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The strangeness of the sunken bird

A philosophical tale played by circus artists

Sebastián Uría

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“...And what if, after the wings of the birds,
the bird itself, sat on a branch, would not survive?"

(César Vallejo)

“A estrañeza do paxaro afundido” (The strangeness of the sunken bird) is a philosophical tale set in the circus circle. We are painting a portrait of the day; life behind the scenes, and at the same time, we speak about the curiosity of existence in a simple way with a little bit of humour.

Life behind the scenes, by Nina Leen
Life behind the scenes, by Nina Leen


Our tale begins like this: it is a foggy morning and a huge crow flies very close to “Trasno”. This man, Trasno, and the bird are frightened because of this unexpected encounter. And they both respond in the same way: they shout. As if the crow tried to say something his screaming remained in the memory of Trasno. Shortly after, drowning below the surface of the water, Trasno will finally understand the meaning of this encounter…

Trasno, the main character, in a frame of "Vanda & Trasno", our teaser
Trasno, the main character, in a frame of "Vanda & Trasno", our teaser

Vanda is the other character of the film
Vanda is the other character of the film


Rewards will be delivered from December, depending on the pledge you have chosen to make.

- Première link of the film will be done for December. However, open link of the film (once the film finishes the festival tour) will take more time and will depend on the real tour of the film (impossible to predict).

- The film’s première will take place in January at a Saint-Jacques city cinema, in Galice, Spain.

- Tickets for Pistacatro circus spectacle will be available from January to February: you could choose the date which fits you the best between a range of dates within this gap.

- Visual printed materials will be delivered during December. Shipping fees are included in your reward.

Who we are?

This film is born from the meeting of Sebastián Uría and Pablo Reboleiro, a circus artist and founder of Pistacatro circus troupe, and Marta Alonso, a circus dancer and founder of Traspediante dance company.

Our aim is to develop the bodies expressive of the circus on the cinema screen. We would provide both entertainment and beauty.

The acrobat by Picasso
The acrobat by Picasso

From this professional core we have gathered a crew in order to achieve the project. We have Iago Vilarinho as D.O.P, Luca Silva as art director, Claudio Canedo as sound engineer, Paula Quintas as costume designer and Diego Torres as image editor. They are all established professionals of the Galician cinema.

How do we use your contributions?

We will use your contributions for renting professional shooting material (lens, sound recorder, microphones, etc) as well as for creating the costumes and the circus set. 

Circus set by Nina Leen
Circus set by Nina Leen

As usual when making a short film we work without making profit or, as it is often said, “par amour de l’art”.


Shooting will take place from 18 to 21 October at Saint Jacques city.

We will be doing the entire post - production during November: image editing, sound editing, sound mixing and colour calibration.

In December the film will be ready for screening.

Here you can find more information about our crew:

Pablo Reboleiro

Marta Alonso

Iago Vilarinho on Imdb

Claudio Canedo on Imdb

Luca Silva on Linkedin

If you had a question please feel free to contact us to "[email protected]" or write us through the “ask the author” button below.

The first acrobat, XV century
The first acrobat, XV century


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  • Vicente Reboleiro

    Vicente Reboleiro

    over 4 years

    Un proxecto do Novo Circo Galego. Démoslle ás para que voe

  • Fer Lzld

    Fer Lzld

    over 4 years

    Mucho éxito!

  • yolandaldea35@yahoo.es

    [email protected]

    over 4 years


  • Manuel María Uría Gómez

    Manuel María Uría Gómez

    over 4 years

    Moitos azos no voso proxecto!!

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