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"STATE OF IMPURITY" Indie Film. Support for image and sound post production, translation and subtitling.

I come to your help & patronage, to conclude the audio and image post production of my independent film shot in Argentina with €2,000 THANKS


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I ask your help to finish this totally independent project that I have been able to direct and produce with my savings and a lot of effort.

A film shot with € 2,000 during the month of February 2018, in my country of birth, Argentina. Filmed in a single location, the house of my mother who generously gave me to film in twelve days. A film that deals with a very tricky subject, Monogamy in contrast to polygamy.

On the other hand, I have not received any subsidy or external financial support of any kind. So the film is really a miracle that is standing. And if this miracle is achieved, it will also be thanks to you.

!["Estado Impuro" · 2019 ·

Artwork painted for the poster of the movie done by the director of the film. Oil on canvas. 150 x 150 cm.](https://dg9aaz8jl1ktt.cloudfront.net/uploaded_files/000/203/186/verkami_c9d743316f3be7125fea7eddf764cc56.jpg?1550272310)

State of Impurity, cast
State of Impurity, cast

Memory of the project

Everyone likes to be happy. The couple is one of the ways to be, but what would happen if the couple as we know it, could make us even happier? Wouldn’t it be logical to find out if the relationships we maintain could make us happier and fuller?

STATE OF IMPURITY enters into this question. If on one hand it is true that the couple gives happiness on the other brings many headaches. One must wonder if it is not a contradiction, why it happens and if there is a way to avoid the pain that comes with wanting. STATE OF IMPURITY is a film that speaks with simplicity and honesty of current relationships, their problems, their blind spots, pointing to a reflection with its unexpected ending.

STATE OF IMPURITY is a feature film indie that addresses one of the most feared and exciting facets of what a couple means today. It is also one of those films that can have a great impact on society, because it speaks of two big social taboos, the orgy and the consensual polygamy.

Film frame
Film frame

We believe it is a hot topic and current in society, and that it could be of great interest to the audience. Teach that many people keep the desire in the closet, repressing it or giving it free rein, but ultimately hiding it facing the gallery, with hypocrisy.

STATE OF IMPURITY is a film that will initiate a deep debate between monogamy and polygamy and the new formats that are beginning to emerge in our society. Films like ours begin to open a path on the need to revise the emotional models of relationship and equality between women and men, in their capacity maintain double or more relationships and not only refer to the sexual, but to the relational aspect, into the coexistence of emotions and affection to "more than one loved one". I think a film like ours is necessary to discover how far we are undercover polygamists, unbleached, and what happens when we free ourselves from the weight of a slave, patriarchal, capitalist, monogamous and Judeo-Greek-Christian sexuality.

Film picture
Film picture

Film picture
Film picture

Our film is an invitation to reflect on this issues as other films have already done:

"Design for Living" -1933-
(Dir.Ernst Lubitsch)

"Jules et Jim" -1968-
(Dir. François Truffaut)

"Frente al mar" -1978-
(Dir. Gonzalo García Pelayo)

"Eyes Wide Shut" -1999-
(Dir.Stanley Kubrick)

"Marie Jo and her two lovers" -2003-
(Dir.Robert Guédiguian)

"Shortbus" -2006-
(Dir. John Cameron Mitchell)

"The daughters of fire" -2018-
(Dir. Albertina Carri)

The film has been shot in a single location in a country house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, in the town of Ingeniero Maschwitz. Recorded in HD 1920 x 1080, in February 2018. Duration: 142 min. Shot in the months of January and February of 2018. Independent cinema, made of heart tripe.

"There's nothing immoral about the human body. Evil's all in the mind."

Leroy Griffith

“Love of one is a piece of barbarism: for it is practised at the expense of all others. Love of God likewise.”

​Friedrich Nietzsche

Film picture, Stephanie Troiano as "Alexandra"
Film picture, Stephanie Troiano as "Alexandra"

Two married couples have been invited over by Daniel, a middle aged writer and beekeeper, to spend a weekend at his farm. Things run amiably and smoothly over lunch. Married couples are composed of a mediocre lawyer Esteban and his frustrated wife Natalia, and a perfectionist engineer Francis and his beautiful young and inquisitive wife, Paola. Another couple, friends of Daniel's, joins them later for lunch: a brilliant and famous international actress, Alexandra, with his handsome and mysterious companion Jacobo.


To their surprise and dismay, the two couples realize that Jacobo, Alexandra and Daniel form a loving threesome or throuple. Once they get used to the idea, however, Alexandra provocatively reveals Daniel's plans for them: his invitation was aimed at enjoying a special gift from the three of them: an orgy centered in his beloved new girlfriend and actress. The peaceful lunch then becomes a devastating earthquake for both married couples.

On the set, Director Arturo Prins with Gonzalo Velasco as "Daniel" Stepahanie Troiano as Alexandra "and Lucas Foresi as" Francis ")
On the set, Director Arturo Prins with Gonzalo Velasco as "Daniel" Stepahanie Troiano as Alexandra "and Lucas Foresi as" Francis ")

My scriptwriter Juan Carlos Sampedro and I we wrote a script under the inspiring ideas of Charles Fourier in his text "The Eulogy of the polygamy". From there I came up with the idea of ​​filming a short film in 2012 where I thought what would happen if a throuple made up of a girl and her two boyfriends presented themselves at a wedding table. What would the other couples think? Why the love model is always dual?

The technical and artistic group has been made up of ** 7 Argentine actors who worked Ad Honorem in this film, as did my assistant Actor´s coach Hernán López and my Head of Production Yasmila Eyheralde, two gold companions plus my assistant director and sound engineer Laureano Guevara, who saved the film from many problems; they gave everything for this movie.

Hernán López acting coach with actor Lucas Foresi
Hernán López acting coach with actor Lucas Foresi

Sound Technician Laureano Guevara
Sound Technician Laureano Guevara

Together with them and the help of my sisters ** Sofía Prins **, who lend us her home to do the casting of actors and ** Diana Prins **, who attended the shooting as a photographer of the making off and cook of delicious pizzas for the catering, plus the generosity of my mother, ** Mónica López ** lending us her house, we have achieved the miracle of producing this film:

                     Lucas Foresi
                     Stephanie Troiano
                     Gonzalo Velasco
                     Florence Lorenzo
                     Paulo Capobianco
                     Cyn Ciardullo
                     Ull Galindez

![Picture of the film, Paulo Capobianco as "Esteban"

Florence Lorenzo as "Natalia"](https://dg9aaz8jl1ktt.cloudfront.net/uploaded_files/000/203/165/verkami_1606e769f6a28beb47e59f23f20617dc.jpg?1550269734)

Frame of the film, Gonzalo Velasco and Florencia Lorenzo as "Daniel and Natalia"
Frame of the film, Gonzalo Velasco and Florencia Lorenzo as "Daniel and Natalia"

Frame of the film, Ull Galindez as "Jacobo"
Frame of the film, Ull Galindez as "Jacobo"

Production Assistant: Yasmila Eyheralde

Producer: Arturo Prins

Actor´s Coach: Hernán López

Assistant director: Laureano Guevara

Sound Technician & Audio Mixer: Laureano Guevara

Musician: Andreas König

Poster design: Miguel Ángel González Granado

Script: Juan Carlos Sampedro & Arturo Prins

Director: Arturo Prins

​We must also add the collaboration of the great musician Andreas König who plays a piano theme of Claude Debussy for our original soundtrack.

Production Chief, Yasmila Eyheralde
Production Chief, Yasmila Eyheralde

Andreas König interpreter of Claude Debussy for State of Impurity
Andreas König interpreter of Claude Debussy for State of Impurity


Juan Carlos Sampedro scriptwritter of State of Impurity
Juan Carlos Sampedro scriptwritter of State of Impurity

Juan Carlos Sampedro: writer

Advertising and Public Relations Studies at the University of the Basque Country, Bilbao campus.

Account executive in the advertising agency CÓDIGO of San Sebastián, País Vasco.

Editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine URBE San Sebastián, monthly dissemination.

Editor and director of Spy Art, art guides of the Basque Country and Madrid subsidized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of both provinces.

Author of the novel Trópico Destino published by Atlantis Ediciones. Madrid, 2012.

And edited and translated into French by the French Institute.

Author of the novel Maldito Desencanto, published by Chiado Editorial. Madrid, 2014.

Screenwriter of the short film El trato, by director Pedro Aguilera, aired on Canal +

Author of the script of the film Demonios Tus Ojos by the Spanish director Pedro Aguilera, a film produced with the help of the program Ibermedia and awarded at the Malaga festival with the Silver Biznaga for the best actor, best actress and award

Young jury for the best movie. Release date in Spain, May 12, 2017.

Author of the script of the film State of Impurity, directed by Arturo Prins. Premiere summer 2019.

In what we will destine your contributions

• Basically to pay 1,200 € for the audio post-production and the final sound mix, that will be made in Germany with my sound technician.

• Image post production of about €500

• The graphic design of the movie poster in Spanish and English versions €600

• The payment for the recording of the pianist Andreas König who will interpret one of the melodies of the film, on the piano, an original theme by Claude Debussy, "Bruyere". €300

• The purchase of a printer and material for the creation of DVDs for the international promotion of the film. €400

• Translation and subtitling of the film to English. €500

• Payment of the crowdfunding commission of this website €247

• TOTAL € 3,747

Scheduled calendar

The planned schedule of development and production of the project once the campaign is over will be two months, plus one month of translation and subtitling of the film into English.

I estimate to deliver the rewards gradually within a month of receiving the crowdfunding amount.

+ Info

• Tráiler "State of Impurity"





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  • Erin Marshall

    Erin Marshall

    over 1 year

    Suerte en la obra Arturo!

  • Azucena Cendejas

    Azucena Cendejas

    over 1 year

    Mi pequeña aportación a un gran trabajo ... 💋

  • arturoprins


    over 1 year

    Y vuestro apoyo

  • arturoprins


    over 1 year

    Gracias Jessica y Carmen por vuestros deseos...

  • Carmen Cid

    Carmen Cid

    over 1 year


  • Jesica


    over 1 year

    Mucha suerte!!! Y la mejor energía ✨🙌

  • arturoprins


    over 1 year

    Gracias a ti Cornelia por apoyarme y no haberte olvidado de mí...es un detallazo

  • Cornelia Gomez

    Cornelia Gomez

    over 1 year

    Suerte & bonne chance para tu proyecto Arturo !

  • Paloma Martinez

    Paloma Martinez

    over 1 year

    Good luck gorgeous!

#01 / La Hucha Avión

Te encuentras está sorpresa de hucha-Avión y 50 eurazos de gasolina para mí proyecto cinematográfico y dices... ¡Qué inesperada y sorprendente puede ser la gente!

O como ayer en una inauguración, un antiguo profesor, Gabriel Pérez-Juana al que le conté lo de mí película y sin pensárselo un minuto saco 20 eurazos de su cartera y dijo, toma ahí van.... La espontaneidad de dar antes de pedir...eso sí que son alas para mí film.

Gracias Silvia

Gracias Gabriel

Gracias Lalo Vacas

Gracias Madre

Gracias Johnnie

Hucha Mecenas
Hucha Mecenas

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