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Flor de Canela is releasing its first EP

We’re finally releasing our first album! Collaborate with us and enjoy our music everywhere you go

Flor de Canela

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What this whole thing is about


We have taken our time, that’s true… but now’s the time to announce that we are bringing our music to fruition in an EP format with five songs! You know what we say in Spanish: lo bueno, si breve, dos veces bueno. Keep it simple and make it good.

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign as a way to finance our album through the contributions of many people. It will be running for 40 days, in which all of you can do your bit by buying the album (and many other things) in advance, and as soon as it’s ready you will receive it at home :)

First of all, we want to thank you all also in advance, simply for reading this. It means the world to us.

The album

We have made a selection of five songs from our repertoire to carefully bring them together in this first album.

We are going through this process of production together with Juanma Latorre, the amazing guitarist and composer of the amazing Vetusta Morla. Thanks to his magic we are preparing every song in such a way that we can offer a different and original proposal of our music, while sticking to that diversity of styles that is our characteristic feature. Variety is the spice of life.

The album will be recorded and mixed in February at Estudio 1 (Madrid) and Estudios Reno (Madrid).

We are incredibly lucky to count on very special collaborations: Juanma Latorre himself playing the guitar, Patrick Duke playing percussion and other artists whose names we will reveal during the campaign.

About us

Flor de Canela is a project that was born at the ESMUC, the higher education institution of Music in Catalunya. This was the place where our friendship developed, and our initial idea was to perform some songs in the summer of 2017. Soon afterwards, after some concerts and with the support of our followers, the project became a part of something bigger and turned into a collective experience that needed to expand and have its own identity.

Núria Balaguer (voice), Marta Bautista (bass), Paula Vegas (keyboards & synthesizer) and Xerach Peñate (drums)
Núria Balaguer (voice), Marta Bautista (bass), Paula Vegas (keyboards & synthesizer) and Xerach Peñate (drums)

What we do is pop-fusion, with influences from Latin-American folklore and jazz. The band started touring around the country in the summer of 2007 with arrangements of widely-known songs.

La flor de la canela (Chabuca Granda)

Little by little we started incorporating our own songs. Up until now we have given more than 60 concerts, and now we want to offer a compilation of our music in an album, so that you can listen to us in privacy, at home or wherever you want to.

Te lo digo (Flor de Canela)

The rewards

By collaborating in this campaign you can get one or more of the following rewards. Which one is up to you:

  • The album in digital format

  • The album in physical format

  • A T-shirt (with an exclusive design by the illustrator Silvia García for Flor de


  • An exclusive ringtone created by Flor de Canela

  • Private lessons (of singing, bass, piano, drums, composition, harmony, etc.)

  • Notes on the songs

  • Attending a rehearsal

  • Special packs for companies

  • THERE IS a special reward for those of you who want to support us to a greater

extent. It is called “por amor al arte”, and it doesn’t include an album.

We will be delivering these awards at the presentation of the album in every city we go to. If you cannot come by, Flor de Canela will assume any shipping costs.

And, of course, besides getting the award of your choice, your name will appear at the acknowledgements of the album.

What will your contributions go to?

The total amount of your contributions will be used to cover the costs associated to recording the album. That is:

  • Recording (Estudio 1 and Estudios Reno, en Madrid): 2800

  • Mixing and master: 1200

  • Design and editing: 300

  • Making of the albums: 500

  • Traveling expenses: 500

Tour dates

We haven’t fixed any dates yet, but we will define our tour dates as the campaign develops. This is what we have planned so far:


Gracias, merci, thank you, gràcies...

Thank you very much for your help and your company along this way. Thank you very very much.

Videoclip de "119"

+ Info

Follow the project and our tours through our networks:

Facebook - florcanela.contacto
Youtube - Flor de Canela

Contact: [email protected]


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  • Alberto Pablo

    Alberto Pablo

    over 5 years

    Mucha fuerza para estas cuatro flores..... de canela en rama

  • dogroures


    over 5 years

    Mucha Suerte Nuria!

  • Francisco Rebollo

    Francisco Rebollo

    over 5 years


  • Moises Hernandez Cabrera

    Moises Hernandez Cabrera

    over 5 years

    Ánimo chiquillas, que ya queda poco. Ustedes alegran la vida y eso conlleva nuestra colaboración. Muchas gracias por estar ahí.

  • Inés Lacruz

    Inés Lacruz

    over 5 years


  • María Antonia del Valle

    María Antonia del Valle

    over 5 years


  • Isaboronat


    over 5 years

    Mucha suerte en ese primer discazo!!

  • Cristina Sanchez

    Cristina Sanchez

    over 5 years

    Sois las mejores

  • Emilio Sosa

    Emilio Sosa

    over 5 years

    Wiiiii <3 ya queda menos para disfrutar de esto!

  • Ismael Santana Ojeda

    Ismael Santana Ojeda

    over 5 years

    <3 mucha mierda en la grabación :)

#02 / Empiezan las recompensas

Querid@s Mecen@s,

Pronto comenzaremos a ofrecer algunas recompensas en la medida que nos sea posible, el orden de su llegada dependerá del lugar y las fechas. Como bien sabéis después del verkami el siguiente paso es grabar las canciones, así que vuestro disco tardará unos pocos meses. Sin embargo el resto de recompensas ya se pueden poner en marcha. Ireis recibiendo noticias nuestras. Un abrazo gigante y gracias por hacer que esto sea posible!

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