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Rowdy Magazine

This campaign is to make a dream of many creatives into reality and have their own independent publication available in print and online.


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R O W D Y stands for: Radical, Odd, Wild, Diverse and Young. It is a publication which acts as interdisciplinary archive available in print and online (berowdy.com) focusing on art, photography, literature, fashion, design , music and media.

front cover, issue 2
front cover, issue 2

The theme of every issue works as a platform for artists to showcase their personal interpretation and point of view - constantly questioning status quo. Therefore, we are here to provoke and engage the reader in previously unpublished narratives.

By adopting this concept ROWDY hopes to break free from all traditional conventions and frames and allow borderless unfolding of creativity. We are a magazine that is not about buying things, owning things but showing the inside of people we admire and topics we are passionate about.

In order to address our target group – the lifestyle interested cosmopolitan- in a proper way, our issues are released every 3-4 months in English. Our purpose is to create a thorough insight into every theme we go for, without pros and cons and without falling victim to social restraints. We don’t care about condemning but we care about providing our readers with an eye-opening experience instead.

Caro Campobello
Caro Campobello

We are quarterly publication with its first printed issue in November 2018.

With the money raised from the campaign we aim to print 500 copies of the second issue, to be distributed in cultural hubs of Europe, including: Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London, Warsaw but also NYC.


Every issue has its different theme because we are not afraid to explore different topics, instead of sticking to one orientation. In the upcoming issue we discover the theme of** dark necessities and imperfections**. It is to analyse the beauty of dark sides and how much creativity comes from those difficult struggles. It is in the way to embrace the ́dark´ parts of your life without regrets. It is also an invitation to begin deeper relationship and break down walls to encourage both the dark and light parts of our lives.

The project was born from the curiosity of young people looking for ways of expressing themselves through visual arts.

For the Love of Nature
For the Love of Nature

Therefore , among others, we are proud to have an interview with upcoming filmmaker Leo Adef, who is building for himself a name in an alternative cinema. He talks us through the moment of escaping the norm and how he represents what is not represented in media, encouraging to explore the little known dark sides of growing up as gay through his own process of storytelling.

We have images taken by Antonella Tignanelli, who devoted herself to cooking since a very young age and some years ago she incorporated photography as an essential part of her life. She uses the two media to do creative direction in gastronomic projects of all kinds around the world. Here we use her images to talk about imperfections of food industry.

Apart from that we also discover fully vegan fashion brand - Oscar Prim, that have been linked to design and textiles for many years and share the objective of creating and designing exclusive garments instead of following the dark path of high street. We learn about the alchemy of good store, the choice and quality of fabrics, production, issues around sustainability and ideas behind refusing seasonality by avoiding resourcing from animal origins.

Through the writing of Safia Seboui, French cinema critic, we attempt to understand the little know mind of an extraordinary man and ́when I say Extraordinary I really mean apart from the usual. This mind is the property of a mystic modern master who made Art inspired by another dimension.The construction of his mentality made Stanislaw Szukalski the hero of his own tragedy. ´

And many many more because this is just to give you a gist of ROWDY collaborations counting over fifty creatives including photographers, writers, film makers, art directors, journalists from all around the world who with their unusual outlook on things want to shake the world and begin ROWDY revolution.




After sourcing quotes from printers in Europe, USA and Poland, we have chosen a local, environmentally friendly printer. The ROWDY magazine will be a high-quality publication, printed by a Spanish publishing house *NORPRINT in Barcelona who are committed to operating with minimal environmental impact. They are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)-certified, powered by renewable energy and only use petroleum free inks. They are also home to the best publication in Barcelona including APARTAMENTO, FUCKING YOUNG or PERDIZ magazines.

We aim to print and ship the magazine at the end of May 2019.

We've done everything in our power to keep shipping costs low, working with fulfilment centres in Europe.

Please know that we've done everything in our power to make the magazine as accessible to as many of you as possible.


The DARK NECESSITIES / IMPERFECTIONS will be presented at the still to be revealed rooftop location, along with the exhibition, together with a 100-page magazine and a projection of work within. The magazine will be edited in collaboration with Elisava Art Directors, a beautifully printed edition that will showcase our way to make it happen.

Together with the magazine, we will keep a webpage with articles and updates, showing an open source list of resources and contacts collected along the way.


There are none published yet.

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  • Ellistarhem


    over 4 years

    GO GO GOOOO!!! Wish you Good Luck with it! Great People - Great Project ;-)

  • Just sauced

    Just sauced

    over 4 years

    Good luck guys! Rowdy is already our fave mag

  • zzzxxxccc


    over 4 years

    Looking forward!

  • TBK86


    over 4 years

    to the best magazine in the world

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