: German/Spanish or English/French. You have to tell us the version of your choice.

  • Don´t forget to state your t-shirt sizes and colours, choosing rewards including kids t-shirts.

  • All prices are inclusive of value added tax

  • Shipping expenses in Spain are included (see above).

  • For other shipping expenses, add the equivalent Pack "Shipping in the EU" or "International Shipping" to your other rewards.

  • Your contribution will not be charged until the campaign finishes at the beginning of October, and ONLY if it is successful.



Girls and boys aged 6-13 are the main audience although younger kids can also enjoy it. We think it’s best to read it together so you can discuss the topic, its significance and relevance nowadays.

The illustrations together with the photographs include small details to discover something new every time you read it. Just as we enjoy reading and watching illustrated books, we hope you adults also enjoy Our Rights From East to West.

Besides, it’s a wonderful story for nature enthusiasts and travel lovers.

This didactic story:

  • will help us **remember and celebrate children’s rights;

  • will encourage human rights. The names of the characters the children meet in the story correspond to some real people who have collaborated or collaborate with both children’s and human rights. For instance, the caterpillar’s name is Janusz, pedagogue pioneer in the fight for the rights of boys and girls; Pia, the potter’s name, comes from Pia Klemp, the captain of the Sea-Watch ship that rescued migrants in the Mediterranean; Wangari the mountain takes her name from Wangari Maathai, first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. You will find this information in the book and in the project’s social networks.

  • will call for action. When the story finishes both languages come together in a central double page. Here the main characters of the story hold up a banner so the readers can draw the right they believe is the most important. Once it is written or drawn, they can copy and glue it in the streets, parks, anywhere. They can also take a photo of it and then share it with all the girls and boys in the world through a hashtag we will create. Here you have the central page:

    Here the both languages meet. "Call for action."
    Here the both languages meet. "Call for action."

  • will showcase nature. thanks to the characters of the mountain, the fish or the snowflake, which appear in the book. The story aims at encouraging the younger ones to see environment protection, children’s and human rights, equal development and peace as interdependent parts of our world.

  • will make us reflect and will inspire critical thinking towards current situations related to the articles in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • may be read in the library, school, secondary school, ...


You will have the chance to participate in the shipping of several 3-book sets to school libraries with low or no budget at all. At the moment, we have chosen the Primary School of Tatemoë (Kyabe, Tchad) as one of the recipient schools. Depending on the number of rewards selected for this category, the shipping will be extended to schools in other countries.

The book is created and printed in Zaragoza and Spain in order to get zero CO2 emissions related to the book transportation throughout the publication process.

Both the t-shirts and the bags are made of organic farming cotton and following fair trade.



The original Spanish text of the first edition is already translated to the three languages: English, French and German. Illustrations and formatting will be finished along October and November. At December, the book will go to print so the first shippings can be done at January and you can get them along February.

There will be a book presentation in Zaragoza and you are all invited. If you wish, you can pick up your rewards there. We will let you know the time and place in an email.

From that moment, we will also send the copies and rewards to the rest of the patrons.


Let’s be honest. This is our first book but it is not our first educational interdisciplinary project.

Together we created a permanent exhibition about mountains in a Canadien university. And Borja wrote a short playwright for a German infant library, inspired by the Earth Charter.

Up until now, work has been challenging and a risk from the get go but we needed to do it, we were unemployed though full of ideas and hope.

Luckily, we are surrounded by good friends; some of them are artists, educators, human rights activists or translators. All of them have helped us review the texts, translate them or deal with publishing matters.

(Risks) If we are not funded, we will put the book in a drawer, maybe a publisher will pop up somewhere, we don’t know. Your support will allow us to publish the book the best way we know, that is, with an original and detailed edition. That’s why we also need Inma Grau’s help, so she puts the finishing touches on image editing, typography and formatting.

(Challenges) The book ventures to deal with a serious topic such as the articles of children’s rights combining drawing and photography with an adventure story. It is published in four languages because we would like to share this story and its values with young and old alike.


Original Title in Spanish: Nuestros Derechos de Este a Oeste

Title in German: Von Ost nach West, ein Kinderrecht

Title in French: Nos Droits d´Est en Ouest

Author: Borja Antolín Tomás

Illustrator: Jana Pausch

Graphic Design: Inma Grau

Photographs: Borja Antolín Tomás, Dörte Drangmeister

Spanish Revision: Cuca Tomás, Juan Antolín, Ruth Estepa and Ana Villellas

German Translation: Jana Paush, Thomas Michl and María Asuar

French Translation: Régine Illion

English Translation: Aranzazu García Tomás

First Edition: November 2019

Format: hard cover; 26 x 20 cm; 68 pages (half per language);

Languages edited: Spanish/German, French/English


Comments and questions regarding the project are always welcome. We would love to hear from you.

You can also follow us here:

Facebook: Our Rights from East to West

Instagram: childrensrightsbook




  • As a patron what can I do for the success of the project?

    In reality you are playing a fundamental role. The projects of Verkami are especially announced by word of mouth, either in daily live or through (social) networks. If you consider a project interesting, like ours ;-), como el nuestro ;-), do everything to spread it and you´ll increase its chances of success. Come along!

  • As a parton do I get a bill for my order?

    Yes. If the project reached its funding goal, we´ll give you a form to enter your invoicing and delivery information. And at the moment we´ll send you your reward(s), you´ll receive as well your bill or before by eMail.

  • How can I choose the version of my book, size and color of the kids shirt?

    Don´t worry! First of all we have to achieve our minimum objective. If we got it, we´ll send you an eMail asking you which version of the book, which size and colour you wish. If you bought in cash we´ll phone you and ask you, to get sure you´ll get, what you want.

Do you have any other queries or questions?


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  • Franziska


    almost 4 years

    Yes! You did it! Congrats. Can't wait to dive in the pages of your precious book ...

  • Borja Antolin

    Borja Antolin

    almost 4 years

    Junt@s hemos llegado! Gracias a tod@s! * Zusammen sind wir durch´s Ziel! Danke an alle! * Together we reached the goal! Thanks to all! * Ensemble nous sommes arrivées! Merci a tous et toutes!

  • Borja Antolin

    Borja Antolin

    almost 4 years

    Gracias a Inma y Alfonso por su último empujón!

  • Raquel Sánchez Ortiz

    Raquel Sánchez Ortiz

    almost 4 years

    Ánimo, estáis a punto de conseguirlo. Estoy deseando tener vuestro libro. Me parece precioso.

  • Aportaciones Analógicas

    Aportaciones Analógicas

    almost 4 years

    What a great crowd. Thanks to all!

  • Aportaciones Analógicas

    Aportaciones Analógicas

    almost 4 years

    Gracias Noemibon y Leireki por vuestra aportación.

  • Maria Jose Antolin

    Maria Jose Antolin

    almost 4 years

    !!!Venga que ya falta poco¡¡¡

  • Aportaciones Analógicas

    Aportaciones Analógicas

    almost 4 years

    Vielen Dank Antje für deine Unterstützung.

  • mkunz7


    almost 4 years

    What a great project!!!! All the best from us!

  • Aportaciones Analógicas

    Aportaciones Analógicas

    almost 4 years

    Danke Susanne, für deine Unterstützung!

#13 / Pack Solidario en Burkina Faso

4 libros/Bücher/books/livres en Burkina Faso
4 libros/Bücher/books/livres en Burkina Faso

Muchas gracias querid@s mecenas del Pack Solidario

Hoy ha llegado uno de los cinco Packs Solidarios a Burkina Faso y l@s niñ@s del orfanato de AMPO International e.V. nos han mandado una carta para decir las Gracias para los cuatro libros. En Septiembre de 2020 ya entregamos unos a Gusantina Asociación Socioeducativo y doce más están en camino a Hermanamiento Zaragoza con León en Nicaragua, Bubisher Bibliotecas para los campamentos de Refugiados Saharauis y MJC Berlioz en Pau.

Para tod@s un feliz, creativo y solidario 2021

Herzlichen Dank liebe MäzenInnen des Pack Solidario

Heute ist eines der fünf Packs Solidarios in Burkina Faso angekommen und die Kinder bzw. Jugendlichen der Waisenhäuser von AMPO International e.V. haben uns einen Dankesbrief für die vier geschickten Bücher geschickt. Im September 2020 haben wir GUSANTINA, ein Verein für soziale Bildung Kinder und Jugendlicherread more


Hallo zusammen

Hier könnt ihr unser GRATIS HÖRBUCH auf Deutsch und Spanisch herunterladen: DROPBOX oder hier: VIMEO. Danke an KERSTINOTTO für das Vorlesen auf Deutsch und an EL MANTEL DE NOA, ISAAC ET NORA und CUMBIAZEPAM für ihre Musik. Schöne Wintertage!

Holla a tod@s

Aquí podéis descargar GRATIS nuestro AUDIO CUENTO GRATIS en español y alemán: DROPBOX o aquí: VIMEO. Gracias a PATO BADIAN para leérnoslo en español, a EL MANTEL DE NOA, ISAAC ET NORA y CUMBIAZEPAM para su música. Disfrutad del invierno!

#11 / Solo unos pocos kilómetros más. Nur noch ein paar Kilometer. Encore quelques kilomètres. Only a few more miles.

Solo unos pocos kilómetros más. Sí durante las siguentes semanas estás fuera avísanos o avisa a un vecin@. Muchas gracias

Nur noch ein paar Kilometer. Nach Deutschland ein paar mehr. Wenn du in den nächsten Wochen nicht zu Hause bist, gib bitte einem/einer NachbarIn oder uns bescheid. Dankeschön.

Encore quelques kilomètres. Only a few more miles. Si au cours des semaines prochaines vous êtes des vacances, faites-le nous savoir ou prévenez un/e voisin/e. Merci beaucoup.

Only a few more miles. To cross the Atlantic Ocean it will take some more miles and weeks. Be patient. Thank you

#10 / Pronto en vuestros manos * Bald in euren Händen * Soon in your hands * Bientôt dans votre mains

Quedádos en casa ;-)

el lunes por fin empezamos a mandaros o daros vuestras recompensas. Una vez más muchas gracias por vuestro apoyo, vuestra confianza y vuestra paciencia!

Jana y Borja

Bleibt zu Hause ;-)

am Montag fangen wir an euere Bücher, T-Shirts und Turnbeutel zu verschicken und zu verteilen. Vielen Dank nochmal für eure Unterstützung, euer Vertrauen und eure Geduld!

Borja und Jana

Stay at home ;-)

at Monday we’ll start to send and distribute your rewards. Once more thanks a lot for your support, for your confidence and patience!

Jana and Borja

Restez chez vous ;-)

le lundi nous commençons a envoyer votre livres , teeshirts et sacs de gym. Encoré une fois merci beaucoup pour votre Support, confidence et patience.

Borja y Jana

#09 / imprimiendo * Druck * printing * impression

Hola a tod@s!

Ayer visitamos la imprenta INO Reproducciones (www.ino-reproducciones.com) en Zaragoza y vimos „Nuestros Derechos de Este a Oeste“ volviéndose realidad. Aquí un pequeño video: Instagram. Gracias a tod@s y gracias a los trabajadores de INO.

Hallo zusammen!

Gestern waren wir in der Druckerei INO Reproducciones hier in Zaragoza und haben gesehen wie „Von Ost nach West, ein Kinderrecht“ Form annimmt. Hier ein kleiner Eindruck von unserem Besuch: Instagram. Danke euch allen und den fleißigen Händen von INO.

Hello everybody!

Yesterday we went to INO Reproducciones in Zaragoza to See the printing of „Our Rights from East to West“. Here some impressions from our visit: Instagram. Thanks to you all and the busy staff at INO.

Salut a toutes et tous!

Hier nous avons vues l‘imprimerie INO Reproducciones en Saragosse et le progrès de "Nos Droits d’ Est en Ouest". Ici quelques impressions sur notre visite: Instagramread more

#08 / Seguimos * Weiter geht´s * Ça continue * It goes on

Mid Heather Green * Lavender Dawn * Caribbean Blue * Sky Blue
Mid Heather Green * Lavender Dawn * Caribbean Blue * Sky Blue


Por fin tenemos vuestras camisetas y sacos mochila y el cuento está en la imprenta desde martes. Las camisetas y sacos son chulísimas. Desafortunadamente tuvimos que cambiar Chameleon Green por Mid Heather Green, porque de 2019 a 2020 hubo un cambio en la lista que nos mandaron. Y Carribean Blue es un poco distinto del color de nuestro documento. Disculpad las molestías. A pesar de todo estamos segur@s de que os gustarán! Gracias por vuestra paciencia!

Weiter geht´s!

Sodala, jetzt haben wir eure TShirts und Turnbeutel hier und seit Dienstag ist die Geschichte in der Druckerei. Leider mussten wir das Chameleon Green gegen Mid Heather Green austauschen, denn von 2019 auf 2020 gab es eine Änderung in der Liste, die sie uns geschickt hatten. Und… read more

#07 / Casi hemos llegado * Wir sind fast da * We´re almost there * Nous sommes en bonne voie

illustrations on Instagram
illustrations on Instagram

Hola a tod@s!

Deseamos que estéis bien en estos días difíciles. Queríamos compartir con vosotr@s buenas noticias: Las ilustraciones del cuento ya están terminadas e Inma Grau ha acabado el diseño gráfico del cuento.

Estamos muy cerca de poder imprimir el cuento. Pero en estos momentos nuestra imprenta en Zaragoza está cerrada y el depósito legal de libros funciona más lento por estas razones no podemos aseguraros cuando estará el libro impreso. A día de hoy calculamos que imprimiremos el cuento a primeros de mayo y que a final de mayo realizaremos los envíos de los libros, camisetas y otras recompensas.

Tenemos muchas ganas de que podáis compartir con vuestras niñas y niños "Nuestros derechos de este Oeste", y así poder descubrir los derechos de la infancia de los que en general no se habla hoy en día y de momento en concreto parecen olvidados en muchos lugares del mundo.

read more

#06 / CALENDAR 2020

Atención * Achtung * Attention
Atención * Achtung * Attention

Hola, DE ESTE A OESTE y del norte al sur,

aprovechamos el comienzo del nuevo año para desearos un feliz, justo y pacífico 2020. (Aunque ya ha cumplido 22 días!)

Además querríamos informaros que estamos contentos porque el libro va a contar con un prólogo del ex director de la UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza.

Por otro lado también sentimos comunicaros que por distintas razones la publicación del libro y el envío de las recompensas se retrasa aproximadamente un/dos meses.

Os dejamos en este enlace: CALENDAR 2020

un pequeño regalo para que podáis ver como han quedando los úlitmas ilustraciones y fotografías que aparecen en el cuento. Os agradecemos una vez más vuestro apoyo y os seguiremos informando de la impresión del cuento.

Un abrazo

Borja y Jana

Hallo, VON OST NACH WEST und von Nord nach Süd,

wünschen wir euch ein wunderbares , gerechtes und friedliches 2020. (Auch wenn´s schon 22 Tage alt ist!)

read more

#05 / Conseguido! Wir haben´s geschafft! We`ve got it! Réussi!

Yuhuuuu! Hoy lo hemos conseguido gracias al apoyo de tod@s nuestr@s mecenas. Mirad que brincos está dando Borja! Hasta sábado, 16.11. a las 13.00h todavía podéis conseguir vuestro ejemplar de "Nuestros derechos del este al oeste" en Verkami. Muchas Gracias.

Yuhuuuu! Dank der Hilfe unserer tollen MäzenINNeN haben wir heute unser Ziel erreicht! Schaut euch Borjas Freudensprünge an! Bis zum Samstag,16.11. um 13.00Uhr könnt ihr noch euer Exemplar von "Von Ost nach West, ein Kinderrecht" auf Verkami bestellen. Vielen Dank euch allen!

Yuhuuuu! Thanks to all our patrons today we reached our goal! Look how Borja leaps for joy! Until Saturday 16.11. at 1 pm you still can get your copy of "Our rights from east to west" on Verkami. Thank you very much!

Yuhuuuu! Grâce a tous et toutes notre mécènes aujourd´hui nous avons réussit notre but.read more

#04 / Los últimos 20 metros! * Die letzten 20 Meter! * The last 20 metres! * Les 20 derniers mètres!

Entramos en la recta final! Gracias a tod@s nuestr@s mecenas de "última hora". A tod@s l@s indecis@s: Ayudádnos en los últimos 20 metros!

Wir fahren in die Zielgerade ein! Vielen Dank all unseren SponsorINNEN der "letzten Minute". Und an alle Unentschlossenen: Helft uns auf den letzten 20 Metern!

We are now reaching the home straight! Thank you very much to all our patrons of "last minute". And to all the indecisive ones: Help us on the last 20 metres!

Nous entrons dans la dernière ligne droite! Merci beaucoup a toutes et tous nos patrons de la "dernière minute". Toutes et tous les indécis: Aidez-nous sur les 20 derniers mètres!

#03 / Half way up! _ Thank you!

GRACIAS MIL a tod@s nuestr@s mecenas . Hemos alcanzado la mitad del objetivo. Pero todavía tenemos que escalar un poco. A tod@s l@s indecis@s decimos: Únete ahora y tira!

TAUSEND DANK all unseren MäzenInnen, wir haben die Hälfte unseres Ziels erreicht, aber eine kleine Kletterpartie steht uns noch bevor. An alle Unentschlossenen: Kommt jetzt mit und zieht!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all our patrons. We´ve reached half of our objetiv, but we still have to climb a bit. To all those, who are still indecisive: Come along now and pull!

MERCI BEAUCOUP a toutes et tous notre mécènes. Nous sommes à la moitié de notre chemin. À tous et toutes les indécis: Venez avec nous maintenant et tirez!

#02 / Thanks * Gracias * Merci * Dankeschön

Thank you very much to all our patrons of the first two weeks for each individual contribution. The small ones and the major ones.

Especially to our first major sponsor the enterprise INFOASI from Zaragoza.

And to all those, who are still indecisive:

Don´t wait until the last day. COME ALONG NOW! Now we need your help!


Muchas gracias a tod@s l@s mecenas de las primeras dos semanas por cada una de las contribuciones pequeñas o grandes!

Damos especialmente las gracias a: la empresa zaragozana INFOASI por ser nuestro primer supersponsor!

Y a tod@s l@s indecis@s:

No esperas hasta el final! UNÉTE AHORA! Ahora necesitamos tu apoyo!


Von ganzem Herzen tausend Dank an euch Mäzene, der ersten 2 Wochen für jede kleine und grosse Unterstützung!

Besonderer Dank gilt auch unserem ersten SUPERSPONSOR: der Firma INFOASI aus Zaragoza.

Und an alle, die noch unschlüssig sind:

Wartet nicht bis zum Ende! KOMMT JETZT MIT! Jetzt brauchen wir euere Hilfe.

read more

#01 / Nueva recompensa * New reward * Nouvelle récompense * Neue Prämie

Hola a tod@s!

Como nos han preguntado varias familias, si también hay un "Pack" de 1 libro + 2 camisetas de niñ@s... Lo hemos añadido hoy! Lo podéis adquirir a partir de ahora para 48€.

Un abrazo y muchas gracias!

Hello everyone!

As some families asked us, if we also do have a Pack with 1 book + 2 kids t-shirts ... Today we just added one! From now on you can achieve it for 48€.

Hugs and thanks a lot!

Salut a toutes et tous!

Parce que plusieurs familles nous ont demandé, s´il y a aussi un "Pack" avec 1 livre + 2 tee-shirts d´enfant ... Aujourd´hui nous avons ajouté un! À partir de maintenant vous pouvez acheter ce pack pour 48€.

Chaleureuses étreintes et merci!

Hallo zusammen!

Weil uns einige Familien gefragt haben, ob es auch einen "Pack" mit 1 Buch + 2 Kinder-TShirts gibt... Haben wir heute einen hinzugefügt. Ihr könnt ihn absofort für 48€ erwerben.

Liebe Grüsse und Dankeschön!

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