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LAND OF LOOMS directed by Joan Frank Charansonnet

Historic feature film (1922-1980) on a Catalan family fleeing "camp misery" to settle in an industrial estate.

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Lans of looms has the will to “show an important part of the history of Catalonia” through an honest and humble tribute to the anonymous people that made our country to grow.

The story starts with a family that runs away from the “misery of the countryside” to settle in an industrial colony.

A new start in a closed (hostile) environment is never easy and fate, not always pleasant, takes them from 1922 to the closing of the mills around the 80’s.

The audience will find out how was the live in a colony through the eyes of this family and, specially Julieta, whom being 6 will start living at a colony where will spend the rest of her life.

The aim is to take a picture of the life in the colonies from a wide and positive scope even knowing that those were hard times. We want to show that many of the people who lived in there, understood that experience as a change to move forward in their lives.

The audience will learn about historical facts such as the arrival of the Francis turbine to use the water of the rivers for production. Key moments lived in Catalonia as for example the first premiere of a movie showed in theatres which was “El café de la Marina” in 1931, The Civil War, and the post-war days; the death of the dictator as well as the closing of the factory itself.


Julieta (1922) arrives to her new live along with her family being six years old. On a coach and with a trunk as her only luggage while paying attention to her father’s words “don’t you ever forget that I do this for all of you, Julieta”.

The life at the colony from a child’s point of view where everything is up to be discovered; neighbours, the looms, the river, the school, the “charranca” game, the first movie at a cinema...

The beating soul of a child will be hatched by the war, the weaving workshop and by the beauty and the ruthless of life itself; giving the chance to the audience to see her blooming and maturing.

A world full of people that one after another depart to towns seeking for fortune. Wise eyes that will finally close in the only place where she has been living all her life: her dearest “Colonia Vidal.”

Audiovisual Treatment

Director Joan Frank Charansonnet tells us that “it is a movie that requires a lot of technical elements such as photography”. Photography director will be held by Joan Babiloni “we intend to adapt the colours as time goes by”.

Joan Frank Charansonnet
Joan Frank Charansonnet

In words of Charansonnet “the movie will be started in B&W and will evolve to reach the pantone recalling the 80’s”.

On the other hand, there has been an important job done on the make up of the main characters. Julieta will be performed by four different actresses as a child, youngster, adult and elder. “We know that will add difficulty since we could have used only a couple of them however we believe that was necessary to show the evolution in a more complete and artistic way. Lots of complex scenes with a lot of movement to recreate the maximum splendour of the colony”.

A combination of panoramic and wide scenes with the idea of showing the locations of the Catalonian heritage will embed the film with a high value. All will be mixed with close up and full shoots of the characters to introduce them and integrate them in the ambience, connecting them to the action and highlighting it.

This combination of frames will be modified depending on the moment of the story as we will walk along a repertoire of different points of view of the camera and the original idea of the light will be modified depending on the timeline we’ll be showing to the viewer.

Nau de Telers
Nau de Telers

We should also highlight the artistic director for it will be filmed in real locations of an industrial colony (Cal Vidal 1901-1980 Berguedà), thanks to the cooperation of the La Fundación del Museo de la Colonia Vidal that offers support to the project helping on that matter.

Here is where our characters live and interact among each other.

Besides Can Vidal, we also intend to shoot in Cal Prat, the colony of Viladomiu Nou and Can Rosal, Konvent 0, etc.

The use of modern technology will be present as well with visual effects and animations.

The soundtrack following the story will be based on Catalan roots and looms noise; a combination between Catalan folkloric music and sound vanguard. Originally composed by Jordi Picorelli (conductor and composer) and the independent musician Toni Algarra.

About the rewards

Help us filling out this scenarios, looms and characters for “the best dreams are the ones we have when awaken”.

We have prepared some appealing rewards going from appearing on the credits, DVD, OST (for prior verkamists), signed posters, theatrical tours around the Museum Colonia Vidal or even a delicious meal at Can Marçal.

If you are an organization, city hall or association you may hire a screening with some of the participants in the film.

If you are a company, check carefully the great opportunities on advertising and sponsoring due to a percentage of the profits in the two last options of the rewards.

Who we are

Land of looms, If you are a company, arrives right after a good reception of the last projects by Joan Frank Charansonnet which also had help from crowdfounding; PATRIA, DOCTRINA or ANIMA

It is written four hands between Charansonnet and Alba López. A team of technicians and artists well balanced and 40 actors and actresses, plus 150 extras.

Among the staff the will be such important names as Ramon Godino, Miquel Sitjar, Joan Massotkleiner, Jaume Montané, Queralt Albinyana, Àleix Rengel, Joan Frank Charansonnet, Eduard Alejandre,Angelina Llongueras, Alba López, Montse Ribadellas, Jordi Reverté, Dani Bernabé and Jordi Pesarrodona.

The rest of the cast in order of appearance are: Gala Charansonnet, Juna Charansoonet, Nil Callao, Sònia Guimerà, Marta Font, Lola Cervilla, Victor Perxachs, Laia Díaz ,Liuba, David Canals, Júlia Cano, Marc Comabella, Alain Chipot, Marta Olivella, Miquel Folch, Maria benedé, Elena Antón, Robert Rodríguez, Roger Méndez, Francesc Romero, Victor Fortuna, Albert Padrós, Elena Codó, Mercè Manubens, Jaume Najarro, Adrià Pujades, Neus García,Eva Pagerols, Marcel.la Dabant, Gal.la Moreno, Tere Villariezo, Mary Jurado,Joan Enric Carreras, Jonathan Ramos , Montserrat Rodriguez,Xavi Prat, Albert tallet, Salvador Portabella, Susanna Plana, Sandra Villalobos, Silvia Puyol, Nuri Fernández ...

Technicians:: Joan Babiloni, Rubèn Vilchez, Annabel, Jessica Molano, Arnau Gomez, Aldara, Kiko Answer and Mar Busoms.

What will your money be used for.

The movie will be around 120.000€.

Let’s not forget that the initiative will go on thanks to private capital and without any grant from the state because of the lack of support from the public institutions.

As we did with Patria, we open this crowdfunding process using Verkami with the main goal of achieving 12.500€ to help on the allowances, transportation and post-production.

Our second goal will be 20.000€ that will help us on the distribution of the movie itself to make it reach the maximum number of cinemas all over the catalan region.

We are asking for your great help because the best grant is the one that comes from people’s freedom.

Of course we will still be opened to receive the support from private companies, city halls or any other organization so they can cooperate with an initiative which talks about our roots and our very own Catalan story.


The shooting will start on February the 8th with the aim of shooting the winter scenes and we will start over again in the summer for the second half of the shooting so it can be finished at the end of October 2019.

That is why the rewards will be able to be delivered along the first quarter of 2020.

+ Info

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Artícle Regió 7

Appearances in the middle

Diari de Girona
El Punt Avui
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