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DESIREM, Rusó Sala's new album

Be a patron of my songs and help me to publish my new disc DESIREM, the project I share with Aleix Tobias and Miriam Encinas.


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foto de Nur Casadevall
foto de Nur Casadevall

DESIREM, my 4th album, not only comes from the necessity of sharing my songs but also from the need of bringing you closer to the desire that push them to exist, a desire beating in all of us.

You will find in it reflexions about desire and its manifold faces, about how to feed the creative impulse in a world full of contradictions. How to surrender to love and its universality?

In trio with Aleix Tobias and Miriam Encinas we've worked on the songs slowly but surely, with a lot of passion and encouraged by the challenge of being able to find a sound that stays away from the common places and, thus, talks about what is common to all of us. To make music and yield to the desire of sharing it.

The album contains songs composed by myself, traditional flavours and powerful arrangements. An ode to the femininity hidden on the landscape, the return to childhood as a new starting point, a song about oblivion or a love letter to my family are some of the topics explored in the songs. Concurrently, there are texts of the Catalan writer Ramon Llull (one of them, called “Desirà l'Amic”, has inspired the name of the album), araboandalusian melodies and also pearls as the well known sephardic song “Morenika” or the less famous “Na Maria”, in which the Canadian Seán Dagher composes the music for a love letter written by the trobairitz Bieris de Roman to another woman.

All DESIREM songs are a try to go from the most intimate to the most universal. This come and go keeps me awake and attentive, links me to continue writing songs and sharing them.

And that's why I venture to invite you to participate in this project collaborating on this crowdfunding campaign. I wish your biggest reward would be an intimate longing awaking in you, so badly desired that you could caress it with your own hands.

In Desirem you can find the fascinating artistic work of Cecilia Jimenez “La Galana Collage”.

Get in and enjoy the rewards :-)

Who are we?

  • Rusó Sala: composition, guitar and voice

  • Aleix Tobias: percussion

  • Miriam Encinas: flutes, dilruba, medieval viola, percussion

foto de Dani Alvarez
foto de Dani Alvarez

Aleix and I met some years ago. I was looking for a percussionist and COETUS was a big referent. We performed during a period in duo and suddenly my songs were dressed with new beautiful colours. Meeting him opened me the door to sing in Coetus, what helped me to keep on growing up as a musician and to enlarge my family!

I met Miriam thanks to her mother, the artist Maria Laffitte. Even though she was no longer among us, she led me to her daughter… It’s a long story. With her my desire of flying among melodies increases. Pure beauty is what her music tears off.

Our collaborators are:

  • Denys Sanz, the Saudade studio: recording and editing

  • Luca Germini, the ZipSound studio: mixing

  • Joel Condal: mastering

  • Ciro Montanari: plays tabla in "Com un estel fugaç"

  • Francesc Geloch: graphic design

  • Cecília Jimenez, la Galana Collage: album art work

  • Dani Álvarez: trio photos

  • Ana Rossi: social network consultant

  • Isabel Vicente: management

What we are going to do with your contributions?

We will cover part of the costs of recording, editing, mixing, mastering, album artistic work, video productions, photos, press campaign, etc. The list is huge!


  • 8 / March: Desirem publication // Intenational Women’s Day!

  • 22 / March: Desirem presentation concert at Luz de Gas (Bcn), Festival Barnasants. Hand delivery of the rewards that include the disc // 2nd day of Spring!

  • From the 22 / March: mail sending of the rewards that hadn't been delivered on the presentation.

  • between June / September 2019: Both VOICE WORKSHOP and MUSICAL TRIP EXPERIENCE will be carried on. Dates will be set with the participants // Summertime is here!

foto de Nur Casadevall
foto de Nur Casadevall

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  • olgacercos


    over 5 years


  • Carles Dénia

    Carles Dénia

    over 5 years

    Molta sort companya!

  • Coral


    over 5 years

    Desiretitzada estic! Moltes ganes de vibrar amb vosaltres el 22 <3

  • Olga Bereza

    Olga Bereza

    over 5 years

    Molta il·lusió d´escoltar-vos!

  • Loritah


    over 5 years

    Fet!!! 💛💛💛

  • Oriol Morral

    Oriol Morral

    over 5 years

    Força i amor, Desirem!

  • Josep Traver

    Josep Traver

    over 5 years

    Molta música, abraçades!!!

  • Maytetxu


    over 5 years

    Segur que surt un projecte tan bo com aquest. Petons

  • Núria Camps Barber

    Núria Camps Barber

    over 5 years

    Endavant amb aquesta música tant polida que feis!

  • camerarosa


    over 5 years


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