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Topo Adventures in Australia, EXHIBITION

Support the artist Topo so he can bring his positivism and art in Melbourne, Australia. Help him to fund this exhibition.


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Hello everyone,

I am Topo, an emerging multidisciplinary artist. I have been asking myself questions since childhood and looking for the good side of things. Passionate about the ability to reach people through painting, I decided to make my way into the art world.

I have had the opportunity to make an international exhibition, more concretely in Melbourne (Australia), in the BSide Gallery, which is dedicated to urban and contemporary art. It is a great opportunity for me and I need financial support.

The exhibition implies, however, some costs that most people ignore, despite being invited to make the exhibition, a young artist, without popularity, cache or much trajectory has to take care of expenses such as the rate of "rent" of space and extras of the gallery. In addition to the expenses that are taken for granted, such as the materials to carry out the works, transport of the works and the artist, publicity of the event, etc.

I bet on a positive reflection through Art and Painting and the interaction of people with my work.


That is why I make this campaign, in which you can somehow become an active part of my project.

For those who know me, and know what I do, you already know my idea and that I never stop trying new things and creating, always in constant learning. Therefore, this is a great opportunity to continue advancing in my project.

Thank you very much for your time, for your support, for your contribution, which allows me to take this step and see how little by little this dream materializes.

Thank you very much too and above all for supporting artistic creation.

Who I am

I am TOPO, and I am making interventions in different places and cities, leaving, installing, painting, pasting... moles (Topos) and other images and creations in multiple formats and forms, for every disappearing corner of the city, or not, in any place where you can imagine, or those who least expect it, with the intention that you find it, and that this finding will make you smile and that you ask questions to yourself. In order to give some joy and colour to the streets that are so gray and sad each day, with the idea of ​​creating a "game" which makes you lift your head of the mobile and interact with your surroundings and see them in a different way, in a more positive way, and that, even for a moment, you ignite your curiosity.

If you want to know more about me, click here.


What will we allocate your contributions

Financing of the exhibition in Australia to which I have been invited and have a "management/participation" rat,

Move the artist's work and allow his professional development and projection, support his contribution to the art world.

  1. "Rental" of the full use of the main gallery room = € 700.

  2. Management fees, advertising, and gallery insurance = € 300.

  3. Material for the artistic production of the works as well as their protection and transfer = € 1500

Total = € 2500

Planned calendar

The exhibition will take place at the end of October, since I will not return to Spain immediately, the rewards will begin to be delivered by post or by hand to all those residents in Madrid, from my return in November.

Sticker packs: one week.

Prints : one month.

The drawings, sculptures and paintings will be taken on a list that I will manage in order.

Terms from two months to 6 months.

However, the beneficiary will be informed in a follow-up of the process and the times.

+ Info

I leave you some links where you can read more about me, and ask me everything that you want:


There are none published yet.

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    over 4 years

    Animo, TTT un abrazote, AMDP

  • ana


    over 4 years

    en la aportación de antes ,de los 200 euros hijo hay 50 de los abuelos. Un beso .Tequeremos

  • ana


    over 4 years

    con todo mi amor y orgullo al pedazo artista que eres hijo. Te quiero y deseo lo mejor del mundo

  • Cecy


    over 4 years

    Mi artista favorito! :)

  • Jose Enrique Rodriguez Garcia

    Jose Enrique Rodriguez Garcia

    over 4 years

    a ver Rober si hay suerte, yo con que la lámina tenga un motivo surfero, me basta. A ver si todo sale bien y me la entregas en mano

  • Amelia Casas Dorado

    Amelia Casas Dorado

    almost 5 years

    Donación 2 tus abuelos y tu tía te ayudan desde Spain. Te queremos mucho.

  • Amelia Casas Dorado

    Amelia Casas Dorado

    almost 5 years

    Donación 2 tus abuelos y tu tía te ayudan desde Spain. Te queremos mucho.

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