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Words Of Yesterday - On Our Way’s debut EP

After many years of effort, we are about to release our first EP called "Words Of Yesterday" Can you help us to achieve it?

On Our Way

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We are On Our Way, an alternative rock group from the province of Tarragona! After putting our heart and soul into the studio, our EP Words Of Yesterday is about to be released. But without you, we will not get it... Help us to take this project forward, we are not going to disappoint you!

First advance of the EP: "Try Again"

About us

On Our Way was born in 2017 with the restlessness of 3 young people, Míriam (singer) Carles (guitar) and Arnau (drums) eager to create music and to show what they feel with it. These last two had already experienced what it is like to be in a music group. The singer is used to sing alone since she was little and wanted to express her feelings with songs.

During the first few months, the band began to practice some music versions and they had 2 songs of their own almost ready.

At the beginning of 2018, Gabriel (guitar) and Oscar (bass) joined the band to finish complementing the group and releasing other songs of their own. That same year, they made their first concerts in Sala Japan (Reus), Sala Cau (Tarragona), Sala Zero (Tarragona).

They wanted to show their music in a different format rather than in live concerts. That is why they decided to record the first songs in order to reach a wider audience.

The EP "Words Of Yesterday" is composed of 6 songs defined by lyrics full of feelings and accompanied by some instrumental and vocal melodies ranging from soft to more rock melodies.

The EP has been recorded and mixed with the help of the music producer Ramon Berlanga from Oxigen Studis and it has been mastered by Txose Ruiz at Wheel Sound Studio.

On Our Way are:

Miriam Serrano: Singer. @misty_music_

Carles Gallego: Guitarist. @carles41

Gabriel Santoro: Guitarist. @gaabrii95
Óscar Jiménez: Bassist. @ojimenez96

Arnau Borrull: Drummer. @arnauboco

Where does all your money go?

With the money collected from the campaign, we will finish paying the costs of the album design, CD packaging, merchandising and a video clip to help us vigorously launch this first project.

About the rewards

We believe that all help is good, so all the rewards include the digital download of our EP. For those who help us achieve our dream, we want you to have the opportunity to listen to our music! We have also designed t-shirts and one of them is exclusive; it can only be obtained in this campaign of Verkami.

EP's design made by @annasilveria


White (Exclusive):


We have now finished the recording and mastering, so the rewards will begin to be sent as soon as we have them. This date will be between late September and early October.

+ Info

Instagram: @OnOurWayBand

Facebook: @OnOurWayBand

Twiter: @OnOurWayBand

Youtube: On Our Way

Soundcloud: On Our Way


  • Where do I indicate the size and model of the shirt?

    When the campaign ends we will contact you via email, in order to ask you the model and size of t-shirt you want.

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  • Míriam


    over 4 years

    Increíble, grupazo!!

  • On Our Way

    On Our Way

    almost 5 years

    Enserio, mil gracias a todos 😍

  • Oskar diaz lanuza

    Oskar diaz lanuza

    almost 5 years

    Desde otra generecion diferente a la vuestra, os mando toda la fuerza para que podáis mostrar al mundo lo que sois capaces de hacer, y muchas ganas de escuchar y ver lo que tenéis, muchos besos y abrazos.

  • Hormi


    almost 5 years

    Vamos mastodontes!

  • Míriam


    almost 5 years


  • Alicia Bravo

    Alicia Bravo

    almost 5 years

    Adelante chicos!! 👏👏

  • Mind&Magic Van

    Mind&Magic Van

    almost 5 years

    Tras mil años de espera paciente, el incesante reclamo de la sinfonía del universo aguarda con abrumante luz, al final del camino.

  • On Our Way

    On Our Way

    almost 5 years

    ¡Gracias a todos!

  • belen4mm


    almost 5 years

    De parte de Pili y Fernando :)

  • Kiko


    almost 5 years

    A por todas!

#01 / ¡Objetivo conseguido! ¡Sigamos con esto!

Que alegría nos ha dado ver la noticia de que ya hemos logrado nuestro objetivo en tan solo 15 días, una grata sorpresa para nosotros la verdad.

Estamos muy agradecidos con toda la gente que nos ha apoyado, ha compartido y ha puesto su granito de arena para poder sacar este proyecto adelante.

Visto la buena acogida que ha tenido el proyecto, hemos decidido ampliar el objetivo a 2000€, cantidad con la que podríamos empezar a grabar nuestro siguiente videoclip. Para ello, queremos animar a todas las personas a seguir participando ya que esta campaña es muy buena oportunidad para conseguir nuestro CD y merch a un precio reducido respecto al de lanzamiento.

Si superamos la cifra de 2000€ todo el dinero de más ira destinado a organizaciones benéficas sin ánimo de lucro.

Finalmente, animaros a compartir este proyecto, del cual estamos muy orgullosos, con vuestros amigos y familiares y así alcanzar a la máxima gente posible.

Muchísimas gracias y un fuerte abrazo.

On Our Way

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