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The Kite. Documentary film.

A documentary that seeks to clarify the controversial history of the ownership of the Caves of Granada from their origins until to date.

Óscar Berdullas

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The Kite tells the story of a forgotten and speculated place by the institutions of the city of Granada since the second half of the 20th century, The San Miguel Hill and its cave houses.

The most rainy day of the century. Granadian newspaper, Patria, February 1963.
The most rainy day of the century. Granadian newspaper, Patria, February 1963.

The documentary film will gather together studies of architects and historians of the University of Granada about the urban change suffered by the city since the second half of the 20th century after the 50s and 60s floods, testimonies of old neighbours forced to leave their houses after the wave of floods endured by the city in 1963 and some of the present San Miguel dwellers.

Aerial view of San Miguel Alto(Albaycín) Granada.
Aerial view of San Miguel Alto(Albaycín) Granada.

We estimate that the documentary film will** last** around eighty minutes.

The story recreated by us in The Kite contains two lines of action.

The first is the story and evolution of the contemporary town planning in Granada. It will also show how was life in the cave houses in San Miguel before the expulsion of most of the legal owners in 1963 and the later death of the neighbourhood until the end of the 20th century.

La cruz de la Rauda (Rauda Cross9, the 40s.
La cruz de la Rauda (Rauda Cross9, the 40s.

The second line of action invite us to discover the true story about the property of the caves and how a city section called to extinguish still resists inhabited nowadays after avoiding massive illegitimate evictions.

It also reports how the municipal authorities have tried to destroy Granada´s historic and ethnographic heritage.

Attempt to evict in 2014.
Attempt to evict in 2014.

The documentary film contains poetic winks to Federico García Lorca and to the film-maker from Granada, José Valdelomar. It is a very necessary project due to the fact that less and less cave houses are inhabited in Granada and it is essential to protect these habitats and ways of life so attractive for Spanish and foreigners romantic travellers. In other words, it is a journey through the history of one of the most beautiful cities in the World.

Views of the Alhambra in Granada from el Cerro de San Miguel (San Miguel Hill).
Views of the Alhambra in Granada from el Cerro de San Miguel (San Miguel Hill).

About us

Director and scriptwriter
Óscar Berdullas

He has directed six short films in Spain and China and has participated in many film festivals around the world. His last work was the feature-length documentary film El Enigma de los libros plúmbeos (The Enigma of the Lead Books). In this documentary film collaborated the world´s leading experts and researchers in the field.

Óscar Berdullas.
Óscar Berdullas.

Link to a national newspaper article.
Link to the Director´s Facebook.

Producer: Jk un sin vivir.

Juan Lanzas Jiménez

He has produced independent documentary works and with a sense of ethics: outstanding and universal films. Some years ago one of his co-productions, Una mujer sin sombra (A woman without a shadow), *was nominated for seven Goya Awards *(The Spanish Oscars).
[Below appear some pictures of the documentary shooting and it can be read:] seven nominations for the Goya awards.

seven nominations for the Goya awards.
seven nominations for the Goya awards.

Link to the Production Company´s Facebook.
Link to the producer´s Facebook.

Original soundtrack:

Estani Peinado

Soundtrack composer of documentary and animated films, such as the recently nominated for the Goya Awards, Azahar, with which he was nominated to the Goya Award for the best original soundtrack in the last edition.

Estani Peinado in the last edition of the Goya Awards
Estani Peinado in the last edition of the Goya Awards

A link to Azahar in the last edition of the Goya Awards.
Article about Azahar.

These are some of the experts we will interview.

Juan Manuel Barrios Rozúa .
Professor of the University of Granada. He teaches at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (Higher Technical School of Architecture) of the University of Granada. PhD in Art History (extraordinary doctorate award).
Web page of the University of Granada and publications.

Ángel Isac Martínez de Carvajal

Full Professor of Art History of the University of Granada. He has participated and work on special protection and reform plans of the Alhambra-Alijares (1987), Albaycín (1990), Historical Site – the area of the city center (1993) as well as in the advance for the review of the PGOU (Town development plan) of Granada.

Web page of the University of Granada with the contact details of this Professor.

How we will use your contributions?

The collected money will help us to rent the audiovisual equipment to carry out the project.

-Rent 4k equipment with operator.

-Rent lighting equipment.

-Editing and post production.

-Purchase of images from the NODO (news and documentaries produced in Spain from 1943 to 1981 and closely associated with the 1936-1975 Francisco Franco´s dictatorial regime) to the Film Archive of Spain.

Planned calendar

Once the campaign finishes, we will start filming the interviews to the neighbours and experts at the end of June. The premiere date is programmed at the end of February. Your rewards, provided they are tickets for the premiere, will be delivered in January 2020. The rest of the sponsors will be given their rewards (dedicated posters, pictures and DVD copies) at the end of September 2020 in order to consider the possibility to be shown in movie theaters and film festivals.

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  • Josep Clausi


    almost 5 years

    Aqui mi ayudita para "La Cometa" una pelicula que tengo ganas de ver.

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    José Luis

    almost 5 years

    Que tengas mucha suerte

  • Cristina Narro

    Cristina Narro

    almost 5 years

    Por amor al arte ☆

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    Armando Biléu Braz

    almost 5 years

    A seguir sumando sobrino!! Besos del norte!!

  • Miguel Hitos

    Miguel Hitos

    almost 5 years

    Suerte amigo!

  • Aitoriko


    almost 5 years

    ¡¡¡Suerte con este proyecto!!! y sobretodo a disfrutarlo

  • Óscar Berdullas

    Óscar Berdullas

    almost 5 years

    MECENAS sin vosotros no hay ARTE vosotros lo amáis... Millones de Gracias...

  • Jorge López Hidalgo


    almost 5 years

    Por los viejos tiempos. Que tengas mucha suerte. Un abrazo

  • Aliciasenciales


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    Apoyar a este gran compañero, profesional y luchador como ninguno! Os aseguro que os encantará

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    Laura Serrano Ariza

    almost 5 years

    ¡Ojalá podamos volarla :)!

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