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Aigua: Udiva’s first cd

Please help us to record Aigua, our first cd. On it you will encounter thirteen original and traditional pieces.

Jaume Pallardó

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The band and it's musicians

Udiva is a project based on original pieces composed by Jaume Pallardó, and also some traditional tunes arranged by Jaume from the Mediterranean and Iberian regions.

The other members of the group are Gloria Aleza and Juanfran Ballestero, two very active musicians on the Valencian scene. Both of them have substantial careers performing early music, world music & folk etc. They make a significant contribution to the group, providing elegance and versatility to the album.

This project utilizes a wide diversity of instruments. This provides the opportunity to create original arrangements that enrich the traditional sounds but also incorporate new features that remind one of more progressive music. The songs included in Aigua arise from many different musical traditions without leaving behind the sonorities of the 21st century.

Music and meaning

Udiva is the name that the people of these lands (València) used to refer to the river Millars before the Romans arrived, and could mean something like holy water. This meaning embraces many of the compositions on the CD, which honor nature and in particular water.

Gloria Aleza
Gloria Aleza

Meaning and instruments:

We feel that the instruments define the language of each composition. Many instruments have been used to create this album, but most of the songs were composed using plucked-string instruments such as the baglama, from Turkey, and the laouto, from Crete. Therefore the language and the way of expressing the music of these traditions is present in each composition and in the adaptations of traditional pieces.

Juanfran Ballestero
Juanfran Ballestero

Instruments and people:

The three members of the group are multi-instrumentalists, playing a wide diversity of instruments:

  • Jaume Pallardó: laouto, baglama, ud, bendir, tombak, square-drum and voice.

  • Gloria Aleza: cello, rebec and voice.

  • Juanfran Ballestero: flutes, hurdy-gurdy, clarinet, square-drum, pandereta, bells and palms.

Other people participating in this Project are: Alejandro Tomás, in charge of recording, mixing and mastering of the CD (DeMarjal Produccions studio), and Dámaso Gómez, in charge of the graphic design and layout of Aigua.

Jaume Pallardó
Jaume Pallardó

People and rewards

Without you, this kind of project wouldn't be possible, so we will try to persuade you to be part of this project, as our patrons. Therefore we offer you a wide variety of rewards, such as a digital CD, a T-shirt of the group, a shoulder bag or handmade illustrations, and we even offer to play for you.

Rewards and contributions

Thanks to your contributions we will be able to conclude details of the production of the CD (mix and master) and also finance both the physical edition and the rewards ( T-shirts, shoulder bags and hand-made illustrations). If everything progresses at a good pace, you will receive the rewards in September.

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Handmade illustration
Handmade illustration


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  • Emili


    over 4 years

    Que vaya muy bien!!!

  • Alicia


    over 4 years

    ¡Mucho éxito de parte de Alicia y Óscar!

  • Alicia


    over 4 years

    ¡Mucho éxito!

  • Jaume Pallardó

    Jaume Pallardó

    over 4 years

    Moltíssimes gràcies a tots!!

  • Javi


    over 4 years

    Muchisima suerte de parte de Ona y Javi!! :D

  • Carlos Herrero del Campo

    Carlos Herrero del Campo

    over 4 years

    Confío en que lo consigáis. Un abrazo.

  • Carlos Carlos Ripo

    Carlos Carlos Ripo

    over 4 years


  • eva


    over 4 years

    Sort, amic. Una abraçada de Panollo.

  • Loles i Josep

    Loles i Josep

    over 4 years


  • Aitana


    over 4 years

    Amparo: molta sort!!

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