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Enrique Ramil's Volcano

I started to work with Antonio Ferrara in my next single. It will be released in two versions: Spanish (Volcanes) and English (Volcano)


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My name is Enrique Ramil, singer and vocal coach. I've been doing this professionally for 15 years. I've performed in big and small stages, theaters, TV shows, hotels... I work hard every day to make a living out of music. Do you want to join me in my journey?

With your help I will be able to keep doing what I love, with freedom and giving my best.

"Volcano" and "Volcanes" are the English and Spanish versions of my new single.

I am currently working with Antonio Ferrara, someone I already admired before I got to meet him in person. Antonio, a well-known Spanish producer and songwriter, accepted the challenge of "Volcano". I can't wait for you to listen to the results!

In my live shows I'm extremely lucky to share the stage with the huge talent of Adrián Solla. Adrián and I started working together more than a year ago. He excels at remaking songs so they can tell our own truth. Soon, we will get into the recording studio to record "Ramil y una noches", a project based on this quest for excellence through songs.


If you participate by purchasing any of the available options, your name will appear in the music video credits. You will also have access to the exclusive area for patrons on my website, where you will find never-before-seen footage and many more things.

Apart from my eternal gratitude, these are the different items you can get as part of the rewards.


You will be able to download Volcano and Volcanes.

  • CD SINGLE = Volcanes/Volcano

The single (Spanish and English versions),**remixes**, a B side and more surprises.

  • CD ALBUM = Ramil y una noches

This album contains a selection of the songs I usually sing in my gigs of Ramil y Una Noches and some of the songs I performed while at the X Factor Spain.

I can't show a final tracklist because patrons will be helping me choosing the songs I will include in this album.

  • CD ALBUM = Ramil (2011)

Original songs in Spanish.

  • CD ALBUM = V.O. (2008)

Includes some songs in English (with a strong Spanish accent, I must admit) and some in Spanish. It was my very first album.


A card you can connect straight to your computer, car, and some compatible devices...

It has a lot of random content (more than 30 songs), because I included everything I recorded until now.

Audios from my TV appearances, unreleased demos, old arrangements, and the album I recorded while busking in London.

  • T-Shirt and tote bag

Their design will also be decided by the patrons' votes. I can confirm that we will have t-shirts in every size. It was hard at the beginning, but even I got my size (6XL).

  • Vocal Coaching Online

I will give you some tips and teach you some basics in an hour session.

Who is joining me in this journey

Volcano / Volcanes

Writers: Antonio Ferrara and Enrique Ramil

Producer: Antonio Ferrara

Ramil y una noches

Producer and arranger: Adrián Solla

The money will go to

If we just hit the 4.500 goal the money will go to:

  • Production and recording of the single.

  • Production and recording of the album.

  • The musicians involved in the project.

  • Graphic Design.

  • Web Desing.

  • Promotion.

  • Manufacturing of the single and the album.

  • Manufacturing of the t-shirts and tote bags.

  • Music video (wardrobe, accommodation and general expenses).

  • Shipping.

  • Verkami's commission.

If we surpass the goal of 4.500 money will go to:

  • Better payments for those involved in the project (some of them are working for a small amount of money or even for free).

  • Increase the number of musicians involved in the album.

  • More budget for the music video.

  • An exclusive vinyl album.

Estimated Timeline

  • December: Crowdfunding and recording "Ramil y una noches"

  • January: Promo, music video and single recording. CD Manufacturing.

  • February: Tour and rewards shipping.

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  • Súper Adri team

    Súper Adri team

    almost 4 years

    ¡Ánimo, crack! Te mereces conseguir todo lo que te propongas y más. Tienes talento, eres luchador, y, además, buena persona. Sigue adelante y a por todas. Abrazos desde Ares

  • Tato^Gato


    almost 4 years

    Mucha suerte Enrique!

  • luisjiro


    almost 4 years

    Disco para Lili

  • luisjiro


    almost 4 years

    Disco para Maria

  • luisjiro


    almost 4 years

    Disco para Montse

  • Ariadnaredondo


    almost 4 years

    Venga guapo arriba con ese disco. La próxima vez que nos veamos hacemos un dúo 😘!!!

  • luisjiro


    almost 4 years

    Esto es de parte de @kenvelo8 en Instagram.

  • oscarboles


    almost 4 years

    Aiii primivo q ganas de tener tu cd firmado!! Abrazos

  • Obiwansaveuc


    almost 4 years


  • Aklaway


    almost 4 years

    Mucha suerte!!


¡Hola a tod@s!

Os escribo este e-mail a todos los mecenas para confirmaros que la fecha de salida de Volcanes en plataformas digitales será el 1 de Febrero, y el 8 para la versión inglesa.

Para ir abriendo boca os dejo también un vídeo por aquí con las opiniones de algunas personas que ya lo han escuchado.

Por orden de aparición:

Iciar Ybarra, cantante. Corista de Volcanes

Manel Dalgó, transformista. Uno de los productores ejecutivos de Volcanes

Belén Ponce de León, actriz. Profesora de interpretación para Volcanes.

Adrián Molero, cantante. Corista de Volcanes.

Chaumen, diseñador. Creador del vestuario del videoclip de Volcanes.

Paco López, maquillador. Maquillador del videoclip de Volcanes.

Ernesto Jimenez, maquillador. Maquillador del videoclip de Volcanes.

Fran Granada, director de cine. Director del videoclip de Volcanes.

Alex Perea, cantante. Corista de Volcanes.

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Queridos mecenas:

Ya sé que un sábado a las 11 de la noche no son horas de escribiros un mensaje pero acabo de llegar del rodaje del videoclip de "Volcanes" y estoy FELIZ y AGRADECIDO.

Ha sido un día largo y agotador, lleno de momentos maravillosos, gente auténtica y entregada a su trabajo (y al mío)...

Me invade el cuerpo una sensación de paz y de estar haciendo lo correcto. No hubiese sido posible sin todos vosotros. Falta muy poco para que podáis ver los resultados y lo disfrutéis conmigo. Espero estar a la altura.

Hace poco más de un año me dedicaba a cantar en las calles de Londres, y soñaba con que una discográfica creyese en mí para hacer una canción como "Volcanes" con su videoclip. Hoy es una realidad gracias a vosotros y no a una discográfica.

Os estaré eternamente agradecido por ese voto de confianza.

Estoy preparando una serie de vídeos para que forméis parte de todo el proceso.

¡Nos vemos pronto!

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