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A Puerto Padre me voy contigo (I'm going to Puerto Padre)

Support our Community Cultural Festival in the historic city of Puerto Padre, Cuba, created by a group of young Cuban artists

LA MAnada

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Las Tunas, Cuba
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What is the Community Cultural Festival "A Puerto Padre me voy" (I'm going to Puerto Padre)

Puerto Padre
Puerto Padre's pier

A Puerto Padre me voy emerged as a project of LA Manada that with this project accomplish to cover all the intentions in force in our action program as a creative group. This is a festival capable of giving us the necessary coverage to intervene directly in a community and share with its inhabitants our knowledge and sensibilities and at the same time, present our plays and work.

The initial idea came from Nathaly Polo, who was born in Puerto Padre and even when she doesn't live there anymore, she felt the need to revitalize and honor the place where she was born, that in addition, has been considered an important cultural place for Cuba and the rest of the world for their artistic legacy.

Many young students will be joining us from the University of the Arts of Cuba (ISA), who will be also using their holidays to support all the activities planned. Dramatists, designers, musicians, actors, visual artists, dancers, filmmakers, researchers and the protagonists of the life of Puerto Padre will take part in the space, to discuss the coexistence, history and culture of their people.

Everything is calm. Theater play
Everything is calm. Theater play

What will happen during the festival?

The main activities will be the workshops on different specialties led by graduate artists and students from ISA, the University of the Arts of Havana. These activities are aimed to create close ties with the community by offering our knowledge.

We will have spaces dedicated to theater, dance, music and visual arts as well as for other varied topics such as social networks and environmental stewardship. A self-help workshop in search of spiritual harmony will be taught by the local Puerto Padre Wushu Group. The visual arts workshops will cover two types of visual arts: mural painting and landscape. Each one will leave its mark on the urban walls and galleries of Puerto Padre.

Through movement and dance participants will work to discover the body as creator. During the festival recycled materials would be used to create puppets for a puppet workshop and to

create a model “futuristic city”.

The Cuban percussion workshop will also be an opportunity to introduce local residents to an essential area of our culture. The social network workshop will be a section of great impact within the programming. In addition to helping promote the Festival, workshop participants will learn about the world of digital connections, which is increasingly significant in Cuba.

Among the collateral activities is a presentation of LA Manada’s experiences with theater, based in complete audience involvement. Award-winning audiovisual works will be shown, made by LA Manada members and other contemporary artists friends. These audiovisuals explore current issues in Cuba.

The lectures and panels will also be interesting spaces within the event. Topics include the presence of the violin in Cuban popular music, legal literacy for our society, the art of fishing and the defense of a controversial theory about the landing of Christopher Columbus; the last two will be taught by local professionals. One of the most exciting moments of the festival will be a special concert by Souvenir, LA Manada's band. The group will offer a new reinterpretation of Cuban song/traditional music. The promotion of animal health, environmental education,

and the cleaning of La Boca beach will be other activities in Puerto Padre associated with the event.

Producing #UntilPuertoPadreIdontstop
Producing #UntilPuertoPadreIdontstop

What is the purpose of this crowdfunding campaign?

The campaign and the festival will be happening at the same time!!! But do not panic dear patrons, all the money raised has the purpose of supporting this first and the next edition of the Festival.

Let’s explain this:

While we were planning and designing the Festival, the institutions that support us let us know that they could not guarantee certain essential needs of the Festival, such as transportation, food and accommodation. So La Manada decided to readjust the solidarity economy it has been working till now, however, we hope that at the end of this campaign it will return to its usual state.

At first we considered moving the dates till we have the budget, but these are immovable, since the festival must occur for the dates on which we have permission. In addition to the fact that most artists are young students and we have to use these student vacation dates. This beautiful time of the year also helps us to guarantee the participation of a larger audience in the city of Puerto Padre, which is in the end the objective of our festival: to encompass a community majority.

We though it was going to be imposible to do the festival but then we fill ourselves with enthusiasm, joy and love to make a crowdfunding and try to reach enough economic to make a reality this dream of a festival in Puerto Padre.

A Festival is not only the days when workshops and works are happening. There is also a lot of planning that is not seen. Many trips to Puerto Padre to talk with the city from different steps. Coordination between the organizers themselves. The planning of the workshops and the works.

All this led from the commitment to provide an inclusive event, strengthen national and even international social fabrics, so having your support for production encourages us to daydream and continue expanding the project in several latitudes.

We live in different provinces, all far away from Puerto Padre and money is needed to guarantee food, lodging and have a minimum attention with the guests and collaborators.

Of course, we will declare and justify each expense, and document and record all the money raised in this campaign is used for. If there is anything left over it will be used for the next festival production, which we are planning do annually after this first edition that will be achieved with your support.

Suggestion box for the theater experience: The Island in Weight (La Isla en Peso)
Suggestion box for the theater experience: The Island in Weight (La Isla en Peso)

Contributions and rewards!

In addition to being deeply grateful and putting your names in our festival information we’ll have some symbolic rewards for patrons according to their input, courtesy of the team, the workshop workers and the invited artists.

The rewards are distinguish by belonging to the same artistic processes that will take place in Puerto Padre. It is our desire to send you a bit of our festival, so we’ll send you the elements utilize in the plays, even customized if the patterns of the experiences admit it. We’ll also send the objects that result from the workshops (especially those related to plastic art and crafts) as well as all the Festival's advertising prints (posters and stickers).

We have a network of organizers and friends who will make it easier to send rewards to patrons who do not live in our country. To be in contact send us your information: names and postal address to our email [email protected].

As a sample of appreciation we’ll give you a special mention as sponsors of the first cultural-community festival ‘’A Puerto Padre me voy’’.

Designed by Daniela Blanco
Designed by Daniela Blanco

Who we are: LA MAnada Creative Group

Some years ago various Cuban female creators have been immersed in different artistic processes independently or in small groups. As we were all connected in one way or another the groups subverted and we ended up being part of everything we do. Of course, finally we decided to officially join as a creative group that generates experiences based on direct contact with the public and society, using our means of artistic expression as support, such as theater, music, literature, dance, Cinema and visual arts. Now, naming us LA Manada, each one of us has a greater commitment to our group and the program of community action and socio-cultural impact that we foster.

Post its of the theater experience La Isla en Peso
Post its of the theater experience La Isla en Peso

How will we allocate your contributions?

We will use the funds to cover food and lodging expenses for participants traveling to Puerto Padre from other provinces. It will be from August 10 (day of our arrival) until August 17 (closing and return date) for a total of 25 people including the organizing team and other artists who will participate in the events. The technical needs of workshops, conferences, concerts, audiovisual projections and presentations of plays will also be supported by your donations.

The budget we have designed is a very little one in comparison with the real needs of the Festival, but since time does not run in our favor we prefer to ensure the basic and do it in the most economical way possible to ensure that the project is finalized.

If we manage to collect 2,000.00 euros, taxes would reduce the amount to a total of approximately 1,600.00.

This number will break down as follows: reimbursement of lodging expenses 800.00, food (only main meals) 500.00.

For attention to artists and researchers invited an approximate of 100 euros; For the post-production process of the Festival we will focus on the documentation of this first experience, we will allocate 100 euros more and to facilitate the preparation and arrival of rewards also 100 euros.

We know other Cuban experiences that have been accomplished thanks to the support of the donors of this platform and we have faith that through this way we will be able to hold our festival.

We will benefit all the organizers and other collaborators involved in the Festival.

Your support is very important and valuable for the creative group !!! It will allow an enriching and motivating meeting where we will all be part of the process.

Designed by Daniela Blanco
Designed by Daniela Blanco

Planned Calendar

Once the campaign and festival are over, we will be prepared to carry out the post production of this.

The calendar of the actions with the funds raised will be activated during the last fortnight of September.

On these dates we will repay the loans and hire an editor to organize the full documentation of the Festival and the details for digital rewards.

We will also guarantee new prints of posters and stickers and manage your shipment.

The patrons will receive their rewards during the same fortnight of September.

Email: [email protected]
Festival’s Facebook page
Festival’s Instagram Page
Facebook Profile of La Manada

Eternally grateful: LA Manada
Marla Gonzáles Gabriela Perera Laura Rodríguez María Gabriela Sánchez Maiteé Navarro Celia B. Pérez Lilliam Chacón Lisandra Castro Nadianys Boudet Daniela Blanco Rocío Morejón María C. Rodríguez Fernanda Montalvo Nathaly Polo Frida A. Lobaina

Illustrated by Daniela Blanco
Illustrated by Daniela Blanco


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  • Charly Pœ

    Charly Pœ

    over 4 years

    A revivir Puerto Padre 👊😎✌️

  • ElOvaculæ


    over 4 years

    De parte de Jesús Zúñiga (CDMX)

  • LA MAnada

    LA MAnada

    over 4 years


  • ElOvaculæ


    over 4 years

    La manda!!! Está aportación va de parte de: Minerva Castillo (México, Tlaxcala), Clavel González (México, Aguascalientes), Rogelio Chávez (cdmx), Johnny Ocampo (cdmx)

  • Ibeth Garcia

    Ibeth Garcia

    over 4 years

    Marlilla I love you!!!!!!!

  • ElOvaculæ


    over 4 years

    Me vuelvo puente de algunos colegas, la última aportación es de parte de Enrique Esquivel profesor de Física, a nivel preparatoria.

  • ElOvaculæ


    over 4 years

    Lento porque vamos lejos...

  • Ma.Guadalupe Castillo Mtz

    Ma.Guadalupe Castillo Mtz

    over 4 years

    Queridas todas La Manada, esta aportación va de parte de un colega que se llama Heriberto Bautista Díaz.

  • LA MAnada

    LA MAnada

    over 4 years

    Gracias gracias gracias a todos! Thank you all! Amazing people! 😍😍😍

  • Ed Steinberg

    Ed Steinberg

    over 4 years


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