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A short film full of memories, disagreements and a forced relationship


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Mangata came to be as a thesis project of six Audiovisual Communication students studying at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona). This Verkami was set up in the hopes of bringing our short film into reality. Mangata explores the relationship between two distant sisters who try to reconnect with each other through traditions, landscapes and memories.

Every year Ona and Àlex celebrate San Juan together on the beach. However, this year the youngest sibling Quim is absent. Their relationship grew cold after his death and it changed completely. Quim was the glue that held all of them together.

Delta del Ebre, where the short film is based, shapes all of its history. It is the place where both protagonists grew up and it is also the place which will bring them back together.

Lost but chilling. Alex’s unique personality differs from that of her siblings. Her carefree attitude helps her perceive the world lightly. She isn’t afraid of what might happen and improvisation is her motto.

Strong, confident but stubborn. Ona is the perfect daughter as she never seems to be wrong and feels proud of it. Although Àlex denies it, deep down she knows it’s true. Ona left for Barcelona because she felt like her town wasn’t good enough for her.

We need your help in order to bring this project to life. How can you pitch in? Easy!

  1. First share the following link with your friends, relatives and neighbours then follow us on either social media platform: Instagram i Facebook .

  2. Become a Mangata patron. It’s very simple. You just have to choose which contribution you would like to make. The money is only charged if the project reaches its goal. If it does, we will then send you your incentive.

On the right hand side you can see the list of contributions we have prepared together with their corresponding incentives.

We have 40 days to reach 4500 euros. In the event that we do not reach our goal, money contributed will not be charged and therefore you won’t receive your incentive.

From our goal, 28% will go directly to taxes, 21% to the project and 7% to commissions.

If you happen to have or know of a company that would like to collaborate with us, please do not hesitate to reach out via this email address: mangata.shortfilm@gmail.com

Aisha Montano: Director and Screen writer

Mar Serra: Assistant director and producer

Thaís Molar: Assistant photographer and screenwriter

Eduard Lon: Assistant director and screenwriter

Clàudia Valero: Production and art director

Sílvia Farrés: Production and art director

The ones who joined the team:

Eloi Teixidó: Director of photography

Lucía Amado: Sound designer

Marc Núñez: Sound assistant

Joan Masats: Sound track

Marina Velasco: Graphic designer and illustrator

Silvia Forcadell: Make up

Supported by

Carlos Marqués-Marcet: Director of films like Els dies que vindran (2019), Tierra Firme (2017) and 10.000Km (2014).

Jonás Trueba: Director of films such as La reconquista (2016), Los exiliados románticos (2015) and Todas Las Canciones Hablan de Mí (2010).

Carla Simón: Director of the film Estiu 1993 (2017) and the shortfilms Les petites coses (2015).

Gonzalo de Lucas: tutor of the Final Project. Doctorate in Audiovisual Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, where he is a professor of the same degree and director of the postgraduate of Audiovisual Assembly.

Sergi Moreno: PhD Degree Project Producer. Producer of Lastor Media, producer of films such as Tierra Firme (2017), Júlia Ist (2017) i 10.000km (2014)

Aitor Martos: Production Advisor for the Final Project. Producer of films like Entre dos Aguas (2018) or La propera pell (2016).

With the support and collaboration of:

For more information

If you want to know more information about Mangata and follow the development of the project, you can find us:

If you have any doubts or questions, you can contact us through: mangata.shortfilm@gmail.com


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  • Laia25


    about 2 years

    Quines ganes de veure’l❤️❤️❤️

  • Óscar González Martínez

    Teresa Martínez Morante

    about 2 years

    Desde Bilbao, suerte con el proyecto!!!

  • mariasolana24


    about 2 years

    Molta sort!

  • Annamaria


    about 2 years

    Que us vagi molt bé!

  • Jose Felipe Noguera

    Jose Felipe Noguera

    about 2 years

    Molts ànims!

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