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Proa a Qeqertarsuaq

Representación de la Bahía Disko: Sus personas, arte, industrias y entorno. Apuntes del natural, acuarelas, óleos, fotografías y vídeos.


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My Stay in different places in the Disko Bay área, situated on the north coast in the center, west of Greenland, Kalaallit Nunaat, while living closely with the Inuit town. I will allow myself to show a graphic representation of this special environment.

Focusing on the civilians and landscape, in the Inuit culture, its people, arts and industries, at sea, on the coast, icebergs, representing them in form of graphite/sketches, using different color pencils, watercolor and ink.

Finally, with all the material photographed and filmed, I will add the finishing touches, making oil paintings, acrylics and watercolor to finish exhibiting these works in legal spaces, along with a book published about travels and other fairy tales...

Qeqertersuaq is found at the entrance of the Disko Bay, where I will do whatever I can to board a fish boat so that I can be closer to the civilians, moving through the sea and gazing at its extreme beauty and its coasts

Planned calender

26 days in the Artic during March and April learning about the civilians and absorbing country side. When I return, I will work so that I am able to hand in the rewards in the first week of June.

Why this Crowd founding campaign

I did this Crowd founding campaign with VERKAMI, with the objective of earning money. Thanks to your contributions, I could invest it in art materials, in the trip and in publications.

What do I offer you in change

The rewards that I offer are original works, sketches in watercolor, graphite, oil paintings, publications, children’s book and one from the journey, also the last number, 12 of fanzine VIPERA

Who am I

I’ve been an artist ever since I could remember. Since my first sketches, I’ve never stopped creating.

At a very early age I attended plastic art workshops at José Antonio Sistiaga in San Sebastián, Spain. After that, there were more workshops.

In 78, I created and edited the “fanzine”, VIPERA
Since the middle of the 70s, I have journeyed five continents writing numerous travel books.

After 85 I started to paint and make ready – mades, exhibiting them until 92 when I created MB study, a team that designs and makes ingenious scenography, fictitious, sculptures, themes……for big and small brands.

At the moment, I dedicate all my professional time to plastic arts.

+ Info

Facebook: Joaquín Muñoz-Baroja
Instagram: joaquinmbaroja


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  • ecordoba


    about 2 months

    Buen viaje, Joaquín!! Estoy deseando tener el libro de viaje. Un abrazo enorme!!

  • Joaquín Muñoz-Baroja Martín

    Joaquín Muñoz-Baroja Martín

    about 2 months

    ¡¡¡Carmen, Maravillosa!!!, claro que lo será incluso las partes más duras que seguro que las habrá, si, será precioso, de fábula y espero transmitíroslo gráficamente. Gracias Carmen, un abrazo muy grande, nos vemos pronto.

  • Joaquín Muñoz-Baroja Martín

    Joaquín Muñoz-Baroja Martín

    about 2 months

    !!!Mercedes, eres un amor!!!


    about 2 months

    Vamos que nos vamos !!!


    about 2 months

    Somos Heroes !!!

  • Carmen Maroto Iglesias

    Carmen Maroto Iglesias

    2 months

    Fabuloso. Que todo sea precioso en tu viaje.

  • Hola a todos los mecenas, os estoy profundamente agradecido.
    Os escribo directa y personalmente por el correo electrónico.



    2 months

    Te deseo muchisima suerte Joaquín en tu proyecto



    2 months

    Ánimo, Joaquín!!! Esperamos que lo consigas!!


    2 months

    Ánimo Joaquín de parte de mi amiga Paloma Gascón que colabora. Un abrazo

#01 / ¿Una acuarela, un apunte?


Una acuarela, un apunte, un óleo, tienes la oportunidad de conseguir una obra original y compartir el enlace con tus familiares y amigos.
Pasar una buena noche,

236 left (of 243)

The last edition of VIPERA magazine
In the 80s, 11editions were edited, photocopied and pasted on A4, and 500 copies of each edition were printed. They sold out thanks to the public, an icon of the Madrid graphic movement.
In 2009, I edited the last edition, nº 12 which was printed in full color and bound with thread. I have been passing them out among friends, acquaintances and people who can appreciate it.

The VIPERA can be picked up at the workshop where the party will be, the first week of June.

Shipping fees not included

36 left (of 50)

Travel book about my stay in Disko Bay.
Written notes, drawings and paintings of my experience and understanding during my stay in Bay.

The travel book can only be gotten at the celebration party in June.

(Shipping fees in Spain included)

43 left (of 50)
Children’s illustration “The Ice Boat

A children’s book, two Young elephants go towards the Artic from their native place, Africa. They get caught up in great danger and survive the struggle with help from the environment.
The illustrations are mine and the tale was created by my daughters.

The book “The Ice Boat”, can picked up at the celebration party in June.

(Shipping fees in Spain included)

6 backers

Original work in graphite, notes about the people, boats, villages, country side, fauna...

The sketch/graphite drawings can be picked up at the celebration party in June.

(Shipping fees in Spain included)

10 backers

An original watercolor work of the country sides, icebergs, seascape or based legends...

The watercolors can be picked up at the celebration party in June.

(Shipping fees in Spain included)

3 backers

An original oil painting, format approximate 40x30 cms.

The oil paintings can be picked up at the celebration party at the workshop in June.

(Shipping fees in Spain included)

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