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Primer disco de Musgö "Open the Gate" ¿Y tú? ¿Crees en la magia?

Arpa, voz y espíritu es el resumen del álbum Open the Gate, una apuesta diferente sobre la magia, la naturaleza y el misticismo.

Musgö Mar Gabarre

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London, United Kingdom
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¿What is Open the Gate?

toc, toc, Will you open me?
toc, toc, Will you open me?

Open the Gate is a musical proposal to open consciousness to the other side, where all things happen, to magic, intuition and clairvoyance.

The themes of the album tell us about the magic of nature, with the Fibonacci series, how we are all stardust, or fantastic and metaphorical stories about our existence that happens in mysterious forests, in lakes or even below the earth .

Non conventional prayers, declarations and invocations to find a groovy and sensitive way to connect with the spiritual world through music.

*Spiral, one of the themes of the album in a loop version.

¿What do we need the money for?

Thanks to this crowdfunding we will be able to cover all the expenses of production of the album, beginning by paying the sessions of recording to the musicians, the studios, or the mastering of the songs.

The Cabin, the studio where we will record the voice tracks in London.
The Cabin, the studio where we will record the voice tracks in London.

We will also pay all the audiovisual and promotional costs, the costumes for the cover that will be designed by our admired Paola Idrontino, and later the physical production of the CDs, promotion, and rental of venues for the presentation of the album.

These are some of the designs of our dear Paola Idrontino
These are some of the designs of our dear Paola Idrontino

Open the Gate is a groovy way to connect with the spiritual world through music.

"There is a place where peace overflows me, there is a place of silence in which I listen to the music of the stars, in this place nothing connects me more than being, with intuition, serenity and patience. Nothing calm more than the certainty that the universe is perfect and uncontrollable, and that the force of nature acts through us to create the wonderful choreography of existence, how beautiful it would be to have the opportunity to be constantly in tune with this sensation. . "

Mi artistic experience

I've already had a long history of concerts in Spain for about 6 years when I started playing live, and after my time in Got Talent Spain in 2017 my art expanded even more and now I can share my creations with a lot of art lovers like you.

It's the first time I'm doing a crowdfunding, but I have very good feelings with it!

Let´s connect instagram!!

Since I was a child I was lucky to be raised in an artistic and spiritual environment. My parents are dedicated 100% to an art made from the environmental and social consciousness, creating always art from the heart to the hearts.

I always knew I wanted to be an artist, and studying painting at the University of Fine Arts in Seville, I started to give professional harp and voice concerts. Studing painting and giving concerts? Yes, I feel that all the arts are deeply connected, and if you have a special sensitivity everything is possible. I learned to play the harp in a self-taught way, approaching the instrument from intuition and listening.

Once I started my career with the harp, I played in halls, bars and theaters throughout Spain, and collaborated in large-scale events like TED Spain on several occasions, and in 2017 I produced my first show Calma, with original songs, costumes and script it was a multidisciplinary experiment about astral traveling.

The poster of the show Calma
The poster of the show Calma

In 2017, after the premiere of my show, I participated in the Got Talent program and I was a finalist !!! I opened many doors to me after my appearance on television and ... Bingo! Someone contacted me from a label specialized in electronic music that wanted to open up also to other styles.

Me performing in Got Talent Spain
Me performing in Got Talent Spain

At the end of 2017 I signed with the record company, and after 12 months of waiting, composing and creating for them, they met me to tell me that they were not going to release my record, because my music is not commercial and it is not in Spanish, so it did´t fit them as product to take out in Spain.

After this horrible experience with the record company and a deep sense of loss of time and a totally destroyed artistic self-esteem, I decided to draw strength from weakness and self-produce my album in my own way from Spain and United Kingdom.

Peculiarities of the project ...

  • An album, many places:

The album is being recorded from different studios, houses and places of all kinds in Barcelona, ​​Cádiz and London, with the collaboration of amazing musicians and incredible people who are contributing to make this project come true. Union is strength.

  • Researching work:

For the creation of the themes and the development of the album we have done a research work asking people about the magic in their day to day and what tools they use to connect with it. With this study, we have created a script that will make with the album to complete the "mystic immersion".

  • The golden ratio and the Fibonacci series:

Open the Gate hides a tribute to nature. In the letters or counting bars, you can find the golden numbers or the Fibonacci series.

The golden spiral
The golden spiral

¿What do we have for you?

Apart from the digital download and the album in physical format, we have prepared rewards of the most peculiar for you. From the pack of essential oils and incenses, to a tarot spread, a tattoo or the possibility of having your own flower crown designed by me.

As a lover of flowers and color that I am, my goal is to have the album ready for spring, it will be then when you will have everything in your home, the album and all the special gifts...

¿And you? ¿Do you believe in magic?

Unfortunately in this world in which we are, materiality, superficiality and consumerism take precedence over honesty, spirituality and sensitivity. Artists have a great responsibility for reaching the minds and hearts of those who listen to us and believe in our music, we have to fill those hearts with sincerity, beauty and harmony, instead of aggressiveness, impatience, frivolity and suffering.

Music is a magic tool to change the world, let's change it together.

Open the Gate is an album of honest, emotional and spiritual music, without tags or superficialities, with the objective of sensitizing society for a more spiritual and oppened world and in connection with the important things: love, magic and nature.



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  • Martina Skat

    Martina Skat

    about 2 years

    Ya puede ser bonita la diadema.. Porque me la pienso poner en un montón de conciertos. ❤️ Buena suerte pequeña!

  • Fátima Lara

    Fátima Lara

    about 2 years

    Encantada de contribuir. Deseando tener tu disco. Te admiro y creo en tú magia. Felicidades

  • christian yps


    about 2 years

    Mucha suerte y un saludo de zahora

  • TheJay


    about 2 years

    Sigue subiendo Mar, magia eres tú 😉😘

  • Manuel José Luna Rodríguez

    Manuel José Luna Rodríguez

    over 2 years

    Un fuerte abrazo y ánimo Mar. Manuel Luna

  • Sara Gallardo Lopez

    Sara Gallardo Lopez

    over 2 years

    Que honor poder ser partícipe de tu primer disco¡ pienso gastarlo de tanto usarlo :)

  • Mónica Leiva Roig

    Mónica Leiva Roig

    over 2 years


  • Jesús Inclán Blanco

    Jesús Inclán Blanco

    over 2 years


  • isabel.marin


    over 2 years

    Vamos primi! A por todas! <3

  • Nono Sanchez

    Nono Sanchez

    over 2 years

    Hágase la magia, preciosa Mar

#02 / Ya llegan las recompensas!

Querid@s mecenas, ¡ya llegan las recompensas! y las palabras mayores primero...

Aqui tenéis la descarga anticipada del album, antes de publicarse, antes de los videos y antes de los CDs!

Enciende unas velas, pon incienso y a disfrutar! Ya están aquí los frutos de todos estos meses de trabajo tan mágico...


Gracias querid@ mecenas por hacerlo posible <3

Enlace de descarga:


#01 / Open the Gate tiene fecha de lanzamiento!

Hola crowdfounder!Me complace invitarte al evento de presentación del album que será el próximo 22 de Septiembre en Edition Cabaret Barcelona. Si quieres venir al evento contesta confirmando tu asistencia y te reservaremos un lugar muy especial, y si te pilla muy lejos no te preocupes! pronto tendremos fechas en otros lugares de España.

Este es el cartel para el evento!
Este es el cartel para el evento!

Antes de esa fecha ya tendrás disponible tu descarga anticipada exclusiva con todos los temas del album por haber participado en el crowdfounding, y justo después del estreno, mandaremos los paquetes con todos los regalos y los discos y ya podrás disfrutar de la experiencia Open the Gate en casa.

Muchísimas gracias por la paciencia crowdfounder ya esta aquí Open the Gate!!! 

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